Obama Says It Is Not About Him

It is always about him…

Barack Obama, responding to a statement that failure to pass health care reform could be his Waterloo, stated that this was not about him. Tonight he claimed (in his news conference) that the resistance he sees from Republicans is about politics and that he has not blamed them for things (a lie). He always discusses the obstruction of Republicans without discussing the FACT that it is his party that is causing the delay. The Democrats have enough votes in both chambers to pass anything without one Republican voting yes. If it is not going anywhere it is because of the Democrats.

Obama is playing this game as if he is the all knowing, all seeing, man with the plan who is trying so hard for our chirren while people are trying to take him down. It is not about me, he says. So one has to ask, if politics is not part of his game and he only has the best interests of the country in mind, why would he tell Democrats that if they fail on this it will destroy his presidency?

“Let’s just lay everything on the table,” Grassley said. “A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn’t going to pass if there weren’t some changes made … and the president says, ‘You’re going to destroy my presidency.’ ” National Journal Congress Daily

If this is not about him or politics, why would he make this claim?

The media and the Obama supporters have set high expectations for this guy and he helped with the whole mess. He set an aggressive agenda to take advantage of his popularity because he knew it would not last and that he needed to get it done before he lost his political capital.

Obama admitted he has not read and does not know what is in the bill. No matter what they come up with he will not read it and neither will any member of Congress. They will slip all kinds of things in there and screw us badly.

A few points:

Obama tonight stated that if we can make health care cheaper than it is now (even if it is just a few thousand dollars per person) that this would be money that could go back into the pockets of workers. This is wrong. In his opening he said that they were going to pay for this with the savings their plan produces. It will not produce savings but allowing it for the sake of argument, the entire saved amount will go back to the system to pay for it which means that we still spend the same amount of money and still not cover everyone.

It is claimed that 45 million people have no insurance. This is misleading. When those who can afford it and choose not to have it are subtracted along with those who are illegal aliens (who will be covered by Obama’s plan) then the actual number of uninsured who cannot get (or afford) insurance is about 12 million. Why are we restructuring the entire health care system for a very small portion of the population? Surely we can come up with something to take care of those who truly cannot afford health care (if for some unknown reason they are not eligible for programs already on board) without mandating that everyone get a government run program and without forcing business to provide health insurance. Surely we can do this better without spending another couple trillion dollars.

Part of Obama’s problem is that he has lost some credibility. When he said that we had to rush to pass the stimulus now or the world would end he told us that the plan would have immediate results. He specifically said that unemployment would not go above 8% with the stimulus but would go above 10% if we did not pass it. He actually said if we did nothing but this is a strawman argument. The Republicans were offering ideas that would produce jobs and help the economy but Obama and the Dems would not listen. Obama is now backtracking and saying that the stimulus is on track because it was supposed to be long term. This is different than when he said it would have an immediate impact. The unemployment numbers show that he was wrong. Joe Biden said they guessed wrong. No one understood the gravity of the situation.

We need to oppose this and we need to keep on the so called Blue Dogs. Members who vote for this need to have a target on their backs during the next election. We already have the traitors on the right who voted for the stimulus and they need to be gone. Next we target all the ones who vote for this power grab that is designed to give government more control and give Obama a legacy.

And remember this folks. When given the opportunity to make it legally binding for members of Congress, their families and their staff to enroll in this boondoggle only 3 Democrats voted for the idea. None of them want it and none of them will have it. They want to be able to go to hospitals where they have private suites reserved for them with private chefs who prepare their meals. This is what they have reserved at Walter Reed at a cost of nearly a million dollars a year. About 9 beds are there and they are hardly ever used but if a member of Congress gets sick that is where he will receive care. While we wait in line for our substandard, rationed government care, they will be getting treated like royalty.

It is time to take this country back. Screw the Canadian system, screw socialized medicine and screw any liberal who does not like it and that includes the jug eared Socialist at the top.

One day this country is going to have another revolution. That is a legacy that Obama will not be happy with.

