Obama Orders Pizza Chef For Delivery

All The Way From St. Louis!

It must be nice to be the King.

On Friday nights my wife and I order out (usually pizza) and we watch recorded shows from the past week. This is our time together and we enjoy it. We order our food from the local place and they deliver. It is about 4 miles from here and sometimes one of us picks it up on the way home. We get the pizza and not the guy who cooks it and we get it from close by.

The Obamas ordered out pizza and they had it delivered. Well actually, they had the pizza chef delivered all the way from St. Louis Missouri. Chris Sommers of pi restaurant in St. Louis flew to DC with his business partner and a case of dough and the pans needed to make the president and his staff a few pizzas.

This was supposed to be the guy who is just like you and me, who understands what we are saying and who will bring a new kind of politics to DC. Having a pizza chef fly in from Missouri to make you pizzas is something one expects from the elitists in DC and only goes to show that Obama is one of those elitists. He ate this guy’s pizzas during the campaign and decided that he wanted them so he had the guy fly in to make them.

For all you environmental whack jobs who keep telling me about global warming and what I have to do, take a look at your Resident. This guy had no problem with a carbon footprint involved in flying two men nearly 2000 miles round trip just so the sainted one could enjoy a pizza.

Obama has lost any credibility he had in this issue and cap and trade is now a non issue and off the table. Obama, like Al Gore, only wants EVERYONE else to deal with the alleged problems of CO2 and global warming. It is perfectly OK for these elitists to use more energy and to create more carbon (neither of which I am opposed to) in a week than some people do in a year.

The cost of this will be borne by the taxpayer one way or another. Either it will come out of the food budget or it will be paid out of the WH budget, both of which are funded by taxpayers. In a time when people are losing their jobs, when businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy, when the government is spending trillions in bailouts and stimulus, when people are wondering where their next meal will come from, Daddy Warbucks Obama is ordering take out pizza chefs from St. Louis and having them fly to DC to prepare him a meal. Maybe Obama will say this is part of the stimulus and it created or SAVED two jobs…

If George Bush had done this we would hear non stop squawking from the left about how a privileged, rich, oil man Republican went to excess to eat a simple pizza while people starved around the country.

I am constantly amazed by athletes and rappers who come from nothing and are suddenly wealthy and famous and then get into a bunch of trouble or demonstrate excessive behavior. The rappers with 25 cars and zillion dollar homes when they lived in a box somewhere before becoming rich. Resident Obama reminds of one of those kinds of people. All of the sudden he has all of our money at his fingertips because he has a Democratic Congress and all of the sudden he has all this fame, like a messiah, and he does not know how to handle it.

Just because you can do something does not mean you should do something. Resident Obama is able to get a chef from about anywhere to come to DC but should he? The appearance is of excess and of elitism and that is an image he does not need to portray especially during times of economic trouble especially since he ran as a person who was none of these things, a DC outsider.

Good news, the economy is picking up (and in no part because of the stimulus) but that does not mean that Obama should be acting like a king. Yes, the left called George Bush King George.

Now we have King Hussein and he is acting every bit the part.

God help us if he gets the munchies and decides he wants real Chinese food…

Pam Geller

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72 Responses to “Obama Orders Pizza Chef For Delivery”

  1. Blake says:

    I heard about this, and my jaw is still on the floor. This would be the definition of “Chutzpah”. That Obama would do this, and still say that we need to sacrifice is so hypocritical as to leave one literally speechless. How any liberal could defend this action is beyond me, but they will find some ridiculous semantic twist they can spin on, and link it to some obscure cause.
    I would have to say though, I don’t feel so bad about my carbon footprint, when a Pizza can outdo my yearly output.
    What’s the carbon tax on that pizza, I wonder- perhaps some liberal can crunch the number, and come up with some fantasy figure-” the carbon was non- existent, because it was Democrat carbon”, or some such scenario.
    This is bad- he is acting like a drunken lottery winner, and this is our money. He didn’t offer me a slice, just 13 dollars a week more in my pay. At least that would be if I had a job. 13 dollars! My wife and I could buy a burger and fries, as long as we did not super size them. What fun!
    Oh, these next four years are going to be so much fun, with the Great Spender, his Joker Biden, and the over- medicated Pelosi ( I have seen calmer Meth addicts on A&E’s Intervention).
    Now, you may have noticed I listed them in their order of succession- should the O fail to complete his term, there is the Biden- talk about job security- BUT WAIT- THERE’S MORE- also there’s Pelosi after that. It’s like a bad sci-fi movie,isn’t it?
    Talk about a triumvirate of Ignorance- not one of them has ever held a real job (Sorry, I cannot count being a lawyer as a real job), or knows what it was like to grow up in real America. They have bee coddled, and they feel liberal guilt for that.
    And, as everybody knows, feeling guilty, or sad, often means assuaging your guilt with food.
    Hence the pizzas.

