Obama Clubs His Seal to Death

Barack O’Carter, Obama introduced a new seal this week. The seal was a knock off of the Presidential Seal (and might have violated the law) and Barry used it at an event. The reaction from the MSM, the right and the left was almost unanimous; the seal was ridiculous and it showed quite a bit of arrogance. It should not surprise anyone that Obama would be arrogant enough to display a seal to make him look presidential. He is arrogant and has demonstrated it in the past. This is the guy who thinks that to know him is to love him and that this is Obama country. I think he has delusions of grandeur and has bought into the idea that he is the next coming (or maybe he is the twelfth Imam). It is rather pathetic.

The seal went over like a pregnant pole vaulter and the Obama people have shelved it for now. They are probably wondering why people would be so derisive about the chosen one. While they ponder it we can add the seal to the growing list of items [David Limbaugh] he has flipped on (he was for the seal before he was against it or did he throw it under the bus). His people claim that the seal was for an event (as in a one time thing) but that is about as lame as claiming that not taking public financing is because the system is broken.

I think it is interesting to watch this guy as he moves forward. He becomes more enamored with himself as each day passes and as he does he begins to draw criticisms that were not present in the primary. The MSM has derided him on the financing issue and they went to town on the “Great Obambi Seal” which is amazing in and of itself. I think he will find that since he is the last one standing in the “Survivor Democratic Primary” game that he will no longer be able to hide his mistakes. When Hillary was there she always did something to take the attention away from him or, at least, the attention was divided. Now that he is alone at the top he will have the right wing looking at him through a microscope. If the MSM jumps in that is just a sauce for the goose.

I feel badly that Barry had to take his new toy home. I am sure he wanted to proudly display it so that he would look presidential even if he cannot act it. My good friend GM Roper has designed a new seal for Obambi and I think it is more appropriate and is worthy of being called a seal.


Big Dog

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