Obama Priorities

So, have you heard Obama’s latest priorities? He says that he will pay for killing people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya; he will pay big corporations; he will pay Chinese holders of US debt — and he will pay all of those (and lots more) before he will pay American citizens their social security incomes.

Nice, job, Obama. Sadly, I bet this tactic will work, as he will scare the older Americans into supporting putting more debt on the backs of today’s children. A true leader, one who actually cared about America, would be telling the Chinese, “Gee, we don’t have the money.” Or he’d tell Europe, “Hey, we can’t afford all these interventions.” But no, instead, Obama goes with the tried and true Democrat political theme: “We have nothing to offer but fear itself.”

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3 Responses to “Obama Priorities”

  1. Big Dog says:

    We take in 200 billion a month and we only need 20 billion to service the debt. The rest can pay the SS obligations and we will have to cut back the rest.

    Imagine if government had put all that SS money away in a lock box like it was supposed to instead of spending it on BS. Right now there would be plenty of money to make the payments and he would not have to be trying to scare seniors with his lies.

    This is the guy who said raising the debt ceiling was a lack of leadership. This is the guy who said raising taxes during bad economic times was not good. Now he wants to raise the debt ceiling AND taxes.

    Did you see where he is going to sell M1 Battle Tanks to Egypt? Now we will be out of money and the Muslim Brotherhood will have our sophisticated tanks.

  2. Barbara Orla says:

    This man is evil personified. God help us if people put him back in. I’d like to see him lose the election and have to live in the mess he made. If senior wide up on the streets because they can’t pay their rent, I guarantee you there will be an uprising.

  3. Ferd Berfel says:

    Us talking to each other wont stop him from being elected.
    If you know liberals, such as Adam, who insist on sucking this Obama’s hind-most titte, you need to be vocal and persistent. That is how they got him in there.
    And we need to free the media from liberal tirreny