    • Adam says:


      So tell us why being a lawyer is not a “real job”? What is an example of a real job? And what exactly is real America anyway? Is there a fake America? A fake job?

      • Blake says:

        Well Adam, for me a real job is something where you have a product you can point to and say, there- I have done this, and it is a good thing. For example, I build homes. I build them with the intention that, barring a storm or tornado, these homes will last for a century, properly cared for. I take pride in my work, and i can takemy grandkids by churches, apartment buildings, and community centers that I have built or helped build, and show them and say this is a good home, where people can live, laugh and love. Where people can raise their children and form memories that can last a lifetime.
        Truly, what can lawyers point to? An obscure reference in a dusty book, if they are lucky enough to set a precedent? Or perhaps point out the crackhead on th ecorner and proudly tell his kids, I kept him from lail, even if he was guilty.
        It is not that all lawyers are bad Adam, but you and I both know there are enough that they give the profession a bad name, and like medical professionals, they close ranks around the bad apples, instead of exposing them for the frauds they are. I’ll wager that most wrongful convictions happened because a lawyer who made a c- on his bars still got to practice.
        And as for real America, it is found in the country sides, where people say what they mean and mean what they say, and they do not need a lawyer to interpret, because a man’s word is his implicit contract. Real America is simple and pure. Real America has no color, only character, and the quality of your character counts for a lot. ‘
        Fake America, however, requires lawyers, and contracts that are ironclad, and everyone feels its OK to one- up someone, to stick it to them, just because you can.
        In fake America, he who dies with the most toys wins- in Real America, he or she who dies with the most family and friends remembering them fondly wins.
        I know which America I want to be a part of, and I hope you do also.
        Oh- a fake job is one that doesn’t contribute to the creation of something that lasts past a stick of gum.

        • Adam says:

          Considering 80% of American’s lives in urban areas I’d say it’s pretty strange to say the real America is in the country sides, but maybe that’s just me…

          I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the kind of America you’re talking about. In the last decade I’ve lived in big cities, small cities, farm country, and a mixture of that. There are dirtbags I don’t want to be around and honest folks I’d trust and lean on wherever I go.

          Everybody likes to dish on lawyers until they actually need one. Not every US President can be an actor or an oil man. Most of them were lawyers but maybe the profession ain’t what it used to be…

          I build web pages for a living but I wonder if you’d count that as a real job. What can I point too but a few lines of code that most people can’t understand? But I make good money, take pride in my work, support my tiny family, and pay taxes like a good American.

  2. Victoria says:

    Good news, the economy is picking up (and in no part because of the stimulus) but that does not mean that Obama should be acting like a king.

    Where did this start? I have seen and heard this a couple of other places and even on Fox news last night they had a couple of analysts who in one breath said the economy was better but in the next breath said unemployment was still bad and only going to get worse and it has been said there is more bailouts coming.

    I will never believe the O feels any kind of guilt or remorse for anything he is doing to this country. It is more like–“I got elected so Hey, guess what I can do it then.”

    • Blake says:

      I had rather hoped that O’bama might just govern somewhat from the middle, since he really needs the independent vote in order to get re- elected, Victoria, but apparently, as one can see from his actions, he has a rather Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” attitude. This cannot help but fire up the tea parties- I think I’ll bring Pizza (I can’t afford the Chef) in “honor” of his highness’ sacrifice to the gods of carbon.

    • Adam says:

      Employment is a lagging indicator. We could be out of a recession right now for sure and employment would still decline for months, even a year. The stock market has actually set a record for growth in the last 5 weeks. I haven’t seen analysts say one way or another if they really can point to key causes for the rebound or if continued poor unemployment will drag the market back down again. Anybody seen anything?

      • Blake says:

        Adam,the best analysis I have heard indicates that unemployment usually lasts 6 months to a year past the “end” of the recession, so we might as well use that as an indicator. The best thing we have going for us is that Americans are superb at making lemonade out of lemons- we innovate, so, maybe sooner. We can all hope.

  3. Randy says:



    And Lou Malnatti’s can stop complaining too, Nancy’s http://www.nancyspizza.com/ is way better anyways.

    I have never eaten at Pi in St. Louis, so I can’t speak for the quality of their pizza.

  4. Adam says:

    So another fake scandal crumbles as the facts come out. Imagine that. Conservatives jump the gun again…

    Funny, the drop in the stock market was blamed on Obama but the rise? Crickets.