Big Dog

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16 Responses to “Obama Says It Is Not About Him”

  1. Blake says:

    Just like Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others.
    Politicians like to be treated as if they are a higher life form, and deserve the exceptional treatment they give themselves.
    Wjere else could you have the employees vote themselves a raise and gold- plated healthcare? Oh that’s right- the unions.
    The problem with the politicians is that they work for us- and I darn sure did not approve a pay raise for the crappy work they have been doing.
    Like Santa, we need to make us a list, and check it twice-

  2. Darrel says:

    Bigd: [quotes] “and the president says, ‘You’re going to destroy my presidency.”

    If this is not about him or politics, why would he make this claim?>>

    An anonymous anecdote passed along from Grassley.

    You guys are a funny.


    • Blake says:

      Hey- from a person who would believe Biden’s “Quotes” about him and GWB- I think Charles Grassley is more believable. At least, unlike Biden, Grassley is not a serial liar.

      • Darrel says:

        BLK: “I think Charles Grassley is more believable.”>>

        If you knew anything about hearsay evidence you would know that you are not only putting your faith in Grassley, but more importantly, in his completely “anonymous” source.



  3. Brittancus says:

    From the beginning its been previous administrations ultimate fault that illegal immigration has never been retired. Years of neglect and intentional overlooking of the laws that were in place? It’s grandiose excuse to allow the 20 million plus illegal immigrants to stay on American soil. Congress when enacted the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 has been flagrantly ignored. The IRCA toughened criminal sanctions for employers who hired illegal aliens, denied illegal aliens federally funded welfare benefits, and legitimized some aliens through an amnesty program–EXCEPT THESE LAWS NEVER WERE ENFORCED?

    There has always been complicity since the earliest days, between the lawmakers, big business, the open border zealots and radical pro-immigration and anti-American sovereignty organizations. Just like the Globalist they have an attitude that American taxpayers should accommodate every illegal family, with free medical care, schooling and a comfortable prison cell, for criminals and for the thousands of illegal alien drunken drivers every year. That globalist agenda has always been a free movement of cheap labor, between all of South America, Canada and Mexico, just as secretly arranged with the 3 countries leaders in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS CORPORATE WELFARE?

    Americans only forceful action is to build on E-verify, but not to replace it? Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York and chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on immigration wants consider up-grading the application, with modifications to authenticate the employee’s identity by using a specific and unique biometric identifiers? Schumer, stated “improving employment verification is critical to boosting public confidence about curbing illegal immigration, which will build support for comprehensive immigration reform.” These politicians just don’t get it? Outside of the American Civil War, there will be a battle over giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship free-ride? What about the millions of people with integrity and believe in the Rule of Law, who sit and wait in far off foreign countries for an entry visa?

    Whatever the outcome it will not be easy to pass any Immigration reform or AMNESTY? Say–NO– because it going to cost trillions of dollars (with a T) in enactment. Health care, Pensions, retirement and a rush on government benefits, for those who haven’t already cheated the system. Then they will want their immediate families here? And waiting millions will swarm the open areas of the sovereign border fence? IT WILL NEVER END? Call your Politician today at 202-224-3121 GOOGLE—NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL for facts, that will not be found in most press releases.

    As a Independent voter, I do believe in a alternative government medical system, but I adamantly disagree on donating my taxes from public treasuries free health care to anybody who steals across our border or anything that smells of AMNESTY?

    Copy, Paste & Distribute freely

  4. Darrel says:

    Bigd: “he actual number of uninsured who cannot get (or afford) insurance is about 12 million.”>>

    You like to float this whopper but as you have been shown repeatedly, it’s not true. Your distortion is carefully unpacked, line by line, at factcheck:

    The ‘Real’ Uninsured

    Incidentally, even if your claim was true, and it’s not true, it would still be unacceptable. But it’s not true, so it’s irrelevant. Waste of time.


    • Blake says:

      As Dog says, this figure is true, and you Hussein minions cannot refute this except by floating bogus figures.
      You remind me sometimes of children who want to make someone lose count, by shouting out random numbers to confuse the situation.
      I just wish you would be honest.

  5. Big Dog says:

    It is true. Many of the uninsured can afford it and choose not to have it. A large number are illegals and are not entitled to it here. The number dwindles.

