Obama Hangs In Effigy, Racism Cited

hanging hussein

OK, as far as I know there is no effigy of Obama hanging in the US. I would not be surprised if there were one or two but, if they exist, they must be pretty secret because if they were discovered we would have people screaming racism, Jackson and Sharpton would be marching and inciting riots and the media would have a field day discussing how racist someone must have been while demanding the justice department look into this hate crime. My friend Adam would tell me that I do not understand the history of racism and the symbolism of a noose (but I am expected to accept a burning Flag as an expression of speech regardless of the symbolism of that Flag). Even when I said it is near Halloween and it is only a decoration the cries of racism would be heard from afar.

However, we have an effigy of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose at someone’s home in California. The home even has an image of John McCain rising from a flaming chimney. People in buses ask the drivers to stop so they can get pictures and people who view it have a laugh over it. Isn’t it strange how it is OK when it is a white person who happens to be Republican?

I mean, if an Obama were hanging in effigy I am certain that there would be calls for it to come down and for investigations of hate crimes.

I have no real problem with the display. It is Halloween and this is America. What I have a problem with is the obvious double standard that exists. I know, there has been no Obama effigy so how can I say there is a double standard. Jena Louisiana and Baltimore Maryland, two places where nooses were hung, neither of which was racially motivated (the one in Baltimore was a black guy upset about something) but this did not stop the NAACP from coming down hard and demanding investigations (MD) and the camera hogs, Jackson and Sharpton from entering to stir things up (LA).

I hope someone hangs an Obama effigy so we can see how people respond. I am willing to bet that they will not laugh about it and that buses will not stop to allow pictures. I’d hang it myself but I live in the sticks. More crickets than people would see it.

No, it would not be well received if the Messiah were to be displayed in such a manner. His disciples would be up in arms.

Everyone knows that The One gets hung from a Cross…

Oh, and the picture. It is the only Hussein I could find with a noose.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Obama Hangs In Effigy, Racism Cited”

  1. Barbara says:

    The whole campaign with Obama has been a crooked one. It is sad when a judge says he doesn’t have to provide his original birth certificate, which means we could be putting anyone in office. Look at the fraudulent votes showing up in states in the early elections (which shouldn’t be allowed). So… my question is “Why isn’t all this being investigated”. People just don’t get it!!!

  2. Schatzee says:

    Well I was going to have a noose out anyway, you just gave me a great new decoration! Wonder what will happen …

  3. victoria says:

    Well, we’ll see you on TV schatzee with Al and Jesse

  4. Vxnschatzee says:

    I’ll be more than happy to have a chat with Al and Jesse. Those low-life losers just annoy me and I’d be more than happy to explain to them the difference between free speech and racism and hate speech and whatever else they want to be educated about. Maybe BD can come over and help me out. HAHA