    Bring whatever you want to your tea bag party, conservatives. Show us “fake” Americans what “real” Americans look like…

    • Blake says:

      Adam, you have the wrong idea about the tea parties. Yes, there might be more conservative people than liberals, but that might be because these liberals are reluctant to even think they might have been wrong about their choice. Admittedly, it was not much of a choice, but these are people who are saying basically, enough! We do not have the money to sustain this spending, and many of the programs appear dubious. We want responsible government. Thomas Jefferson and the founders did not intend for people to be rulers (or “Politicians”) for life. Their intention was for citizens to go into government service as a civic duty, then back out into real life.
      Many of the politicians serving (themselves to our money) today have no experience in the world, where you have to make decisions- all their time was spent in universities studying “What If…”- there is no experience there, just formless untested ideas that may, or may not work. Even worse, the study of history has been minimized, so they are even left without those historical lessons to guide their thoughts.
      So Adam, perhaps you might attend a tea party- you might even learn something interesting.
      Just remember, a closed mind catches no ideas.

    • Big Dog says:

      What is the fake scandal? No one said there was any scandal. It is the height of elitism to fly a pizza chef in.

      Where is the fake scandal?

      Adam, the only tea bag party involved Clinton and Monica.

      You can call us what you want but it is a right to protest. You morons protested the war all the time. I never heard you say one thing about the code pink cu*ts in Berkeley and how they attacked the recruiting station every day. I guess they were patriotic.

      You can’t stand that people have had enough of high taxes and out of control spending. OK, you are entitled. But why do you disparage those who choose to protest things you think are silly while cheering those with whom you agree. You think anti war rallies are great and they are your right but you are a typical lib, I can do it but you can’t. It is actually pathetic.

      Fake scandal? You mean Plame, war for oil, faked intelligence, yellow cake, all of these were phony items in which the left jumped the gun.

      Resident Obama is a loser, a rookie and in over his head.

      • Adam says:

        Keep the sexist slurs to yourself, please.

        You can protest all you want but don’t pretend your ginned up outrage about imaginary tax increases are anything like the anti-war movement, code pink, much less like the Boston Tea Party.

        I know the anti-war movement has it’s crazies but this tea party mess is a mixture of folks who think things like digital cable boxes are communist brainwashing devices, Obama isn’t an American, Obama is taking guns away, Obama is a Muslim, etc. While many involved feel passionately about the cause you still got a whole lot of crazy coming out to these things and it’s not impressing anybody.

        • Blake says:

          You have a whole lot of crazy on the left- just look at Daily Kos, Soros, or code pink- but imaginary tax increases? Come on, you should know better, unless you just parrot the party line.
          Let’s see, there’s an increase in cigarette taxes, that hits the poor harder than others.There is an increase in gasoline taxes, which will also hit the poor hard, especially in places where there is no mass transit.
          There is the “carbon” tax, which means that if you flip a switch on,or use your thermostat, or buy a car, you will pay more for it, so The Anointed One can buy into another company so he and his posse can extend their control over how much you and I can make before we are deemed Apostate, and forced to give up our excess wealth to those who won’t work.
          There will be an increase in the price of ammunition,so if they cannot outlaw guns, they will make it prohibitive to shoot one.
          These are but a few examples that I am sure of. I am also sure I do not know them all, but I feel that there is more to come, because the Immaculate Spender cannot do what he wants without money,and he is running through it like there’s no tomorrow, and for him, perhaps not. They say there is a shelf life on political capital- his is beginning to stink like four day old fish.

        • Adam says:

          If these are your examples of tax increases it only proves my point about the protests.

          A tobacco tax is an optional tax. Don’t want to pay it, quit. There is no increase in gasoline taxes and most likely won’t be any. I don’t know the current status of the carbon tax. I couldn’t find recent information from a reliable source. The only folks raising the price of ammunition are the ones who are stockpiling it and causing an increase in demand and a decrease in supply. Most Americans have seen a tax decrease. You keep laughing off $13 dollars more a week but that’s still a tax decrease, not an increase.

          I think Obama’s political capital is fine. He never had any with most conservatives so it’s hard for a lot of you to talk about it when you never did and never will support his policies. Those of us who voted for him and still support him are a different story. His job approval and favorability are still in the low to mid-60’s range. The number of people saying the country is headed in the right direction is growing, not shrinking. Even the number of folks saying they approve of congress is somehow.

    • Big Dog says:

      No, Obama said the stock market was like a poll. There are few records being set but with the stock prices so low it is no wonder buyers are out. I doubled my money in Bank of America.

      Obama is not responsible except that when he left the country the stocks went up. When he is quiet things go well. As soon as he or Geithner open their mouths things go to hell.

