Obama is a Race Card Shark

Barack Obama was in Selma Alabama this past week commemorating the the civil rights movement. He made an impassioned speech and in it he talked about equality and the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. He talked about how the black schools have less money and more problems. I thought that desegregation took away “black” schools. I know that there are likely to be more black people in schools that are located in areas where the population is predominantly black but that is not because someone is forcing black kids to go to a segregated school. I read the speech and i will admit that it was a good one and very passionate. I also have to admit that Obama did a little double speak in which he said that we needed to end discrimination but then asked that we have more of it:

I had a school in southern Illinois that set up a program for PhD’s in math and science for African Americans. And the reason they had set it up is because we only had less than 1% of the PhD’s in science and math go to African Americans. At a time when we are competing in a global economy, when we’re not competing just against folks in North Carolina or Florida or California, we’re competing against folks in China and India and we need math and science majors, this university thought this might be a nice thing to do. And the justice department wrote them a letter saying we are going to threaten to sue you for reverse discrimination unless you cease this program.

And it reminds us that we still got a lot of work to do, and that the basic enforcement of anti-discrimination laws, the injustice that still exists within our criminal justice system, the disparity in terms of how people are treated in this country continues. It has gotten better. And we should never deny that it’s gotten better. But we shouldn’t forget that better is not good enough. That until we have absolute equality in this country in terms of people being treated on the basis of their color or their gender, that that is something that we’ve got to continue to work on and the Joshua generation has a significant task in making that happen. [emphasis mine]

I want someone to look at this and honestly tell me that Obama is not saying that we need the justice department to enforce anti-discrimination laws right after he chastised them for enforcing anti-discrimination laws. Only a moonbat can think that discrimination is bad except when the moonbat is enjoying the benefits of discrimination. Just before this in the speech Obama indicates that people are upset because a small number of blacks and Latinos get a break, or an advantage when it comes to education. He then goes on to utter the words above. Obama said that it has gotten better but will not be satisfactory until we have absolute equality in terms of how people are treated with regard to skin color or gender. I guess to Obama giving someone an advantage based on skin color is the idea of equality. I guess Obama thinks blacks are being treated equally only so long as they get advantages that whites do not get when it comes to education and job selection. As soon as the justice department tries to enforce the law regarding discrimination he gets upset because the people getting the unfair advantage are black.

How can any group of people expect to be treated as equals when they constantly demand advantages that are not afforded to others? How can Obama expect the black community not to be looked at as inferior if they insist on help that is not available to others? If you need special treatment to get where others are, then you are not equal to those people. The idea for affirmative action was to give a boost to those adversely affected by slavery and the years of oppression that followed. The whole idea was inherently discriminatory and many qualified white people did not get to college so that less qualified blacks could. The time is long past for these discriminatory practices. No one alive today has been held as a slave and there are opportunities for everyone. If people want to go to college then they need to apply themselves in school and get good grades. Regardless, blacks today need to stop depending on programs that do nothing more than give the impression that they are unable to compete on a level playing field.

There is one other item that is a bit off my original subject but I could not let it go without comment. Obama indicated that part of the problem in the black community is that men are not taking responsibility when they father children:

We have too many children in poverty in this country and everybody should be ashamed, but don’t tell me it doesn’t have a little to do with the fact that we got too many daddies not acting like daddies. Don’t think that fatherhood ends at conception. I know something about that because my father wasn’t around when I was young and I struggled.

He said that fatherhood does not end at conception. Given that sentiment does that not indicate that fatherhood begins at conception and that is because life begins at conception? He could have said that fatherhood does not end at the birth of your child but he specifically used the word conception. This will be interesting to look at as he more clearly defines his position on abortion. As it stands right now, fatherhood begins at conception and, for some, ends with abortion.

As I indicated this was a passionate speech but it was full of contradictions and it was designed to pander to a certain audience. I will be happy on the day we have a person running for office who says that people of all color can make it on their own and do not need special help from the government. This will take a while because we have bred a generation of people who think that the government is there to provide for them. In this speech Obama points out Katrina and the way that the 10% funding requirement for disaster was waived for New York and Florida but not for New Orleans. I suppose this is supposed to indicate that it is because most of the folks were black. Obama indicates that this was the worst natural disaster and the federal government did not waive the fee. I will remind Obama that the government gave the most amount of money ever awarded for a natural disaster to new Orleans. 250 BILLION dollars came from taxpayers to rebuild this place. Obama laments that it is not done yet. There are people in Florida who still have not been able to rebuild the damage caused years ago by Hurricane Andrew.

Perhaps Obama can stop playing the race card and start acting like a politician.

Source (for all quotes):
Lynn Sweet, Sun Times

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  2. Daniel Barker says:

    I agree it will be interesting to see how Barack Obama’s fatherhood statement plays out in the upcoming election. Since 1973 I have never voted Democrat for president because of abortion.