Obama Is A Failure

Barack Obama has a high opinion of himself. So high, in fact, that he boasts he can do other people’s jobs better than they can.a He does not need to attend his intelligence briefings because is so smart he can read the summary. I don’t know if he can do anyone else’s job better than they can but I do know he can’t do his own very well.

Obama has been dismal with our economy and we are absolutely not better of today than we were when he took office.

And the economy is not the major failure. As it turns out, a lot of our embassies are under attack. A US Ambassador has been murdered as have at least three other people. The violence has spread to a number of countries as the Muslim world attacks our embassies and burns our flag. They then replace our flag with the flag for al-Qaeda.

Barack Obama said the world would be a happy place when he was elected. He told us the relations between us and Muslim countries would improve. He foolishly believed that he is so wonderful that they would never do bad things.

He even went so far as to meddle in their affairs and help change their governments. This helped the Muslim Brotherhood take charge and things have gotten much worse. The fact that he has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in our White House is not any better.

Muslims are attacking us. This is an act of war because they are attacking US soil. Obama’s response to the violence was to jet off to Vegas for a fundraiser. While the bodies of our murdered countrymen were being flown home (after being dragged though the streets) Barack Obama was out raising money to get reelected in a town he said people could not just go off to and spend money.

The media wing of the Democrat party has given him a pass and focused on his challenger, Mitt Romney. Evidently, when Romney spoke on the attacks and the US official response of apology it upset the MSM that their messiah was under attack. Maybe they were upset because Romney looked more presidential than the guy who is supposed to be the president.

Barack Obama has been an absolute failure and he will go down as the worst president in history, a distinction Jimmy Carter currently holds. Under Carter, one US Embassy was attacked. Under Obama we have dozens being attacked and this is destabilizing the Middle East.

Is this the October surprise coming early. Is this how Obama thinks he can win? Will WWIII start and will Obama tell us we can’t change leaders during that kind of crisis?

I would not put anything past Obama and his regime. They are a bunch of lowlife Socialists who hate America. They are determined to destroy us from within.

My answer is hell yes, we can change leaders during any kind of crisis. This is how our government is set up and how it works. Reagan took over from Carter during the Iranian hostage crisis and solved the problem. LBJ took over after Kennedy was assassinated and the transition was smooth.

What will not be smooth is the balance of our nation’s history if we reelect Barack Obama. He has failed us. He has apologized around the world and has demonstrated weakness allowing the people who hate us to be emboldened.

Say what you will about George W Bush but no one attacked us or our embassies after 9/11 when it became clear he would hurt anyone who tried. The Muslims did not think America would retaliate with such ferocity after 9/11 and Bush proved them wrong. They knew he meant it when he threatened to retaliate for any attack and they did not attack.

Obama runs around kissing people’s behinds and apologizing for this nation. He is not a leader, he is not the smartest person in the room (in fact he is the dumbest in any room he enters) and he cannot lead.

The nation and the world are in crisis and we need to take a page out of Rahm’s book and not let this crisis go to waste. It should be used to demonstrate how weak Obama is and how poor he is leading us.

It needs to be a rally cry to get rid of him in November.

If I were president we would recall ALL our diplomats and close all our embassies and we would not send money to any of those countries for any reason. We would then plan and execute strikes on those responsible and remove them from the gene pool. We would never send money to those nations again.

I am tired of taxpayer dollars going to nations that only want to hurt us and who are willing accomplices in the murder of our people and destruction of our property.

They declared war and I would give them one that those who survived would never forget.

Kill them all and let Allah sort them out.

Obama is a failure. As a game show used to say, you are the weakest link; goodbye.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “Obama Is A Failure”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    A narcisist never sees himself as weak. They think they are the only ones who are right. The only one they are capable of loving are themselves. They have no love to give as they only use people until they are no longer capable of building them up. Then they ditch them.

  2. Blake says:

    It is beyond pitiful how weak and cowardly Obammy is- He and his “Apology Tour” mentality is directly responsible for the attacks we now have on our embassies.
    I’m with you, BD- let’s just start in Morocco, and move east, carpet bombing all the trouble spots, until we have a sea of glass- then we can bill it as the world’s largest skating rink.
    Put an atomic bomb on Mecca and Medina for starters- Tehran also, and Karachi while we are at it-
    Our window is closing-

  3. Blake says:

    Remember the threat is only as good as our word- sooner or later, the bomb’s gotta drop, or it is a “paper tiger” threat.

  4. Bleech says:

    Yep thats why G.M. is alive and osama is dead-Suck it Blake -anyone who prays for the opportunity to pee on someone is a pervert and so must be your god. By the way the DOWs up too.9thank obama)Jesus does anyone but Dog and Flake come here What happened to that dodger fan out on the left coast.????

    • Big Dog says:

      Bleech, you crawled out from under your rock. GM is near bankruptcy again and Obama closed 1200 dealerships costing 120,000 jobs. Osama is dead because people in the military killed him. Obama was called in off the golf course to watch real men work. But now that you mention it I do seem to recall hearing Obama take credit a bunch of times. So that means he was responsible for the rape and murder of our ambassador and the murders of the others. GM is on life support and our ambassador is dead. Great work Barry. And GM went through bankruptcy once like Romney said it should but it got billions in taxpayer money frost to pay off the unions. I will never buy a GM and there are lots of folks who feel the same which is one of the reasons they are not doing well.

      Adam is in Arkansas, not on the left coast. He just likes the Dodgers.