      The reality is if the economy is rebounding Obama is not the reason. He said his stuff would take until later this year and into next year to show results. I told you things would start to get better before the end of the year and would have without a trillion dollar stimulus. We wasted a lot of money and not one job has been created from the stimulus as yet.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Somewhere the cost of the trip gets rolled into the pizza. It is an elitist thing to do and shows excess. The idea that the plane was going there anyway means nothing. The fact is, Obama ordered a chef from St. Louis to come to DC just because he had a craving for pizza. If you can’t see what is wrong with this then you have issues.

    Taxpayers will foot this bill. Plain and simple.

    Can you do this? Can the average American do this? If not (and I know it is not) then how is he one of us and not like the DC elite? He is a typical scum politician. He is like a rapper who became rich and left the hood and spends to excess because he can. If Obama is spending his own money then his business but 100 dollar a pound beef and chefs flown in are not the signs of anything other than an elitist.

    End of story.

    • Randy says:

      No, you and Ace of Spades and Pam Atlas are manufacturing a silly controversy where there is none. It’s frickin’ PIZZA, not steak and lobster. Obama didn’t order the pizza like an officer gives an order to troops. The pizza place had been offering pizza since the campaign.

  6. Adam says:

    Yes, the leaking of the name of a covert CIA operative as revenge against her husband for reporting negative news about the Bush administration’s drive to war…just like a man coming from STL to make a pizza for the President of the United States. How dare Obama be so elitist…

    • Blake says:

      Adam- please don’t insult your intelligence and try to say that a carbon footprint that large for pizza is a GOOD thing?
      This is the “Elitist” part of the thing you do not seem to understand, and I have read your posts, so do not try and pretend that this flies over your head. You are smarter than that. It’s OK to be embarrassed when you find that your guy spends like a white trash hooker who just found a suitcase of money- I sure would, if the guy I voted for acted like this.
      I always find it funny that the left never lets go of the past- apparently its the only way they believe they can win an argument, but lets- Valerie Plame wasw not a covert CIA asset at the time, so she wasn’t covered by the same rules as a covert agent.
      Further, if it had been me, i would have prosecuted both Wilson and his wife for violating confidential information, but we have lost our spine when it comes to traitors, it seems, just as we seem to forgive bomb- throwing radicals, indeed, make them the darlings of the artsy circuit.
      John F. Kennedy said it well- “Anyone who believes life is fair, is operating under mistaken assumptions.”
      Of course he probably said that just before he boffed Marilyn Monroe, so he might have a point, at least as far as Jackie was concerned.

      • Adam says:

        I’m not going to completely rehash what Randy has already outlined above and below about the Pizza. I enjoy talking to you lately but it’s a shame that you flat out refuse to see the real facts once you’ve framed your story a certain way to make Obama look bad.

        I am certainly not embarrassed that a man going to DC anyway on business was honored to be able to cook for the POTUS using some of his supplies and some supplies purchased with Obama’s own money. Why should I be?

        Plame was covert:

        The unclassified summary of Plame’s employment with the CIA at the time that syndicated columnist Robert Novak published her name on July 14, 2003 says, “Ms. Wilson was a covert CIA employee for who the CIA was taking affirmative measures to conceal her intelligence relationship to the United States.”

        Continuing to insist Plame was not covert is just a flat out lie.

  7. johnny says:

    Bush never told us how to live in the way Obama has. You remember…how to use tire gages more, what temp to keep the house at, what kind of cars to drive, ect. That is why there is an accountability factor here. Had Obama not thrown so much out there people wouldn’t be able such. Randy, your right is just pizza, but he has also served Cobe Steaks for friends at the White House and I recall Michelle ordering Lobster on the government bill last fall. Funny you mentioned those specific items. There is no doubt that he’s an elitist, he looks down his nose in many instances. All I have to say is….Where’s my slice?

    • Randy says:

      I’m sure that when conservatives are in the White House all anyone eats are cheeseburgers and freedom fries. That’s not really what this is about though. It’s the presentation of this as a situation that Obama was hungry and wanted a very specific pizza, so he ordered a pizza from St. Louis and had it flown to D.C. for him to eat because he wanted it, dammit. The reality is that these people were going to D.C. anyhow, that’s why they paid for their own travel expenses. They had been offering to make the pizza’s for the White House for some time. The White House and the pizza restaurant owner found an opportunity to make this happen. The owner and two co-workers brought some of the fixings and they are preparing pizzas for 140 people. Apparently the Obama’s are paying for the pizzas with their own money.

      The Michelle Obama Lobster story is fake BTW. It was a story from the New York Post that was debunked is such spectacular fashion that the Post printed a strongly worded retraction.

