Obama scooped! Wait too long, lose the initiative

Barack Obama has been performing a bit of a tease with regard to his VP selection. He had promised that the selection would go out in a text message or email to all his supporters before the traditional media outlets get the information. The message was supposed to go out on Friday.

Obama though, likes to have the attention focused on him. He likes the media frenzy that surrounds him when these things happen so he has been dragging this out to get the maximum play.

Unfortunately, if one waits too long then one loses the initiative. This is the case with Barry and his VP selection. At 0121 Eastern Time there is still no Obama email or text message. However, Fox News and Newsmax [both are the same AP story] are reporting that Obama has selected Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. With news reports that the other contenders had been notified that they were not selected and that a Secret Service detail had been sent to secure Biden, anyone could see what was going on.

Obama waited too long. He said he would send it out on Friday and then the message was it would be Saturday morning. Now the word is out and the Obama supporters were not the first to know. They all found out at the same time as everyone else.

I am reminded of the old saying; He who hesitates is lost.”

Lost… That certainly describes Obama (and his followers).

Will a President Obama take forever to take important decisions? How will that work in a crisis?

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UPDATE: The McCain Ad. Biden on Obama and McCain

Big Dog

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17 Responses to “Obama scooped! Wait too long, lose the initiative”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    “Will a President Obama take forever to take important decisions? How will that work in a crisis?”

    Pure comedy. Your funniest sh!t in weeks, Dog. Because the Obama camp bungled the text message, we could be in danger come crunch time. Take it from someone who was supposed to get the text- it’s not a big deal. Your implication that it is just shows how out of touch you are.



  2. Big Dog says:

    Obama is the one who promised his peeps they would be the first to know. It is not a matter of whether it is a big deal. He was so busy enjoying the media frenzy that he took his eye off the ball. If the decision had been taken, why wait? Narcissism, pure and simple.


  3. Kim Spinney says:

    He waited 20 years before making a decision with Wright, but heck, what’s new. He only makes decisions when he has to. Look at all his “Present” votes.

  4. Adam says:

    On the blue side there was a primary season like no other in the history of the US with race and gender on display like never before, drawing unprecedented coverage and excitement from the bedrock base to the elite party donors. The winning candidate is a fresh new face that excites young folks, African Americans, liberal Dems, a man who has already stolen the show in 2004 at the convention and is rolling out 2008 convention in Denver that is drawing attention and potential viewers at rates not seen in decades, if ever. You even got a veepstakes that people couldn’t stop talking about, thinking about, speculating about.

    On the red side you had a primary season which was the battle of the old white dudes. One by one your favorites all choked and fell out of the race only to concede the stage to the choice nobody I knew was rooting for at the beginning and conservatives begrudgingly started to stand behind (You know, similar to John Kerry). John McCain, the POW, the war hero…the RINO. You got a convention that nobody seems to care about. You got a sitting president that few folks in his party want to be seen with if they want to keep their public job. You got a veepstakes that makes people want to puke, asking will McCain’s white dude support abortion…or not?

    But your attack is: Obama waited too long to send a text message…will he take forever to make important decisions? My question is: Can John McCain even work a cell phone? Will he bring our country into the future and face down these crazy new challenges, or will we just be stuck in the past, doing what we do right now, which works oh so well?

  5. Big Dog says:

    You know Adam, you are a racist and an ageist. You said the battle of old white dudes which means that color and age are something you discriminate on.

    You have called me a racist in the past for statements that are not about race (yours was). Suppose I had written a post stating that the Dem primary was about an old white chick and a young black brother (chick and brother are no worse than dude). That they were not exciting and that people did not want a woman or a black in there.

    You and other morons would be shouting racism. Yet, you make those statements with ease. You and your party are the party of racists. I will be happy to give you that history if you would like.

    Interestingly, your party is excited about a black man with no experience simply because he is black. Obama might win and when he does I will hold your feet to the fire for all that goes wrong. I will not allow you to blame it on Republicans. Your people have been in the majority for two years and have screwed things up and you continue to blame it on the other side.

    If Obambi wins, I will make sure you are aware each time you say something stupid to support a failed act. When the economy tanks and unemployment is really high, you will not be able to squirm out.

    If, by some miracle, he does a good job, I will say that as well. That is something you libs can never do.

    Now, the point was not that he waited too long. I would think an educated man would see that but you have those colored glasses on. The point was he waited so long because he was wrapped up in the frenzy. Rather than doing what he was supposed to do he let the moment dictate him rather than he dictating the moment. Use your head for more than a hat rack.

    BTW, Isn’t Biden one of those old white dudes? He takes away the idea that Obama is for change and that he is anti DC as usual because Biden is all the above.

    Are you not glad Obama was not in charge when you were born? He might have let them kill you off.

    All you bitter folks, stock up on ammo…

  6. Adam says:

    You crack me up. Yeah, I’m racist for calling a bunch of old white dudes “old white dudes.” You once again make it all too clear to the fine folks here that you have absolutely no clue about racial, gender, or religious discrimination. I assume that’s why you constantly write bigoted statements and then defend them to the death of your credibility.

    Attack my education (again), call me a moron (again), talk about holding my feet to the fire, whatever else you want. I know that’s the grief talking. Your party had everything and you blew it.

    I don’t know if Obama would do a good job or that McCain would do a bad job, but I know that Obama has the Democratic party and a large part of the country excited, charged up, ready to go. People are taking part in the election process in large numbers, donating more money, and following closer than ever before. In comparison to the McCain ticket your ridiculous attacks against Obama just bounce off and sink into the bog you hail from.

  7. Big Dog says:

    I know nothing about racism??? You call people racist for things that have nothing to do with race. Islam is a religion and Mexican is a nationality but attack one of them and you call me a racist.

