Obama Endorses Romney For President

Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States with fury and the states of New York and New Jersey took devastating blows. Hundreds of houses burned to the ground in Jersey and New York’s lower Manhattan is in the dark and under lots of water.

Barack Obama toured New Jersey with Governor Chris Christie and Obama vowed that the federal government would be there to help. In fact, Obama instituted a 15 minute rule where anyone who calls will get a return call in 15 minutes. He also said that he would not stand for delays caused by red tape:

Obama said he issued a “15 minute rule,” explaining he issued an order to his administration to respond to requests from local government officials in 15 minutes or less.

“We are not going to tolerate red tape,” Obama said. “We are not going to tolerate bureaucracy.” Politicker NJ

What Obama is admitting here is that the government, on any given day, is an obstruction to the states and by extension, the people. By telling us that he will not tolerate red tape and bureaucracy he is admitting that this is the norm from our government. He unwittingly has given an endorsement to Mitt Romney who has called for smaller, more efficient government.

When Romney calls for that Obama says he wants to take us back to the policies that got us into this mess which is a lie. The things that got us into this mess involved politicians from both parties spending too much and making rules that allowed people to borrow money they could not afford to pay back. The problems we have are the result of decades of more and more government involvement in our lives. Romney promises to have a smaller more efficient government while Obama espouses polices that will grow government (which he has grown a lot in four years).

There is a crisis on the East Coast and Obama is now touting what Romney says he will bring. Obama says he does not want the usual government way of operating to get in the way of the recovery. Romney says he wants those policies to be the way government does business every day.

Obama has endorsed Romney for president.

At least one agency within the federal government has admitted that its policies are a hindrance to business in America. The EPA will suspend gasoline blend requirements so that states affected by Sandy can get gasoline in a timely manner. By admitting that its rules are a burden the EPA has told us that it is a hindrance in our lives and it has admitted that Romney should be in charge of the country because his policies involve smaller government that is less intrusive in our lives.

Barack Obama and the EPA have endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

And I approve this message….

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