      • johnny says:

        “The Michele Obama Lobster Story”…that really is funny. I don’t care what they eat, or where they order it from. That isn’t the issue, as big dog is saying its about telling people what they can or cannot do, what they should or shouldn’t be doing then making moves like pizza from st.louis or $125 steaks for friends on our tab. When Bush won they ordered pounds of fresh quality Texas Brisket, not cheap by any means. When it comes down to it, if what Obama eats is a big deal than I assume we’ve solved the rest of the issues.

  8. Victoria says:

    Adam, the whole point is as Dog states above–“Can the average American do this? If not (and I know it is not) then how is he one of us and not like the DC elite? He is a typical sc** politician.” and I would add arrogant and lying in there as well.

    Yes, the leaking of the name of a covert CIA operative as revenge against her husband for reporting negative news about the Bush administration’s drive to war…

    Isn’t it interesting it is still Bush’s drive to war and the O ran on “I am going to get the troops out” and they are still in and not only that he is pushing for more money and a surge.

  9. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired says:

    FedEx could have done it a whole lot cheaper. Put chef and ingredients in a cargo container, put container on airplane. On time. And the taxpayers wouldn’t be out so much for something as stupid as this stunt. And that’s all it is, a STUNT. By the Obambozo. Must make it OK.
    Useless Dirtbag

  10. Carla says:

    this says a lot about the class of people we have in the whitehouse

  11. Big Dog says:

    The name was not leaked. You know it. 2 years of investigation found that out. It was mentioned by a guy who had no sympathies for Bush.

    It was all a lie because she was not covert Adam but you mindless drones keep saying it as if it will someday be true.

  12. Big Dog says:

    Now that we have everyone chiming in it is OK to move ahead. The claim is that the Obama’s paid for this out of their own pockets. The money came from where? He is a government employee so the salary is from taxpayers. But, he is free to spend it as he wishes because he earned it and I made that point earlier though I am correct that somehow taxpayer money pays for it.

    So, why is it OK for the Obama’s to have this kind of excess while he and Congress work to impose a 90% tax on the earned bonuses of employees at AIG? Why is it OK for him to limit executive compensation at these companies and to work to extend that to those who received NO bailout? Why is it OK for them to limit people in companies that were FORCED to take bailout money?

    It would appear that the liberals who thought it was a crime for executives of companies to live to excess find it OK for the man running the country to do just that. If everyone is to sacrifice then that means everyone. If rules apply to those in private business and those folks get scorned for living life large then the CEO of the country should receive equal scorn.

    The bonuses to AIG employees were contractual but the government punished them and yet Obama lives life like one of them without scorn from those with the pitchforks aimed at executives of private companies.

    The double standard exists and as long as Democrats are lving large it is OK but when people in private business do it is not.

    This is the point that was missed by those who have become apologists for the sainted Won.

    • Randy says:

      It certainly isn’t wasteful spending of taxpayer money, which is the point you were initially trying to make. It isn’t wasteful when the Pi wanted to make the pizzas, were quite honored to, and were willing to travel ON THEIR OWN DIME to D.C. to make the pizzas.
      It wasn’t wasteful environmentally because the trip to D.C. was planned whether the pizzas were being made for the White House or not, which is another point you were trying to make initially.

      I don’t think I should have to mention this again either, but it’s PIZZA.

    • Randy says:

      BTW, banks weren’t forced to take bailout money. They were encouraged. Some took the money that didn’t need it because they were encouraged. When it looked like restrictions were going to be put in place on banks that accepted the bailout money, the ones that didn’t need it (TCF and Northern Trust are two that I can think of off the top of my head) returned it. No one stopped them from doing so.

      • Blake says:

        Let’s get this straight, Randy- these banks were “encouraged” the way Don Corleone would do it. They were taken aside and toldthat if they chose not to let the government have a stake, (or as the Don would have said, wet my beak), there would be audits of their books ad nauseum, until it cost the banks millions of dollars. That’s not “encouragement”, Randy, that’s Extortion, a CRIMINAL enterprise. Northern Trust is still being told that the government won’t accept the tarp funds at this time. So are other banks.
        The government does not need to be in business- there is nothing the government does well except in liberal times- it does have this troublesome tendency to strangle free enterprise.

        • Randy says:

          Some banks returned the money. Nobody extorted them into keeping it. The banks that returned the money said, “no thanks, we are doing fine on our own and we don’t need the extra regulations”. Which is fine. The banks that took the money, and are not giving it back but asking for more are facing stiffer regulation, could clearly not handle their business well with their own devices. The are being asked to be accountable for how they spend money provided to them by the taxpayer. I have issues with the fact that they got the money in the first place, but I don’t completely disagree. I think it is fine to hold them accountable for how that money is spent.

          Where is your evidence that any banks that have returned the money have been extorted?

