Obama Ditches Church 20 Years too Late

On March 18th of this year, after endless coverage of the incendiary remarks by pastor Wright, Barack Obama decided he needed to discuss the issue. Barack Obamessiah gave his More Perfect Union speech where he tried to explain the state of race relations in this country. During this speech he stated:

Going to great lengths and several times repeating his reason for his continued association to Wright and his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Obama said the pastor introduced him to his Christian faith and continues to perform God’s work on Earth.

“As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me. … I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother,” Obama told an audience at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. [emphasis mine] Fox

Message for Obama’s grandmother, watch out. Today Barack Obama resigned from the Trinity United Church of Christ so it looks as if disowning grandma is not off the table.

Obama wrote a letter of resignation after a guest speaker (and Obama spiritual supporter) at the church gave a speech that hammered Hillary Clinton and made racist remarks about white entitlement. This came as Obama was repairing his damaged reputation that came at the hands of Pastor Wright, his other spiritual supporter (and adviser). Despite the many claims of his supporters and the MSM that Obama has not been harmed by the Wright episode, he has. This newest episode just confirms that Obama spent 20 years at a church that preaches hatred and despite his race relations speech, Obama is part of the racist mindset that exists there. His wife is certainly a black woman with a chip on her shoulder and her statements expose a woman who has a dislike for white people and a hatred for her country.

Interestingly, Obama said he was leaving the church with sadness and that he was doing so because he did not want his church experiences to become a circus (too late for that) and that he was leaving because of a cultural and stylistic gap. He also said that he was sorry for the attention his campaign has brought to the church. Obama said that reporters had taken church bulletins and were calling shut ins and the sick. I suppose what Obama is saying is that he has to quit because of the attention the church is getting not because of what it says or stands for.

I can understand why Obama is upset that his church got so much attention. I imagine he would have rather had the church and its racist philosophies kept under wraps until after the general election. He certainly would rather have won the presidency before anyone found out that he belonged to a racist church for 20 years and that he either agrees with them or is so inept he should not be the leader of our country. As it stands now, he has been harmed by Wright and now Pfleger. Democrats think this is a non issue but recent exit polls show that it made a difference among Democrats. Just think how this will play with Republicans and Independents.

Obama quit his church about 20 years too late and this will certainly play against him for at least the near future. His resignation, despite his faux reasons, only shows America that he finally realized that his church was the wrong one to belong to. It will also show that he was playing politics when he gave his race relations speech and that he actually can disown things.

Unfortunately, it appears he can only do so when it is to avoid political harm rather than when it is the right thing to do. For a new kind of politician he sure looks and acts like the the same old stuff.

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5 Responses to “Obama Ditches Church 20 Years too Late”

  1. Buffoon says:

    “They” still won’t get it….

    Buffoons last blog post..THE SMOKESCREEN

  2. Bosun says:

    Great job, my friend. Thanks for the enlightened post. Respectfully, Bosun

    Bosuns last blog post..Kerry: On Sept. 11 We Were at Peace

  3. Jo says:

    He doesn’t get it does he? Its all about the hate taught there …

    Jos last blog post..Obama: Church Harrassed, I Quit

  4. Schatzee says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think he finally realized that it was the WRONG church and WRONG message, he just wants everyone to think that so the whole situation will be behind him in time for the election. I am still offended by him and his wife and their BS.

  5. Scott says:

    Sadly Schatzee many of the Democrats are still behind him. You know I criticized Hillary Clinton for her political maneuvering but it seems as events unfold B.O. is just as bad as she is.

    I said that she wanted it so bad that she’d do whatever it took to get that nomination even if it tore apart the Democratic party, which she’s pretty much been doing. However, I have to say I think we owe her some gratitude. Her persistence has allowed more and more of the BS that B.O. is trying to feed us be exposed before the general election.

    B.O. has been hurt by the whole Trinity thing but not nearly as bad as a white candidate in the same situation. The white candidate wouldn’t even be able to run for Hall Monitor at the local elementary school after such a scandal.