    What is unacceptable is overhauling the entire system for the small percentage of people who are not covered.

    Even if it were 45 million, and it is not, that would be in the low teens for percentage of population. Why the expense and overhaul for such a small group. Surely this can be addressed without affecting those who are not in that small minority.

    • Darrel says:

      Bigd: “Why the expense and overhaul for such a small group.”>>

      Because these uninsured are just one part of the problem. Our run away costs effect our ability to compete as well. Etc.

      Bigd: “Surely this can be addressed without affecting those who are not in that small minority.”>>

      Even better. This can be addressed while at the same time affecting those, and everyone else in the nation, in a positive way. We all have an interest in an improvement of the health of our fellow citizens. And if we can save money and streamline while doing it, even better. Not better for the parasites feeding on the bloat of current system however.

      If you were to lay the uninsured in America (let’s say 40 million) end to end they would stretch around the world, at the equator, approximately 1.6 times. We are not talking about an insignificant number of people. And we are paying through the nose right now for their emergency care.


  6. Big Dog says:

    The uninsured includes those who were uninsured for a short time but then resumed coverage. The number is much smaller than is reported.

    About 10 million people who have no insurance are eligible for some government program but have not signed up.

    • Darrel says:

      Bigd: “The uninsured includes those who were uninsured for a short time…”>>

      And it also includes those who are INSURED for a short time. So this cancels out. I fail to grasp why this objection would even be worth mentioning. OF COURSE people are cycling through such a measurement. People drop in, and drop out, as they become employed or lose employment. But this is just statistical noise. A random measurement accounts for this.

      Bigd: “About 10 million people… are eligible for some government program

      Some government program that covers what? This is another ridiculous objection I don’t get. Of course you are going to have a considerable percentage of people who aren’t aware of every little government program. Of course you are going to have a considerable percentage who aren’t going to take welfare, or something similar, even though they could.

      And we can probably be glad they don’t. Because using the current bloated system would simply be feeding the beast and cause us to continue to pay far more than we should.

      But this claim about many people being eligible for some government programs doesn’t remotely mean this constitutes comprehensive coverage, which is what people need. Otherwise we keep paying for last minute emergency care, and people suffer.


  7. Blake says:

    The truth here is that this “healthcare” is just a power grab Hussein is trying to initiate, where he forces insurance carriers out of business, and the govt. is the insurer of first, and LAST choice, because it is impossible to compete with the government,
    These are people who do not believe in the profit motive, except as it relates to them- otherwise, capitalism is bad.
    Except it is capitalism that sparks innovation and new scientific discoveries. If you can’t make money off what you discovered, why bother?
    The system could be tweaked without all this money and bother- hell, I could do this- all we need is a regulatory agency that oversees the charges hospitals make- that is the biggest cost factor in this debate.
    The docs I know charge self- pay people less than they charge insurance companies- because they know insurance will end up paying a half or a third of the statement cost.
    One key to keeping costs down is to limit your visits to when you truly need a doctor- don’t go when it’s just a sprained ankle.

    • Darrel says:

      BLK: “If you can’t make money off what you discovered, why bother?”>>

      Really? You have so prostrated yourself before your god, the almighty dollar, that money is the only motivation you can comprehend? How unfortunate.

      Some of the greatest contributions were unlikely to have had monetary motivations. Were Einstein’s efforts driven by money? Doubtful. Thomas Paine gave his most popular and important writings away refusing to receive compensation. Etc.


      • Blake says:

        Money fuels more discoveries, Darrel, so YEAH I think making money is a good thing.
        am glad that some people feel the way they do, Paine, and Einstein among them.
        But you must be young not to know when Money became important in sports- and everything else followed.
        When people make the money, they can feel free to do as they wish, as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do- but YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE MONEY FIRST, or you are just an altruistic, POOR man, with a lot of wishes in one hand, and well, you know the rest.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Just because some were not motivated by making money does not make it wrong.

    The people who use the ER account for little of the waste that is abundant in the government run systems.

    Government should not be a competitor in something it regulates. Fox/hen house…