  13. Randy says:

    Let’s put some of this extravagance into perspective. The people at Pi were expecting to make 20 pies. I have a hard time seeing how you feed 140 people a slice a piece with only 20 pizzas, since I am going to assume each pizza is cut into six slices, and 6 x 20 only = 120. So I will add a few pies. I’ll double it. No, I’ll double it and add ten. 50 pies. The most expensive pie on their menu (it’s verifiable with a quick visit to their website) is 23 dollars. So, assuming that each of the 50 pizzas is the most expensive on their menu, the cost comes to $1,150. Since Pi paid their own travel expenses, and I am giving a generous benefit of the doubt that we are talking about many more pies that were anticipated, and they were all the most expensive pie on the menu, we are talking about $1,150.

    Elitist indeed.

    • Blake says:

      Randy- we are told, in order to be politically correct and ecologically green, TO BUY LOCAL. What part of that did O’bama have a problem with? Isn’t local good enough? Will he now go back to Wright’s church, because there is not one good enough locally? How far will he take this absurdity he calls “governing”?

  14. Adam says:

    Oh lord! I have to say this is the dumbest non-issue to be used against Obama yet. More stupid to come I’m sure but for now this one gets the gold medal.

  15. Big Dog says:

    It is a shame that the libs fail to see the obvious. It is not about a pizza, it is about a man who, on a whim, decides to get a chef from St. Louis while telling us to sacrifice.

    Fact: Well Fargo was FORCED to take the money. FACT: The Obama folks are NOT taking the money back, it is how they keep control over the banks. FACT: The leaders of these banks said they were forced to take the money so as not to show only a few of the banks as weak.

    I fault them for not telling the Bush administration and the treasury folks to go screw themselves but they were held in a room until they signed on.

    Now I don’t care where he gets his pizza from but I do not intend to listen to him tell me how I need to sacrifice. If CEOs of companies want to make more money, or spend it on lavish items and Obama does not like it then he can STFU because he is in no position to say a word. No longer will you libs be able to tell people that they do not need something as you always do. Why does he need so much money, why does he need a million dollar home, why, why, why. He should pay more in taxes because he obviously has more than he needs.


    You have made it clear that those with power and money can do what they want with both, as they see fit.

    I will not entertain any of you crying about some company exec flying in a private plane, eating expensive food or anything else. It is over thanks to a pizza CHEF and an elitist puke in the White House

    I know, it was only a pizza. And Monica was only an intern.

    • Randy says:

      Except that he didn’t, on a whim, get a chef to fly in from St. Louis to make him pizza. The owner of Pi had wanted to do this and saw an opportunity. If that isn’t obvious to you that you are delusional.

      • Big Dog says:

        Keep making excuses Randy. I am sure that these guys saw an opening without being asked because Obama is so transparent that they could just tell.

        And he did not bow because the White House said so.

        Whatever. It is useless to discuss anything with people who will kiss the ground he walks on and cannot see the contradictions in what is going on and what he says.

        Obama said he was different than the others. This shows he is not.

        I know, the chef read their minds and just knew he could do it.

        I am sorry I doubted the sainted one and his powers to heal and the blind obedience of his liberal followers.

        It does nto matter what you say. To many people appearance is reality. He should have thought about how this would look especially in these tough times. He cannot think and neither can those who defend the stupidity of what he did.

        • Victoria says:

          Isn’t it interesting how the libs doth protest.

        • Adam says:

          Big Dog:

          Give it up. You’re dead wrong. You’re just embarrassing yourself by keeping this up.

          Watch this video to see how stupid you are being. To paraphase a bit:

          Summers was already going to be in DC this weekend … so he contacted the president’s aid whom he met from a previous fundraiser and offered to bring the pizza with him compliments of the restaurant.


          Isn’t it interesting how the ‘cons doth ignore reality and substitute their own.

          • Big Dog says:

            So the original story where it was that he was selected was wrong? It never mentioned any of this. I think this is an after the fact to cover up what took place. Obama got the munchies (I’ll let you figure out why) and he called for a pizza chef.

            I do not believe anything that comes out of the White House. Liars. The pizza guy is a slobbering Obama guy, would lie for him. Not buying it.

            The fact remains appearance of elitism. You and Randy continue to miss the points but it is OK.

          • Big Dog says:

            I have heard the arguments. The guy was flying there anyway. He was bringing the stuff and Obama was paying for it. No taxpayer money used (I never cared about the carbon footprint).

            AIG executives were going to get bonuses anyway. They were not the guys who caused the problem the company had. They were entitled as a matter of a CONTRACT. They were allowed that because they stayed to help get things back on track. Treasury knew about the bonuses.

            Congress, Obama, Treasury and the liberals went nuts with the pitchforks and 90% tax to the basta*ds.

            They were going to get them anyway. No taxpayer money paid the bonuses (AIG was to send Treasury the equal amount as repayment).

