Obama Redeemed by a Mistake?

Jesse Jackson said it was a redemptive campaign. Obama’s foreign policy wisdom has caused great joy in moonbat-ville tonight. Only problem, it is all predicated upon a mistake.

The MSM and the Internet are all atwitter as liberals frolic at the news that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has agreed with the Messiah, Barry Obama. A German publication quoted Maliki as agreeing with the Messiah on a 16 month withdraw plan for US forces. I have been reading the reports of this at ABC’s Political Punch and the liberals are having multiple orgasms. They are thanking Obama and attributing all this to his vast foreign policy experience. The only problem in all this is that Maliki never said that he agreed with Obama. He was either misquoted or his statement was mistranslated.

A little while after the convenient translation error (I think it was intentional to help Obama) Maliki said that he agreed with the plan that he and the President (the real one, not the guy pretending to be president) agreed to the previous day. That plan agreed to include a general time frame in which our troops could start drawing down but it was all contingent upon the Iraqis being able to step up and take more responsibility for their own security. It might be 6 months, 16 months or 60 months, but whatever it is, it will depend upon Iraq’s ability to provide for itself.

All of this probably will not matter. No one will pay attention to the correction and even if they do they will continue to say that Maliki agrees with Obama. They are still saying that John McCain wants to have a 100 year war which is an absolute lie and deliberate distortion of what he actually said so don’t be surprised if sometime in the near future you see a TV ad with the Obama team claiming that Maliki agrees with him.

Obama is a lightweight who has no foreign policy experience. His only claim to experience is as a child roaming around different countries like a nomad. He does not understand the world and this latest fact finding mission (which is really one big campaign trip disguised as work) will do little to change his mind. If Allah himself appeared in the desert over there and told Obama to let the war continue Obama would say the buck stops with him and he is going to bring the troops home. Then he would say “Maliki wants it that way.” Democrats always want to withdraw. That is what got Bill Clinton in trouble. If he had stayed in and finished the job there would have been no blue dress evidence.

Barry O Bam Bam has this rock star status and people are cult like in their behavior around him. He is trying to boost his foreign policy creds by going overseas (he left his wife home so she would not be tempted to tell any phony sniper stories on the campaign trail) and this “error” conveniently allows his people to take credit for the plan (even though the reporting is wrong). He has the top news anchors from the big three networks and a huge contingent of reporters following him on this trip. If this is not a campaigning mission why are all the network heavy hitters going along? None of them go on any other Congressional Fact Finding Mission. They usually ignore those things but all of the sudden they need to accompany Obama on his? Right. These people are in the tank for the man and they are going to give him great coverage to help build him up.

It would be kind of funny if some major news event (it could be a positive event) took place this week and overshadowed the Messiah’s campaign trip. What would be even greater would be for him to make a monumental gaffe that the entire world would see. The liberals in the American media could not cover up a mistake from the world stage. Man that would be great.

I do have a serious question that is a little off the topic of this post. McCain has said that he wants to secure the border first and then tackle immigration. There are a lot of Americans who think we should be securing all our borders and that we should do it quickly. So the question is:

Is there any chance we could lock the place down while Obama is out of the country?

Iraq is in need of leadership so Obama could just stay there and help them. He has the name and upbringing for it…

Allah Pundit at Hot Air shows how the Maliki response was changed by Der Spiegel
Macranger is following the story
Marc Ambinder has an interesting take

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Obama Redeemed by a Mistake?”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:


    Most of us now know that the translation was correct. It was Bush & Co. who were pushing the false claim that the translation was flawed. LIES LIES LIES

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Lost In Translation?…Nope!

  2. Big Dog says:

    There is no doubt Maliki said that he would like to see the troops eventually leave. He also said that by 2010 would be good IF things were better, IF they were ready to take over and he said the decision should be the Iraqi’s.

    However, he did not agree with Obama’s plan for withdraw within 16 months.

    If we bring the troops home too soon and things get out of hand will Obama send troops back in? How many will actually go? Many will leave the service because they do not want to get jerked around.

    We saw how demoralizing the Democrat loss in Vietnam was on our military for years after. No one enlisted, strength was down and people did not want to serve for a government that would not back them.

    If we leave in defeat again there will be no one to take care of any other problem that comes up. Will Obama institute a draft (unconstitutional as far as I am concerned)? If he plays games with the military they will leave in huge numbers.

    Let them do their jobs and win. That is the exit strategy.

    When, and only when, the Iraqi government agrees to our leaving should we leave.

    Der Spiegel left out the conditional part of Maliki’s statement. That is dishonest and was done to boost Obambi’s creds.