Obama Consults With Mental Midgets From MSNBC

The United States is in a financial crisis and the budget deal struck in 2010 is ready to rear its ugly head as the Bush era tax cuts expire and automatic budget cuts go into effect. While I think that it would be better to allow it to take place rather than give in to higher taxes and no cuts my opinion does not really count much in the process.

But, the opinion of Obama should count and he should be involved in the process. One would think he would seek out the council of people who actually know economics, like say Paul Ryan. Ryan has a degree in economics and is a good numbers person. Obama has not sought Ryan’s opinion. In fact, he has demonized Ryan and his plans.

So in between the golf games and the endless campaigning (hey Barry, you allegedly won so get to work) Obama has decided to avail himself to the process. If a deal is to be done (and I think he would be happy going over the so called fiscal cliff and blaming Republicans) then Obama wants it done soon because he and his family are going on a taxpayer funded 4 MILLION dollar vacation at the end of the year.

Obama has decided to get the opinions of some real budgetary heavy weights from MSNBC. Yes, Barack Obama had Al Sharpton, Rachael Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell in the West Wing to discuss tax rates.

What do any of these mouthpieces of the Democrat Party know about any of this? What kind of objective opinion can they provide given that they are shills for Obama and have all espoused raising taxes on the people who pay most of the federal income taxes to begin with.

Yes, everyone who earns income pays Social Security and Medicare taxes (which used to be called insurance and not taxes) but this is ostensibly paid for one’s own future. They are paying for their future retirement and medical care. The fact that government wastes the money has nothing to do with the reality that they are paying a small portion for their future. In fact, most will get more than they ever paid in thanks to higher earners who pay more.

I find it particularly strange that Sharpton is involved given that he has not paid his fair share. Big Al owes 3.7 MILLION dollars in taxes and penalties because he has not paid his fair share. He is all about screaming for others to pay but, like any liberal, he does not want to pay what he owes. Hell, Sharpton is more qualified to be Treasury Secretary than to give advice on tax rates (see Tax Cheat Tim Geithner).

Barack Obama does not have a clue. He should be working with his Democrats to provide meaningful discussion on the process. He should be looking for ways to cut spending while leaving tax rates alone unless he is in favor of LOWERING them. Lower rates will stimulate growth and spending and result in more revenue to the Treasury. If they don’t spend the additional money like they always do then we can use it to pay the bills and begin to retire the debt.

These are all items that can be discussed but in order to have any meaningful discussion the talks have to be with people who a) know what they are talking about and b) are actual involvement or influence in the process.

The Democrat operatives at MSNBC have no influence in the process and they certainly do not know what they are talking about.

The fact that Obama would insult Ryan and ignore his opinion and instead seek out O’Donnell, Sharpton and Maddow is just another demonstration of why Obama is the least qualified person to run this country (or anything for that matter). He is out of his league.

But at least by hanging with these hacks he can at least appear to be the brightest in the room…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Obama Consults With Mental Midgets From MSNBC”

  1. doubletap says:

    all turds floating in the same toilet

  2. Blake says:

    I’ll bet it looked like five monkeys f**king a football. The combined intelligence in that room wouldn’t have effectively operated ONE limbic system.
    They might as well have invited Janine Garafolo for her “incredible insights”.