            So if Obama can dictate that they should not do this in the catastrophe (his words) then why should he give the appearance of elitism during the catastrophe. It is about appearance.

            If they had been smart they could have had a press release earlier that said Sommers was to be in town and would be making his yummy pizzas for the Resident.

            They did not. Incompetent, bad appearance, or a lie.

            You pick.

  16. Adam says:

    You can make anything appear to be anything when you blatantly distort reality with lies.

    Now it’s a white house coverup? Let me be the first to say: Bwa ha ha ha haa!

  17. Adam says:

    A press conference? Come on. Like Obama’s all about wasting time with press conferences for non-issues to satisfy the whims of the fringe elements of the US that will never ever support him no matter what he does.

    • Big Dog says:

      First of all I wrote press RELEASE. They do those all the time.

      Also, Obama calls press conferences all the time for BS stuff and when he wants to push some agenda.

      But, I would not expect that I wrote RELEASE. They could have done that as a PR thing and it would have solved the issue of appearance. Yes, appearance. It does not matter what happened, perception is often reality for many people and Obama needs to be aware of this. I mean, he appeared to many as if he could lead but we all know that is not the case.

      RELEASE. Reading for comprehension. It would have been up at the web site and no questions asked. You are in such a rush to defend the dud that you are not able to read. RELEASE. Just helping you.

      You know what a release is. When they send out some item to tell us Obama farted or something…

      • Adam says:

        Sorry. Release. Though either one fits the same frame of completely unnecessary.

        • Big Dog says:

          All I know is when you are the Resident of the US all actions are under a microscope. You fellows did that to Bush and now you will play games and say that it is a distraction or a right wing conspiracy. Seeing how DHS calls right wingers a threat I can see why you act the way you do.

          The left was unhinged at Bush. I will keep smacking Obama as much as I can because he will keep sending out the propaganda about how wonderful he is. Socialists play like that so we need to hit him hard and fast.

          You keep sucking on his toes though, I can get by you.

          Don’t forget the distraction you guys hurled at Bush. I have not.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, why not a press conference?
      he man will not SHUT UP, it’s a speech a day, as if the incessant droning of his voice will lull us into complacency- it won’t- but he still thinks he’s on the campaign trail.
      Someone needs to tell him that there’s some people who would like silence.
      That being said, I would like to know why buying local was not an option- he could have visited Pi when he was next in StL.
      It just gives the wrong impression, as evidenced by the discussion here, and in politics, appearance is reality. That was certainly true in Bush’s term when it appeared that Hussein had WMDs- by the way, if you want to make a true statement about that, you would say that no WMDs have AS YET BEEN FOUND, not that there were none. One statement has no spin, the other does. Study them carefully, so you know the difference.

  18. brendan says:


    I try not to get drawn into discussions with uninformed half-wits because they are, by nature, impossible to win…

    [The balance was redacted by the owner. I don’t want to have this bed wetting liberal get drawn into a discussion that he usually stays away from. Besides, he claims to have personal inside knowledge as if we are to believe him because he said so.]

    It is impossible to win with the guy who can edit you…

    Bye bye twit

  19. Adam says:

    You need a flame next to your comments link. Lately you’ve been rolling in the conversations.

  20. mike says:

    big dog,

    there is literally no reason for you to write anything. ever. your positions are not based on information, but on a number of factors, none of which could or will ever be changed by evidence or persuasive argument from learned people. you probably don’t even know learned people and dismiss people who know things and study things as liberal “elitists” (a word you hate, except when it applies to doctors, pilots, etc, in which case you are thankful to accept the services of the best and most elite).

    you will never change your mind and nothing could occur to change your mind. any pretense of objectivity is silly because it’s completely obvious that facts couldn’t and won’t change your opinion. you’ll use misinformation to justify and rationalize your beliefs. you’ll seek only information that validates your beliefs (fox news, glenn beck, sean hannity, etc). it would be giving you too much credit to say that you “made up your mind long ago” because the opinions you have are not the result of contemplation or the pursuit of more information or long intellectual discussions with sophisticated, studied people.

    • Big Dog says:

      Yes, studied people like you. Morons who come here and claim that they know so much and that everyone who disagrees with them is wrong and uneducated. Piss on you and your idea that because I don’t agree with you and the morons who perform Monica’s on Obama that I am somehow uneducated or uninformed.

      For 8 years I had to listen to moonbats bark at the sky and now you cry about getting along and doing what is right (according to you).

      There is no reason for you to breathe, ever. As for my writing, if you don’t like it go back to Kos you puke.

      As for the elitists, I use that word in the definition of rule by the elite. You choose to use the one indicating membership in a select group. So, I do not hate professionals who happen to be elite in their abilities but I hate elitists who want to have us ruled by the elite.