    Besides, I understand that free speech only goes to idiots who want to burn flags. That is OK but say that a noose means nothing and you are a racist. Well screw that and anyone who thinks that. I am getting tired of being attacked by small minded morons who parrot the same old stuff.

    I am not experiencing grief. I can survive Obama or anyone else. I survived Clinton and Carter. I will make it. The question is, will you be ready to admit when things don’t got he way you want?

    Also, did you guys figure where all that Obama overseas money is coming from? If people have so much to give then the economy is not that bad and people should quit crying.

    You are excited because he is BLACK. There is nothing else about him that excites you libs. He has no experience, he has no accomplishments and he never defines exactly what he will change. He is an empty suit and if he were white he would have been gone long ago and Hillary would have won.

    You racist morons are OK with that.

    No wait, I stand corrected. Obama thinks we should tax more, kill babies born and unborn, divide by race and class and play class warfare. No wonder you are excited.

    I did not attack your education. Just the fact that you fail to use it.

    What will you do when he loses?

  8. Adam says:

    When Obama loses? Vote for Hillary in 2012.

    All joking and cheap political jabs aside, I thank God we have a strong national foundation that can survive the worst leaders and a resilient working class that gets through the hard economic times.

    I joke with friends about “McSame” but that’s not what I feel in my heart. The truth is that Bush and his cronies have lost so much credibility that McCain will not only bring fresh ideas but he’ll have no choice but to bring in mostly fresh people in as well (if only for the fact that some of them are in prison). It’s always the people a president keeps around him (her someday soon maybe) that makes or breaks the office. McCain is an upgrade by far and Obama losing to him in my mind does not have the same impact as Kerry losing to Bush.

    Look, you know I supported Hillary in the primary and I’m not a member of the Obamanation. I’m not as excited about Obama as the next guy but certainly I won’t have to hold my nose to vote for him in November.

    It’s not about his being black for me, it’s about how he motivates and inspires the people around him. Our country is again at a point where we are facing many different challenges on multiple fronts. Presidents can’t fix things directly in America. They have to inspire change and we have to do the rest. For me the choice is pretty clear who will inspire the kind of action we need to keep this country on track. But that’s just me of course…

  9. Big Dog says:

    All shots at you aside, you are one of the first people to articulate why you support him. Most people say he makes them feel good or he will change but they cannot articulate why. Blacks vote for him at 90% which is all about race and nothing else. They cannot articulate why they are voting for him other than he is black.

    You, at least, have an idea about why you will vote for him.

    President’s can’t fix things directly but that never stopped you guys from attacking Bush as being the cause for all that happens. Congress is just as culpable and there have been majorities on both sides and they have accomplished little.

    If enough PUMAs stay home, the House will be up for grabs.

  10. Adam says:

    Of course it’s about race for them. Blacks were shut out for a long time but have been making inroads into politics and power since slavery ended and this would be a huge milestone. But there have been plenty of black candidates, just never one this strong. That is why there is 90% support, not simply because he is black, and that shouldn’t be lost in the conversation.

    Democrats attack Bush because we don’t agree with his policies at home and abroad, we don’t like the people he brings with him, and because he hasn’t inspired the nation like some presidents have and the way that Obama has the potential too. The same can be argued about Bill Clinton, but the truth is in many ways I’m embarrassed by Bush and I am by far in the majority of people when it comes to that fact.

  11. Big Dog says:

    So if a black votes for Obama just because he is black it is OK but if a white votes for McCain simply because he is white that makes him a racist? Though nowhere near 90% of any group of whites will vote based on the color of a person.

    But, most blacks vote 90% Democrat regardless. They usually look for a (D) and pull a lever. This time they are saying, I am voting for him because he is black.

    BTW, very few blacks today have been excluded from the process. That time is over and the sooner people acknowledge it and move on the better off they will be. Blacks are held back by people (like the race baiters) telling them how bad they have it.

    They have it good and suffer very little racism. None were EVER held as slaves and everyone has been allowed to vote for decades. They have been excluded by what. They make up 12% of the population but consume way more than that in federal resources. There are 77% working for the post office. No, it is all about identity. I am OK with that. If they want to say that they are voting for him because he is black then good for them.

    Just stop with the racist talk for people who will not vote for him because he is black. If one is not racist then neither is the other.

    It is quite simple.

  12. Adam says:

    I don’t know if I said it was racist to vote for McCain because he is white. Maybe if they vote because McCain is not black, the same if blacks vote because Obama is not white. That’s an interesting topic, but one I’ll have to put off for a bit. Going to a Phillies game today…

  13. Bunny Colvin says:

    “They have it good and suffer very little racism.

  14. Bunny Colvin says:

    “They have it good and suffer very little racism.”

    Dog, you are so clueless. It is quite simple.


  15. Reason says:

    The sad part here is this might be an indicator of Obama’s presidency, lots of empty promises. I mean if you can’t manage to send a simple email & text message that “Biden will be my VP.” to some distro lists how can you expect to get the major stuff done?

    Adam mentions “inspires and motivates the people around him” yet he was unable to inspire or motivate his staff to do something so simple as send out a mass email & text message…

    It was a simple promise, and yeah its not the end of the world that it didn’t happen as promised. However, in life if someone can’t come through on the small stuff my experience says not to depend on them for the big stuff either.

  16. Reason says:

    I’d like to point out as well that he can certainly manage to get those mass emails & text messages out when asking for money. Why the difficulty this time?

  17. Bunny Colvin says:


    I spend a lot of time with Obama supporters. Trust me when I tell you that none of them are too concerned about the text fiasco.

    Empty promises? Has W ever made any of those? Do you want me to make you a list?

    You’re clueless.