Obama Fundraises After Saying It Is A Problem

During the State of the Union address B. Hussein Obama stated that constant fundraising, among other things, was part of the problem and not what many in Congress said they signed up for. He then asked them to imagine if they broke out of those patterns and did something different.

B, Hussein was basically saying that preoccupation with fundraising and other items made it difficult to get things done and that they could get away from that kind of stuff and do something different.

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard reports that “almost immediately” after the SOTU address an email from Obama went out and it; wait for it, asked for a donation to support Democrats.

“I hope you’re excited about the agenda I laid out tonight for 2015,” Obama’s email read.

Now it’s time to get to work.

Let’s go — make a monthly contribution to support Democrats now:

[Redacted – (by me) – link to donate]


Barack Obama

Obama and the other liberal/progressives have always been the type to live by the mantra that the rules only apply to others. You folks can’t get things done because of your constant fundraising but I can fund raise because I can multitask, I am better than you and hey, I won…

I agree that fundraising is an issue and far too much time is spent on it (particularly by folks like Obama) but it is hilarious that he would say one thing during the SOTU and immediately beg for money right after. Hilarious but not unexpected. He talks out of both sides of his face on many issues.

Democrats use everything to raise money. Someone gets shot, beg for money. Rush says something they don’t like, beg for money. Lose a debate, beg for money.

Say that begging for money is bad, beg for money.

We have two more long years of this guy to deal with.

That’s a depressing thought, send me some money…..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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