Obama Lies; Will He Blame Bush?

On 9/11/2001 George Bush was president and our nation was attacked. There was no delay in announcing that we were the victims of a terror attack. As the nation braced for further attacks and began to get its war face on the president was announcing that the people who did this would soon hear from us. The term War on Terror became commonplace.

On 9/11/2012 Barack Obama occupies the White House and our embassy in Libya is attacked and four Americans, including our Ambassador, are murdered. How did Obama respond?

He and his regime immediately claimed that some obscure anti Muslim movie was responsible despite all evidence to the contrary. To this day he and his sock puppets parrot the idea that this movie caused the issue. The initial response was that the attack was not coordinated and it was just some random act. Yes, the regime failed to provide security, and considering the date should have beefed up security, and was blowing that off by claiming the attack was a spur of the moment, uncoordinated event.

But the regime did not believe this. Barack Obama and his security apparatus labeled the attack as a terrorist attack within 24 hours of it happening. Since Obama has practically outlawed the use of the word terror the regime must have been pretty convinced to use that very word in its internal characterizations.

Obama LIED to the American public. The only people who believed the lie were the morons who will vote for Obama because of a “free” cell phone (paid for by the taxpayer). The rest of us, the productive and thinking part of the nation, knew right away that the events were acts of terror and that they were an act of war initiated against the US.

The Obama regime used this event to violate the rights of the movie maker by having him brought in for questioning. His right to free speech came into question by the regime. It is bad enough that this man’s rights were violated but the fact they were violated despite the regime knowing the attacks were coordinated terror attacks should send a clear message that Barack Obama will lie and throw Americans under the bus in order to retain power.

Obama knew the attacks were terror attacks but chose to lie. Was it because the attacks demonstrated the failure of his policies? Was it because he knew that being unprepared for a terror attack on 9/11, of all days, is a demonstration of his complete lack of competence?

The reality is that Obama is not a leader. He is a politician who wants to impose his Socialist ideas on the nation. He is in cahoots with the radical Muslims and because of his inflated ego and incompetence, Americans are dead.

While the Democrat controlled media is concerned with a private remark Romney made it ignores Obama’s complete incompetence and the fact that he and his regime LIED to us for political gain.

We need to take the trash out on November 6th.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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