Obama Has Secured The Border

Looks like Obama has secured the border against terror. Big Sis and the DHS seized 13,000 illegal hair dryers that were inadequate because they lacked protection to prevent shock if they are dropped in water. While electric shock in the bathroom is a problem and can cause death I am not sure bragging about stopping the dryers from blowing across the border is a wise move considering the other things, things much bigger than hair dryers, that make it across all the time.

In fact, our borders were penetrated by firearms that were allowed to be illegally purchased and shipped (by our government) in the other direction. Those firearms have been responsible for many more deaths than illegal hair dryers.

The number of people, which by the way are a lot bigger than hair dryers, who cross the border is well over 13,000. In fact, the number of people who cross into this country exceeds many multiples of that 13,000 number. Perhaps the DHS could spend a little more effort on catching these people and work on the hair dryers during the slow times.

Maybe DHS could spend more time keeping an eye on the DOJ so that it doesn’t illegally send weapons across the border. If they spent more time doing that one of our border patrol agents would not have been killed with one of those illegal weapons.

At least we are safe from rogue hair dryers.

How appropriate that the regime saved the country from something that emits a lot of hot air. Seems like karma…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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