Obama Got Mittslapped

Barack Obama has been used to getting his way. For the past four or five years Obama has been shielded from tough questions by his handlers and a compliant media. He was able to verbally assault Hillary Clinton without any pushback because the media were in the tank for him. He has been able to do the same to Mitt Romney during campaign speeches and in the nightly news sound bites. Hell, he has even been able to put out ads saying what he wanted because very few bother to question the king.

Then last night arrived. It was the first presidential debate and pre debate polls showed that Americans by and large expected Obama to trounce Romney. Obama, after all, is a gifted speaker and the smartest man in the room. Just ask his sock puppets in the media and they will confirm.

Last night was Obama’s 20th wedding anniversary so according to tradition he should receive China. He got plenty of China as he was schooled on the dangers of borrowing money from China.

Mitt Romney started off strong and got stronger as the debate went on. Obama was left behind from the start, appeared stunned, looked down a lot and appeared agitated on a number of occasions. Romney was confident, prepared, well versed, and dare I say, presidential.

There were no real gaffes from either candidate (though both played loose with some of the facts) but Obama had a smirk that was evident throughout and made him appear petulant.

Usually after a debate the candidate’s surrogates spin the event in an attempt to make their candidate the winner. This was attempted by the Obama surrogates (including Maryland Governor Martin O’Moron) but their efforts were to no avail. The Democrat controlled media were in full meltdown over Obama’s performance.

Yes, he was so bad that even they could not cover for him. Even they could not lie and say he won. In fact, their own polls (liberal polls mind you) showed that Romney trounced Obama. On Fox News the focus group of undecided voters nearly all turned to support Romney after the debate.

MSNBC and CNN were in full tilt meltdown because Obama was exposed. They have been covering for him for years now and now that he was out there on his own he was unable to demonstrate competence. He was unable to live up to the fairy tale story the media created for him. He failed miserably.

Yes, Obama got Mittslapped.

Washington Times

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One Response to “Obama Got Mittslapped”

  1. Blake says:

    Didn’t Gibbs and Axlerod look like cats trying to cover excrement on a vinyl floor? This was hilarious!