Obama Has No Shame

Barack Obama will stop at nothing to disarm law abiding American citizens. He has already trampled on the graves of the dead children from Newtown in order to push his agenda and he has lied about his own use of firearms.

Barack Obama stated that he shoots skeet all the time. Yes, he said all the time and he was talking about when he is at Camp David. The only problem is that those who have been there said Obama shot once or twice, did not stay very long, was not very good at it and looked uncomfortable so much so that he could not wait to get away from the range.

And there are no real photos of Obama shooting the only one is a fake. Surely a media prostitute like Obama would want pictures of him shooting so he could claim he is all about the Second Amendment.

When asked about the lack of photos Jay Carney, the White House Gagdad Bob said that when Obama goes to Camp David he does so to relax with family and friends and not to have a photo op. Really? Search Google for Photos of Obama at Camp David and click on the photos. There are quite a few, far more than one would expect of a person who is not there for a photo op.

The reality is that Barack Obama hates firearms, can’t use them and only wants them in the hands of people who are protecting him and his elitist friends. He wants them out of the hands of law abiding citizens and he will stop at nothing to have it that way.

Unless, we stop him by fighting back.


Why is it that liberals always tell lies about their alleged affection for and use of firearms? Has anyone forgotten the pictures of Elmer Fudd John Kerry on his supposed duck hunting trip?

Liberals know they can’t tell us how they feel about most things because their beliefs run counter to those of most Americans. This is particularly true with regard to firearms. They all claim that they want safety and that they want to uphold the rights of citizens but what they really want is to disarm us and make us servants to government.

This is why we have people like John Kerry trudging around in the woods pretending to hunt and why we have people like Obama claiming they shoot “all the time.”

They are phonies who have no shame. They will do anything to disarm us because then they can control us.

History has shown us this is the flow of events when people are disarmed and it is why our Founders ensured our right to keep and bear arms was protected in the Constitution.

It is up to us to make sure that right is defended no matter how nasty it gets.

We are dealing with people who use dead children and lie about their own firearm prowess in order to deceive us and push an anti American agenda.

We cannot back down.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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One Response to “Obama Has No Shame”

  1. Blake says:

    Yea, that photo of bari trying to hold a shotgun was laughable at best, and embarrassing to the office of the Presidency.
    I am truly surprised that he knew (probably after much coaching by his SS minders) which end of the shotgun went to his shoulder (he should have had quite a bruise holding it that way, even if it was a .20 gauge, and not a .12-). Isn’t it amazing what photoshop can do-