Obama Causes Market To Drop 680 Points

The Stock Market Dropped 680 points yesterday and it is Barack Obama’s fault. As a matter of fact, the market has lost quite a bit since November 4th and it is all because of Obama. Obama has been the cause of other bad things as well. Manufacturing is at its lowest in 26 years and Treasury yields have plunged to their lowest ever and this is all Obama’s fault.

I know there are a few moonbats who will say this is not true and that Obama is not even in office yet (though he thinks he is) even though there are plenty who want Bush to move aside and let him in now. Democrats have never been big supporters of the Constitution so this is not a surprise. In any event, Barack Obama has to be to blame for all the bad because the moonbats are giving him credit when things are good (or at least better).

George Stephanopoulos stated that the 17% increase in the market since Obama began announcing his economic team was attributed to The One. The huge gain on the market, Obama’s doing and the report that Black Friday had an increase in spending, you guessed it, Obama is responsible. As an aside, the numbers for Black Friday will not be in until later in the week. The numbers reported were what shoppers said they spent. Like exit polling, it is better to wait for the results than to bank on what people say.

George Stephanopoulos is giving Obama credit when things are looking good so logic dictates that Obama must be responsible when things are bad. But wait, Stephanopoulos is not the only moron in the story.

USA Today reports that the actions of Barack Obama have perked up the market and that his quick actions are a jolt to the economy. I don’t find it hard to believe that Obama could do these things because he is the guy who will stop oceans from rising and will turn back global warming. Obama can feed the multitudes with a few fishes and loaves so it is not hard to believe that he can wave his hands and say the magic words (Hope and Change) and the market will respond. But once again, if he is responsible for the good then he is responsible for the bad.

The bad is that the market has lost more than it has gained since he was elected. The market is down 1476 points since the day after the election and this is all Barack Obama’s fault. It must be because little Georgie and USA Today gave him credit for the good so he is also responsible for the bad. I know that moonbats like to play the game that everything bad is Bush/Republican and everything good is Obama/Democrat but it does not work that way.

There are two choices. Bush is responsible for all of it or Obama is responsible for all of it. Now, since Bush is the President and WILL BE until 20 January at noon, it would only make sense that this is his fault. But since the (ahem) well respected media has made Obama the economy king, then it is up to people like me to ensure you know he is causing bad stuff to happen. The reality is, the policies of the Democrats caused the meltdown and the policies aimed at fixing them are making it worse.

One other piece of unfinished business. I said that Obama would be my president and that I would not act like the morons on the left did toward George Bush and I mean that. I am an American and Obama (who claims to be one but has not proven it) will be the American president so he will be my president but he will never be my leader. His being my president is as far as it goes which is more than I can say about the moonbats’ relationship with Bush. I am not looking for bipartisanship, I don’t want to play together, I don’t want to follow anything Obama wants to do, and I am not ready to make nice. I will not go bananas (like the Kos morons or the idiots at Huffington and her Hollywood nimrods) but I will be here to point out the bad things (like Obama screwing up the market even more). I will be quick to jump up and down on his supporters who give him a pass when he does things that he should not. If I don’t think you would have let Bush slide then I am not going to let you or your leader slide.

I have this take on it. For 7 years the moonbats told us that they supported the troops but not the war. I can play that game because I support my country but not the president of it.

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