Obama Cops Out on Public Financing


Today Barack Obama released a video on his campaign website informing his supporters that he is opting out of public financing and that the reason is because it is a “broke system.” Don’t pay any attention to that crap because it is an outright lie. Barack Hussein Obama is opting out because he does not want to be limited by how much he can take in. He is amassing huge quantities of money and he would not be able to accept any more of it after the Democratic Convention. That is the ONLY reason he is opting out.

Sure, he gave the boiler plate excuse of a broken system that is effectively gamed by his opponents but that is a ruse to take away the perception that he is the same old money grubbing politician as all the others that he criticizes. Obama had earlier stated that he would be happy to come to an agreement with the Republicans on public financing and at that time he never indicated that the system was broken. He is telling supporters that the Republicans have lobbyist money and all the 527 groups to pay their way and attack for them. The reality is, Obama has the 527s and George Soros is one of the biggest contributers. Obama has the support of MoveOn.org an organization that is paying for and running attack ads against John McCain. Notice that Obama never mentioned all the support he gets.

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It is also important to note that Obambi did not get all his money from Joe Six Pack giving $5 and $10. Obama accepts special interest money and he accepts from lobbyists and PACs. He just does it in a more clandestine fashion. You see, he will take the money from family members of those people. It does not take a genius to figure that it is all the same money and that he WILL owe political favors. Obama has received more money than any of the other candidates (current and past) from the pharmaceutical industry. Make no mistake about it, Obama is as smarmy as the rest of them despite his claims to the contrary.

As I stated, Barack Hussein Obama is swearing off public financing because he wants to keep raking in the big bucks. Of course, John McCain has gamed the system as well and the sweet irony is that his landmark legislation on campaign finance reform seems to be biting him in the rear.

Neither of these men wants to accept public financing. The first reason is it will limit them to what they may take in. The second is, they do not want an election of the people. The idea behind public finance is:

The program is designed to rein in out-of-control spending by the presidential campaigns, provide candidates with enough funds to run a viable campaign and minimize the leverage special-interest money has in the process of electing a candidate to country’s highest office. Common Cause

You don’t actually think these two, or any of them for that matter, actually want this now do you? They want special interests involved and they want to become wealthy in the process.

Barack Hussein Obama can claim he is a fresh change, a new kind of politician, or the cure for what ails us but he is really nothing more than a lowlife Chicago politician who is smarmy and as slick as Clinton.

The system is now broken when he made no mention of that before. I guess what Obama is saying is; “This is not the public financing I knew.”

UPDATE: I got a follow email from his campaign extolling the virtues of Obama’s decision:

Even though we stood to receive more than $80 million in taxpayer funding for our campaign, the system has been so gamed and exploited by our opponents that it is effectively broken.

This is a half truth. Obama could have gotten 80 million dollars in taxpayer money but only if he did not accept any more donations after the convention. That bit of information is missing. The email also informs us that McCain has 527 support without mentioning the 527s heavily supporting Obama. And of course, this is all topped off with a request for money. Make no mistake, this is a ploy. Obama did what is best for him. The system is not broken, it just does not work in his favor, which I guess is the Democrat’s idea of broken…

UPDATE 2: The Washington Post, of all papers, is criticizing Obama and calling him on his reason for not accepting public financing:

Mr. Obama had an opportunity here to demonstrate that he really is a different kind of politician, willing to put principles and the promises he has made above political calculation. He made a different choice, and anyone can understand why: He’s going to raise a ton of money. Mr. McCain played games with taking federal matching funds for the primaries until it turned out he didn’t need them, and he had a four-month head start in the general election while Mr. Obama was still battling for the nomination. Outside groups are going to come after him. He has thousands of small donors along with his big bundlers. And so on.

Fine. Politicians do what politicians need to do. But they ought to spare us the self-congratulatory back-patting while they’re doing it.

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2 Responses to “Obama Cops Out on Public Financing”

  1. Buffoon says:

    Not a plug, but my response at D=S to this ended with the question.. If neither candidate is going to use the money, are they going to send it back? Where does it go?