Obama Has No Clue

After a 4 million dollar vacation that was extended for his wife (at a cost to taxpayers) B. Hussein Obama, Imperial Leader, returned home to talk about how much he hated income inequality. Granted, the taxpayer footed most of the bill for his vacation but since Obama is a millionaire his words are insincere.

The Obama family has income in addition to his $400,000 a year salary and their combined income places them in the highest tax bracket. Ironically, Obama paid an effective rate of about 18% last year which is only four percent higher than Mitt Romney paid and Democrats had a field day over the Romney tax bill.

Obama is pushing for an extension of unemployment benefits to people who are out of work. He thinks that Congress should pass another extension, something they did not do in the last budget deal. Obama thinks that unemployment creates jobs and sparks the economy but he is wrong.

Many folks do not look for real work because the jobs they can get pay less than the unemployment they receive for doing nothing.

You cannot solve an unemployment problem by giving people money not to work. The Imperial Leader had an East Room event on Tuesday where he brought out unemployed people for show while he made his case.

How did they get there? Who paid for that? Seems to me they should have been looking for a job.

The economy will never recover as long as we have record numbers of people on unemployment and welfare. There is no incentive to work when there is money for nothing.

The best way for people to get money is to work for it.

Here is an idea. How about we make people take the jobs illegals are doing? We can put them to work and send the illegals back where they came from.

Might not pay as much as unemployment but who cares? The people will either have to work for the money the employer pays or get no money at all.

It is time to clean up the economy and put people to work and that means, in some cases, we will have to force them into jobs by refusing them continued unemployment.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Leader has no clue. How could he when he only cares about income inequality that does not affect his bottom line…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obama Has No Clue”

  1. Blake says:

    I have never taken govt. money, and I never will- there are jobs out there, you might have to swallow your pride, but they are there, if a person really wants them.
    It REALLY should be “Workfare” instead of welfare, anyway.