Obama Did Not Do Enough In The Last Debate

The final presidential debate was on foreign affairs and it was a snoozer when compared to the first two. Those two featured both candidates going after each other. The final debate showed Barack Obama channeling Joe Biden in petulant behavior.

Obama attacked Romney and was condescending toward him. One would not know that Obama was speaking to an accomplished businessman some 15 years his senior. It appeared to me as if Obama felt he was speaking to someone beneath him.

Mitt Romney was low keyed and agreed a number of times with Obama but he acted more presidential. I think this was his strategy for the debate. Romney knew Obama would try to paint him as a war monger who was stuck in the Cold War era. Romney would have none of it and stayed above the fray.

Obama won the debate on points but lost it on style and that is what mattered in this debate. With a terrible economy the people of this country are more concerned with that rather than foreign policy. It helped Romney greatly that he was able to bring our national security back to the economy. Obama cannot counter attacks on the economy because he has done nothing to make it better. It does not help Obama when he continues to scream that the math in Romney’s plan does not add up and that it will not lower the deficit. Obama wants us to believe that he is the one who can lower the deficit despite the fact that he has added to it in each of his four years to the tune on nearly 5 TRILLION dollars. Obama is hollow on this issue.

Obama is falling in the polls and there is a risk to his campaign that one state after another will fall into Romney’s column and this includes states that are traditionally blue. Mitt Romney is beginning to pull even or ahead in states that Obama felt little need to defend so much so that he has had to pull out of those he thought he could win in order to defend those he should easily win.

During the last debate Barack Obama needed to score a big win. He needed a knockout punch in order to stem the tide of states moving toward Romney. Obama did not get that knock out punch. He might have won the battle but the win was marginal and therefore he might end up losing the war.

As an aside, the fact checkers found about 15 items that Obama was not truthful about. It is unlikely he made mistakes or misspoke so I can only conclude that he deliberately lied to the American people.

On 6 November we can end this nightmare that is Obama and put adults back in charge of our nation.

After watching Joe Biden and Barack Obama it will be a breath of fresh air to see adults in charge once again.

One last thing. Obama spoke as if he cares about our military. If he cares so much why are he and his Democrats across the nation working had to deny the vote to our service members? If you were going to sit this one out please go to the polls and vote for the military members who are being denied the very thing they fight to protect. Vote Romney for their sake.

Let’s do it for the troops.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Obama Did Not Do Enough In The Last Debate”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    Keep Romney’s safety in prayer. Obama isn’t finished with his evil tactics yet. If Romney is taken out, marshal law will be put in place and Obama will stay in. He is the devil personified and has lied so much that he can’t remember what lies he told.

  2. Blake says:

    All Romney had to do was play “ropa-Dope” with Bari- hell, my dog would look presidential when compared to Obamma.
    That’s one shifty, lyin’ sumbitch.