Obama Channels Clinton

Obama addressed the reason he was not able to halve the deficit in his first four years (he increased the deficit greatly) and he said the reason was because things were worse than he thought. The recession, Obama said, was much worse than anyone thought.

How could that possibly be? Obama and his minions have always described the recession as the worse since the Great Depression. Given how bad the Great Depression was how could Obama possibly underestimate the severity of the recession? While he was running for office he described the terrible economy and how he would fix it. After he took office he told us how dire things were and that we needed to act RIGHT NOW to avoid calamity.

Given all the hype, all the dire predictions of destruction and how we were required to act immediately, how can he claim that things were worse than he thought?

This is all BS to make excuses for his failure to fix the economy and to halve the deficit as promised. He failed and he is now making excuses in an effort to dupe people in to giving him some more time.

He can’t have more time. The economy cannot possibly handle four more years of his destruction. This article by Dick Morris lays out the actual numbers and shows why Obama’s so called recovery is phony.

Obama knows he did not fix things. It was never his intent to fix things. He is using the Cloward and Piven strategy in an attempt to destroy the US economy and allow Socialism to take over as more and more people look to government for relief from the mess the government caused. His attack on religion is part of the plan.

Obama is going to break it and then he is going to rope people into his idea of how things should run.

Unless, of course, we stop him in November. We can do that two ways. We can vote him out of office or we can give Republicans control of Congress. I prefer we do both.

Maybe Obama supporters will finally channel their inner liberal and realize that things are worse than they thought.

If not they can still blame it all on Bush…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “Obama Channels Clinton”

  1. Adam says:

    Two things stand out right away with Morris.

    Jobs: Morris is repeating the lie about 1.2 million leaving the workforce. BLS adjusted the same way they always have.

    Cars: So car dealers are just buying cars every month and putting them somewhere? They’re not actually selling them? Where do they keep them all? That’s a lot of cars.

    Morris will say anything to get on TV. Everybody knows this. His ticket to the show is to be a “former Clinton adviser” to give his lies about Democrats more teeth. Why would you cite a slug like that?

    The economy is in recovery whether you like it or not. No matter how many people repeat the same batch of lies, that is still true.

    • Big Dog says:

      So when Economist James Fitzgibbon of the Highlander Fund says that the numbers are for dealers getting inventory but not moving it he is lying? You graph shows the number of cars sold. Since the sale is counted when the car is sent to a dealer this graph shows nothing. How many cars were purchased by consumers? Your graph shoes an estimate of 14 million cars being sold. We will not sell that many new cars in a year. In 2010 it was under 6 million new cars sold. The graph you display might be an estimate for total car sales (new and used) but the article I linked is discussing new cars (which is what you have when a manufacturer sends to a dealer). The manufacturers are making them and forcing them to dealers thus counting as a sale but the cars are not being sold in the retail market. Dealers have lots of inventory. BTW, there was a huge market for used cars. Then dealers started having an increase in inventory. Also, the market is not as open as it was because Obama forced all the cars traded in for a new car credit to be destroyed. That was lunacy but designed to make people buy new cars.

      The BLS numbers were fudged. One needs to read them correctly to see. Further explanation on adjustments here. Denninger knows what he is talking about.

      Yes, Morris is a slug to you but only because he is now anti Clinton and anti Democrat. He is that way because of Clinton (like when Clinton assaulted him) and the things he did. Morris was privy to the inner workings and it disgusted him. If he was supporting Obama and saying there was a strong recovery you would love him.

      The economy is not in recovery. You can hide your eyes but if Obama wins reelection the numbers will be “readjusted” to show the truth and then we will have another crisis that can’t go to waste.

      I find it comical that you ignored Obama’s admitted inexperience and inability demonstrated by his proclamation that it was worse than he thought and focused on Morris, a minor part of the post.

      But keep coming back. I want to hear what you have to say and how you can explain the nearly 100% increase in gas prices, the increase in food prices and the increase in people on welfare. I want to know how that shows a recovering economy.

      About cars. From 2009

      • Adam says:

        So again I have to ask, if dealers are buying millions of cars each month (they are) and you think they aren’t selling them, where are they keeping them?

        On jobs, you keep finding more people citing the same lies. They’re still lies. This comes back to the fact that your side thinks any revision of data update is evidence of fraud.

        Not in recovery? Still not? Nearly every significant economic indicator has increased at the same time or preceding this job growth. But yes, if you say the numbers are fudged then we must not actually be in recovery. Small business owners, the stock market, the auto industry, the housing market, it’s all going up because they’ve been duped into believing there is a recovery when there really isn’t.

        Gasoline hasn’t even reached it’s pre-recession peak and you’re citing it as evidence there’s no recovery? Food prices increasing? Again, what does that say about the recovery? Inflation dropped to zero during the recession. Gasoline was under $2 a gallon during the recession. Other than slowing down the recovery how are food and gasoline price increases evidence there is no recovery?

        • Blake says:

          Where the people who can’t find work have gone is the Social Security Disability rolls- there they can claim mental disability and get paid- thus they do not have to show a physical infirmity (how do you know someone’s nuts? They voted for Obama-).

          • Blake says:

            And, to point out the obvious- this is how Obamma gets his numbers- he doesn’t have to count the disabled on SSI, so they magically disappear- but that brings SSI ever closer to true bankruptcy.

  2. Ferd Berfel says:

    Two things stand out about Adam right away. Neither are notable.