Obama: Israeli Interference Unprecedented

Barack Obama is fighting to get his half-baked deal with Iran approved by the US Congress. The fix is generally in and it will pass while giving some members cover. Chuck Schumer is opposed (he is up to lead Democrats when Reid retires) but that is OK because other Democrats will rescue the deal. It gets passed, is veto proof and folks like Schumer can tell low information voters he was against it.

It will pass in the sense that the Congress will vote it down and Obama will veto it. Congress will not have enough votes to override the veto which is what Democrats are looking to ensure right now. It gives Schumer cover but gets Obama what he wants.

Israel is involved in the lobby efforts to nix the entire thing and Obama says this kind of involvement is unprecedented. I am unsure if he means Israeli involvement is unprecedented for Israelis or if he means unprecedented in general. In other words, is he saying it is unprecedented for Israel to do this by standards of what it has done in the past or is it unprecedented in that no country is ever this involved?

In any event, why is Obama so concerned about it? Why is he worried that the Israelis are expressing their concern and trying to get members of Congress to stop a bad deal?

Obama was not concerned when he and his State Department were involved in the Israeli election so much so that they tried to influence the election.

This is the rub. If Obama means it is unprecedented in the history of Israel for it to be so involved then perhaps they finally have an issue to rally around.

But, if he means it is unprecedented for one country to involve itself so heavily in another country’s business then I think he is sadly mistaken.

One only need look at how involved Obama and his State Department were in the last Israeli election. They worked very hard to defeat Netanyahu.

I have to believe that Obama is referring to the latter since he discusses not being able to recall a similar episode of outside intervention.

So, like I wrote earlier, he should look at what he and the State Department did because that was a very good example of outside intervention.

I guess if Obama is working to intervene in another country it is OK but when that country turns around and does it Obama is not happy.

Don’t worry Barry the fix is in and you will get what you want.

I only wish that everyone who supports this would be held personally accountable should Iran develop and use nuclear weapons. It would be nice to see politicians held accountable for a change…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obama: Israeli Interference Unprecedented”

  1. Barbara says:

    I do believe Obama, Michelle ,girls, and Mama in law will be in rhe East, when Iran attacks America, to be sure they survive. This will probably be right after Israel has a fatal attack against them. I am sure Barack Hussein Obama will know exactly when to get the Hell out Dodge, and be with his fellow Islamic Terrorists.