      I will not change my mind. Liberals are pond scum and they need to be destroyed. I hate liberalism and think that anyone who is a liberal suffers from a mental disorder.

    • Blake says:

      Wow, Mike, don’t sugarcoat it, tell to us straight- we can take it.
      have had these conversations with many of my friends, some of whom are no longer friendly, all because the philosophy they grew up with in the ’60s has failed them- it has changed, and the world has changed, and their thinking has not evolved. The arwinian concept of Evolution has not extended to their thoughts, because they DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THEY MIGHT BE WRONG.
      You speak of never changing your mind, look into the mirror- you practically foam at the mouth when you write of Fox news- have you ever seen it? There is a difference between the news portions, and the commentary part- you know, where they give OPINION. Can you say Opinion? I thought you could.
      You might not agree with conservative thoughts and ideas, but you need to listen to it, and you should even seriously consider it.
      After all, we are called the RIGHT for a reason.

  21. Victoria says:

    you will never change your mind and nothing could occur to change your mind. any pretense of objectivity is silly because it’s completely obvious that facts couldn’t and won’t change your opinion. you’ll use misinformation to justify and rationalize your beliefs. you’ll seek only information that validates your beliefs…..

    Sounds like the dummocrats to me and have been the whole last 8 years.

    What’s so unbelievable to me is that the same people who helped bring this country to its knees by electing the mildly-retarded boy king, George W. Bush, into office are now wasting time discussing things like this. Your guy NEARLY DESTROYED THE COUNTRY.

    Same retarded left wing talking points that we have heard over and over and over and over…..

    only now it is for real.

    you are a socialist- you love the Iraq war, right? It’s a socialized war; the government funds it and manages it.

    I hate to be the one to tell you but paying for the war is the only thing going on right now that is even remotely constitutional. So don’t get on here and talk down to anyone because you are nothing more than part of the ignorant electorate who elected this bozo.
    Try the Barack Obama ‘Economy Solution’ to your own personal finances.

    Charge all of your credit cards to the maximum.

    Apply for more credit cards and charge them to the maximum.

    Mortgage everything you own to the maximum that you can.

    Buy everything you can that you DO NOT NEED.

    Invest money in the ‘Worst’ businesses you can find.

    Whatever cash is left, give it to the most human failures you can find.

    Quit your job.

    Sit back and wait for your personal economy to become successful.

    Only the ‘Simple Minded’ would follow such a plan.

  22. Nikki says:

    No matter what was going on with the restaurant owner in St. Louis, it’s all about appearances. It APPEARS that Obama just called in a favor because he is the president. Whether or not it’s the case, it’s the appearance. Families are struggling to eat and make mortgage payments, and he’s eating pizza from 850 miles away. Even if all the facts were out there, it still appears as if he doesn’t have to live by the same rules as the rest of us.

    As far as the tea parties are concerned, they aren’t about Obama, Pelosi, Bush, Frank, Dodd, or any of the other crooks. They are about the constitution. More people should read it. Our “government” has been pissing on it for years. These tea parties are about citizens waking up from their 12-16 years of social indoctrination and reading history and starting to panic. This is not where our founding fathers wanted us to be.

    Adam and Randy- The constitution gives you the right to think and say whatever it is you like. Read it. Read The 5000 Year Leap. Read The Forgotten Man. Read HR 45 if you don’t think that 2nd amendment rights are under attack. Check your local state legislature and see what they have been up to with gun regulation. Our state keeps trying to slip bills in to put more regulations on gun rights. (our state is run by democrats) Not all conservatives are fringe and crazy. We didn’t like the stimulus when Bush passed it either. The point is, our Federal government is way TOO big. They have really only two jobs, keep our citizens safe, and regulate foreign and interstate trade. Amendment 10 left everything else up to the states and the people.

    So, you’re right, it won’t matter what the story was. Appearances are everything. If it looks like a bow, if it looks like a special favor, it is.

    • Big Dog says:

      This is exactly correct. I made it clear that I did not care what the circumstances were that it was the appearance. Meathead is on a rant about this but he is too stupid to see the problem. He is busy selling his daughter on a street corner for drug money.

      I notice that the flea was always deriding Bush for any little thing. I will throw a party the day I read that Meathead has gone on to hell where he belongs.

  23. Barbara says:

    Big Dog, it isn’t worth the effort to argue with these liberals as their heads are too dense. In the end, when they don’t have any rights in the US, they will see we were right. In my opinion, and I still have the right to my opinion, Obama is a lying, controlling, power hungry Muslim who has set out to destroy the US. I was talking with a man tonight who believes Obama is not at all interested in the US, but is using it to work his way to be head of the UN so he can control the world. God help us.