Obama Is Right But Has Wrong Path Forward

Last night Barack Obama was at a memorial for the victims of the tragic shooting in Connecticut. He pointed out that this is the fourth time since he took office that we have gotten together to mourn people murdered in mass shootings and that we cannot tolerate it any longer. He is correct but his path forward will be the wrong one.

Yes, there have been a number of mass shootings but those are way down compared to the past. The largest mass murder in a school happened decades ago and did not involve a gun and while one mass shooting is one too many the reality is that they happen less frequently.

Obama will push for gun control and his media wing is already screaming about confiscation as a means to end the violence. The first reality is that attempting to confiscate the firearms of millions of people who have NEVER used them illegally will most certainly increase violence because a civil war will ensue.

Obama is right in saying we cannot tolerate this any longer. What we cannot tolerate are the liberal policies that make people targets. Gun control does not stop gun violence because criminals do not obey the law. They will get guns like they do now. Criminals are not legally allowed to buy or own guns but they get them just like people buy and use cocaine and heroin every day. The only people who obey the law are the law abiding who, once they comply, become targets (or easy prey) for those who refuse to obey.

All schools in the US are gun free zones. It is illegal to take guns on school property so how do these murderers get guns there? They do not obey the law, it is that simple. The only thing that making an area gun free does is advertise to murderers that they will have free reign in an area and will be unopposed should they decide to shoot people.

Gun control is not about guns, it is about control. If we were able to confiscate every firearm in this country and no one could ever own one the bad guys would still get them. Even if we could prove that people absolutely turned in all their firearms and could buy no new ones Barack Obama would still be surrounded by armed people. The politicians calling for gun control and confiscation would still have armed guards protecting them. Why? They know that gun control will not stop bad people from getting guns. They know that the gun is not the problem, the breakdown of society and liberal policies that prevent people from protecting themselves are the issues at hand.

One only needs to look to Chicago to see that gun control does not work. Guns are banned there and hundreds of people are murdered with guns each and every day. How can this be?

But Obama is still correct, we cannot let this continue. So I will help him stop the violence. If you want to prevent these kinds of tragedies remove the gun free designation of schools. Remove the prohibition on guns in the public places where they are banned. Allow law abiding citizens who want to carry firearms carry them in malls, and churches, and schools. Allow teachers with carry permits to carry their guns at school. Very few murderers will venture into an area that has armed people who will shoot them. This is why most mass shootings take place in areas where guns are prohibited. The murderers KNOW that it is unlikely anyone will be armed and able to resist.

If the principal of this school had a gun and knew how to use it the murderer would have been stopped. The principal had to charge the shooter with no protection and she ended up dead. If she had the time to charge him she had the time to retrieve a gun and shoot him.

We need an armed citizenry because there is evil in the world and evil cares not about laws or signs. Evil only cares about doing evil things.

Another thing we can do is pass a law that every citizen must buy a handgun. Whether or not they carry it will be up to them but all those eligible (non felons, etc) will be required to buy a handgun. Then, criminals will know that everyone has a gun but will not know who is actually carrying one. This should be easy and liberals absolutely cannot object. You see, crime affects interstate commerce so Congress can force people to buy a gun. Obamacare made that clear. So long as we call the fine for not buying a gun a tax we can do it and there is nothing they can do to stop it. And why would they want to when it will stop the violence?

I am sure this will fall on deaf ears (or literally on eyes unwilling to see) because the anti gun zealots are hell bent on controlling people. They will fail to see that more guns equals less crime and we will be force fed gun control propaganda by people like Chuck Schumer, an anti gun Senator who has a rare conceal carry permit in New York. We will hear from those who hate guns telling us how they are dangerous and that they are not good for anything all while enjoying the protection of armed people.

And we will have to listen to lectures from Barack Obama about gun control. Yes, we will be lectured about guns by the guy who illegally provided thousands of them to drug cartels who then used them to mass murder hundreds of Mexicans.

And we will be lectured about mass murders by a government that murdered a lot of people, children included, in Waco Texas.

If this man had waited until recess and driven his car over all the kids as they played on the playground we would not have calls to ban cars. More people are killed in drunken driving accidents each year than are murdered by guns and we are not calling for a ban on cars or alcohol. Drunk drivers are punished, not the millions of people who own cars and drive them responsibly. Tobacco is responsible for more deaths each year than guns are but government will not ban tobacco because it produces a lot of revenue in taxes. Abortion murders more children each year than guns but liberals work hard to make that practice even easier.

Banning anything will not stop people from obtaining it. Alcohol was illegal in this country and people still drank it. Cocaine and heroin are illegal and people still use it.

It is illegal for criminals to buy or own guns but they still get them and will regardless of how strict any ban might be.

The murder of so many beautiful and innocent children is tragic and my heart aches for the families who lost loved ones. But I am not willing to give up my liberty for the perception of security because one is never secure when one relinquishes liberty.

One becomes enslaved and that is never a secure position to be in.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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