Obama One Step Closer To Disaster

The Senate passed its version of the future generation bankruptcy plan putting Obama one step closer to bringing us the disaster he keeps predicting. Three Republicans voted for the bill giving the Democrats what they wanted. Once they hash out the details with the House all the deleted items the three idiot Republicans wanted out will be added back in. Then, the Democrats will get their bill passed with a simple majority. I don’t know what the three were promised but they either need to be voted out of office or die and I don’t really care which. They are a burden to us and they need to go.

Obama was on TV last night using the fear he chided Bush about in order to influence people and have them support his plan. Obama told a number of lies and failed to answer some questions when he beat around the bush until he used a lot of words to say nothing. His entire night was about doom and gloom and the popular tactic of saying that all economists agreed or that Republicans were responsible for the problem he is in.

These were absolute lies. It is true that the debt increased under George Bush and the Republicans but it is not the tax cut polices, the ones Obama described as failed, that caused the problems. It is the out of control spending by Congress. The financial meltdown is a direct result of government forcing banks to make bad loans. It was the Community Reinvestment Act and the subsequent pressure from groups like ACORN that allowed people to get loans they could not possibly pay back.

The Democrats pushed that, Barney Frank said that it was in great shape, and the whole system went to hell in a hand basket when people could not pay. That is what caused the problems and no matter how much the liar in chief says otherwise, it will not change the facts. Obama said that Republicans were engaging in revisionist history. No, revisionist history is when you say that if we do not act now we might get is such bad shape we might never recover by day and then claim you did not say it by night.

Barack Obama is interested in making sure he uses this “crisis” to his advantage. The unemployment benefits are extended until the end of this year. This will cause more people to go on it and increase jobless numbers. When it runs out and numbers stop dropping he can claim that things are improving just in time for the next election. It is all about power and he, as Rahm Emanuel stated, will not let a crisis go to waste. He will use it to bring Socialism to this country.

He stated not two weeks ago that the recovery would require investment from the private sector as well as government and last night he said that only government could fix this. His bill has stealth items that will allow government to decide if your health care treatment is too expensive or not beneficial. Then the government will deny you what is needed. The government will make decisions that you and your doctor should make. There are plenty of items in there that will drive us closer to Socialism and a complete takeover by the government. God help any bureaucrat who denies any member of my family treatment that is needed.

The bill is junk and it is full of pork, another thing Obama lied about. He and Schumer need to discuss things before they speak publicly. This plan will cause the same problems that FDR caused and we will see problems like we saw when Jimmy Carter screwed up the country. This is not the worst economic problem since the Great Depression but if he says it long enough he hopes you will believe it.

Obama has had a rocky start and in a few short weeks he has broken his campaign promises, staffed his administration with Clinton retreads (some change), has made exceptions to his own ethics rules and has found a number of Democratic tax cheats to offer jobs. To top it off, he has begun lying about everything in order to get what he wants and drive us into a depression.

But if he lies about things enough, people will believe him.

Like they believe that Clinton had a surplus

I hate liberals and I really hate Obama.

Buy guns and ammo.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Obama One Step Closer To Disaster”

  1. Barbara says:

    Good job Big Dog. I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank God that as a christian I don’t put my trust in Obama or the economy. God promised to take care of us and He is my source. When their false god fails and the economy collapses, those who don’t know the Lord are going to look at the christians and wonder how we can be so joyful during a dire situation. Maybe then the Obama people will start to listen to us.

  2. OzoneTX says:

    Trying to use 1930’s economic theory today makes as much sense as making cars that have standard transmissions, no a/c and no seat belts. I also think it is dishonest for the President to claim his predecessor ran up the debt for eight years when the House controls spending and his party has been in control for the past two…

  3. Victoria says:

    Well we are going to get rationed healthcare now and did you see where Obama has taken the census away from the department of commerce and given it to Rahm Emanuel? Now he can estimate more population in the areas that favor them and get more Democrats in congress. The Department of Commerce had to publish all its regulations and ways of doing things and the White House doesn’t have to publish anything.

  4. Carla says:

    It just gets worse and worse, I agree with Barbara, this is when your faith in God is primary.

  5. Harry says:

    That’s I believe in God, my self, our second Amendment……
    Ever wonder why gun sale have gone up the roof???????

  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    I love it when a post about the stimulus package brings out the end of worlders.

    What is it about economic proposals that immediately has these folks crowing about “false gods”? Jesus was a tax cutter? Who knew?

    Tax cuts, (real)God and Guns. You betcha.

    Hey Dog- do you think the REAL repubs in Pennsylvania will mount a serious challenge to that pinko Arlen Specter? Maybe Rick “Man/Dog Love” Santorum is ready to get back in the game. Sh!t, I’ll switch parties to vote for him in the primary if he promises to educate the public further about man on mans best friend lust and love.

  7. Big Dog says:

    You know Bunny, you seem to be obsessed with weird sex and discussing all kinds of deviance.

    You really should seek mental help because you have issues.

    The Future Generation Bankruptcy Plan will increase the unemployment rate, increase inflation and not create many jobs. A lot of money we do not have will get spent on things we do not need but what the hell.

    Obama chided Bush for doubling the deficit. Obama will quadruple it.

    This bill costs more than Iraq (both wars), Vietnam, the entire space program, Korea, and WW II combined.

    The tax cuts went away or were decreased. They phase out and are aimed at people who pay little or no taxes. In other words, they get rebates of money they did not pay.

    I know it sounds good to liberals but we have tried this before and it does not work.

    Read tomorrow’s post…

  8. Bunny Colvin says:

    Look Dog, I just like to keep up on the thoughts of my senators. Santorum talked about man on dog sex. Obviously he felt that it was a matter of national importance. I’m with Ricky on this one. Why you always be hatin’?

    I would think that you, as a Dog, would be eager to discuss the heartbreaking tales of forced sodomy on your brethren. And those poor horses down in Tijuana- the horror!