Obama Has to Win The Election First

Barack Obama’s spiritual adviser and inspiration for his book, Jeremiah Wright, has told his congregation (which included Obama) that the chickens have come home to roost. Looks like now Barack Obama is counting them before they have hatched as are his fellow Democrats.

Obama and the Congressional Democrats are working behind the scenes to craft legislation that includes billions of dollars in spending that they will try to ram through during the lame duck session of Congress and the Bush administration. They are starting Obama’s first 100 days a bit prematurely but they are waiting until after the election so as not to tick off voters who might not be too happy with all the additional spending. The Democrats say that this legislation is important and Obama says it should happen now but now to them means after they have safely avoided the wrath of voters.

It seems a bit premature to have Obama and the Democrats working on things for would be president elect Obama since he has not actually won the election. Yes, he is up by 6-8 points nationally and leads the electoral votes but these polls are small samples (and might not be weighted correctly) so they might not be an accurate portrayal of how the events will unfold. Besides, anything can happen in three weeks.

Barack Obama, or any Democrat for that matter, should be up by a substantial margin given all that has taken place. Hillary Clinton would probably be walking away with this election had she not been slighted by her party. The polls look good for Obama but there is a nagging fear among Democrats that things could change. That fear is not so overwhelming as to keep them from planning for the win.

This might all be part of a coordinated effort among the Democrats, the Obama campaign and the media. For several weeks they have used this manufactured economic crisis (which should have been left to self correct) as a bat with which to beat McCain and the Republicans. The media and the Democrats have been reporting that the race is all but over, Obama is way ahead, McCain has gone negative because he has nothing left to lose and leaving us with the impression that the election is a mere formality. It would not surprise me to find out the MSM is manipulating poll data to favor Obama especially when one sees such differing results. Only time will tell but the media lost all credibility this election cycle when they stopped reporting news and started being cheerleaders for Obama.

This might be by design in order to dampen the spirits of Republicans and to keep them from showing up at the polls. This could be part of a Chicago style assault in order to so disparage the Republican party that they throw in the towel and concede defeat. Given that Obama won his state and federal seats by unscrupulous tactics, it is not beyond the pale that his campaign and the media would work together to steal another election.

The Obama campaign has already put out talking points for tonight’s debate to highlight The One and to discredit John McCain. This, as I see it, is a preemptive strike to take the fire out of John McCain who has vowed to kick Obama’s rear in this debate. Obama has provided his allies in the media with ammunition to help ward off blows from McCain.

He is a slick little politician but he is not change. He is typical Chicago politics and he will say or do anything to win.

My friend Eric has a good primer for John McCain and it is worth the read for all others. It lays out the questions Obama has failed to answer and that the media failed to investigate.

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One Response to “Obama Has to Win The Election First”

  1. Victoria says:

    Anything in this video sound familiar? Anyone doubt that a lot of this will happen here if McCain wins?