Obama gets cross in Kentucky

Obama Cross

Last year around Christmas time Mike Huckabee put out an ad about the season and honoring Jesus. In the background of the ad was a bookcase and the bookcase formed a cross. It actually looked more like a plus sign because the horizontal part was in the middle of the vertical part but nonetheless, it was perceived as a cross even though it has ornaments on it. The only reason there was a controversy is because Huckabee is a man of the cloth and conservative and liberals hate Christian symbolism (or perceived symbolism) in politics unless they are injecting it.

Liberals (and some conservatives) went nuts over this. How dare this guy bring religion into the political world. This despite the fact that all of them have mentioned God and their beliefs in one fashion or another. Anyway, people thought this was just terrible:

Joy Behar [The View] summed the whole thing up with this: “Fine! But let’s just call it what it is. If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. It’s an appeal to the Christian right base of the Republican party. The end. That’s it.” The Conservative Voice

Atheist Michael Newdow on Fox discussing how inappropriate it was (You Tube).

First off, let’s all agree how fun it was to see TV blowhards like Chris Matthews and Meredith Vieira come unhinged over the possibility that the infamous bookshelf in the background of Gov. Huckabee’s Christmas TV message was a sinister attempt to subliminally brainwash dopey Americans into seeing a (gasp!) cross. TownHall

There are plenty of examples of the moronic reaction to the so called cross. Google “Huckabee cross” and you will find quite a few items about it. Remember, it caused such a controversy that Huckabee had to defend it and tell people it was a bookcase.

Now enter Barack Hussein Obama, the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, and see what he is spreading around Kentucky. The picture at the top of this post is a campaign flyer that talks about Obama being a Christian and it shows him standing with a cross behind him. This is not an image, or a bookcase, or any other item that can be mistaken for a cross, it is an actual cross.

The questions now become, will Joy Behar call this what it is, a direct appeal to the Christian right base of the Republican party? Will Micheal Newdow make the TV circuit telling everyone that he, as an atheist, finds it offensive and that it is inappropriate? Will Matthews, Vieira and all the other liberal political pundits who are in the tank for Obama come unhinged over this blatant display of religion? Will this cross require Obama to explain what he thinks he is doing by displaying an item that is so offensive to the left?

You can bet that very few of the people in the media, and certainly not the idiots who criticized Huckabee, will mention it. Those who do will excuse it in some fashion and say that Obama is reaching out. They will say he is crossing lines, he is deeply spiritual and deem it to be perfectly OK. They will give it their seal of approval because, to them, Obama is the messiah. Can we say hypocrites?

Yes we can.

Perhaps the kids at Kos who support Obama can come up with creative ways to excuse behavior that was criticized as overtly religious.

The reality is, Obama is still plagued by rumors that he is a Muslim and no matter how hard he tries he cannot shake that perception. He is also associated with a church that teaches the destruction of white people and that America is bad. Obama is trying to appeal to people in an area where he is unappealing.

This will be interesting to watch play out. I want to see how the liberals excuse this. most will probably need a chiropractor by the time they get done contorting themselves trying to excuse it.

But, that is their cross to bear.

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8 Responses to “Obama gets cross in Kentucky”

  1. Scott says:

    That is going to be interesting I agree. Its funny how “Liberals” aren’t so liberal, they tout themselves as being “progressive” and “open minded” yet viciously attack anyone who doesn’t fall in lock step with them.

    I like how they are pretty much claiming any white person not voting for Obama is a racist and that the only reason they aren’t voting for him is because he’s half black. According to his supporters it has nothing to do with his lack of experience, vague (and generally empty) campaign promises, desire to tax & spend, policies that have historically proven to be ineffective & detrimental to this nation, and his demonstrated lack of judgment and integrity.

    Sorry folks this is one person who won’t drink the liberal kool-aid. While I’m not thrilled with McCain to say the least, I’m definitely not stupid enough to vote for B.O. out of white guilt or the fear of being labeled a racist.

  2. Buffoon says:

    Obama can’t win the GE, I’m convinced of it, problem is between McCain and the polar bears running America, we’re still pretty much screwed…

    Buffoons last blog post..IT MUST BE VIDEO DAY BECAUSE THE NEWS SUCKS!

  3. […] criticized regarding Mike Huckabee apparently is acceptable by the usual cast of liberals when Barack ******* Obama does it intentionally. Check out the article over at Big Dogs […]

  4. Scott says:

    Maybe B.O. can swing the southern ladies by calling them “sweetie”. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/05/obama-to-report.html

    So can we call B.O. sexist now? I know if I referred to a female co-worker as “sweetie” I’d land in my manager’s office at the very least, if not a sensitivity training course if I wanted to keep my job.

    Sorry but a man using the term “sweetie” to a female that is over the age of 18 (really 12 would be more like it), not his daughter, surpasses in age by at least 40 years, or he is not romantically involved with is demeaning at the very least. It is a dismissal of their relevance as an equal, reduces them to the equivalence of a child.

    He apologized sure, but its another indicator of his personality and personal views. When he’s McCain’s he can start calling grown women sweetie when he’s at the local restaurant grabbing he traditional Sunday brunch after church. In a professional situation you don’t refer to anyone by “pet names” or “terms of endearment” like sweetie, sweetheart, dear, honey, etc. If you don’t know their name you call them Miss or M’am.

    But in typical Liberal fashion they will ignore this foible of B.O. where where it McCain they’d tear him apart and call him a “sexist old codger”. Oh wait they’ve also seem to have forgotten its not PC to discriminate based upon age…

  5. Big Dog says:

    I think people could forgive a sweetie or dear if the context was right. But in this case he was deliberately being condescending because she was bothering him and it was in a professional setting.

  6. Lucille Hall says:

    I totally agree that there is nothing more demeaning to me as a woman for anyone to call me “Sweetie” or any other word of endearment when I don’t even know him/her. That is so insulting. Women have always had that problem; but from a potential president nominee—–NO, NO, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bridge says:

    People, please grow up. When will you learn? Why are you discussing crosses and muslims? Barack Obama is no more a muslim than you! Have you all forgotten (or are you not educated enough) to know that there are white muslims too? Are you willing to call Hillary, McCain,John Edwards or Huckabee muslims too? I bet not and you would be livid if someone made those false accusations against anyone white because you believe that it’s not possible. If you won’t vote for Barack because of his policies, that’s one thing, but to keep discussing race and religion in this tone, is sad. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power! BTW, don’t assume that I’m black :)


  8. Big Dog says:

    Care to show me where I said he was a Muslim. The point of the post, obviously unseen through your kool aid colored glasses, is that the left criticized Huckabee for the appearance of a cross and has not said a word about Obama using an actual one.

    Reading comprehension has fallen since unions and PC took over the schools.