Obama Said It Was Bad When Bush Did It

In 2008 the inexperienced Barack Obama was campaigning on Hope and Change. He talked about how bad George Bush was and how he would not do the things Bush did. He vowed to close Gitmo and signed the papers to do it. That facility remains open because the so called smartest prez evah found out that it was easier to promise to do something than to actually do it.

Barack Obama also said he would not use signing statements on legislation sent to him by Congress. He said that the president has the power to veto if he does not like something in legislation and then it is up to Congress to override the veto. That is very true (and Congress can rework the legislation) so on this he was correct. Signing statements have no Constitutional authority and they are not binding.

The problem is Obama uses signing statements. He has used 20 of them so far. He said he would not but when he did not get his way he used them.

Obama also did an end run around Congress to make so called recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess. His own Justice Department argued that a recess had to be longer than three days in order for presidents to make a recess appointment. The Senate has been holding pro forma sessions every three days to keep Obama from making appointments but he made them anyway. Obama was part of the Senate that used the same tactic to keep George Bush from making such appointments.

We see once again that when this petulant man does not get his way he ignores the rules and does what he wants.

Now it looks like as if he will be involved in something else he bashed Bush for. Obama will outsource jobs.

When he was a candidate (for the Senate and for the White House) he said that outsourcing was bad. He bashed Bush and his then Senate opponent Jack Ryan for outsourcing saying that Illinois families depend on keeping the high quality jobs here in America.

Barack Obama is part owner of GM. He bailed them out and the government has a large ownership in the company. Obama took taxpayer money and helped GM out so he could help his union supporters. Even though the company should have been allowed to fail and go through bankruptcy, Obama chose to bail it out.

Now GM might be outsourcing the production of the Chevy Volt to China. It is not set in stone yet but it looks as if the company will be moving production to China.

Obama and the government can stop this because they own part of the company. Instead, they will allow GM to outsource jobs after the taxpayers were fleeced of tons of money to bail them out.

How does the left rationalize the continuous lies from this man?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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