Obama: Capitalism? Not here.

How do you like Obama’s recent comments on oil? If you don’t feel like reading the entire article, I’ll summarize:

I want America to not use so much oil from foreign countries. So stop using so much. And buy stuff that doesn’t use oil, you’re obligated to. If it costs more, suck it up and pay. It doesn’t matter what you want, it’s all about me, baby.

Well, that’s it without the hmmms and ummms, anyway.

He actually said that young people have a responsibility to create a market for government-approved “fuel efficient” cars. In other words, he doesn’t want capitalism in America. Of course, most of us already knew that.

In a free, capitalist economy, people are free to choose what they prefer. Then manufacturers make more of what people want, because they can sell the item. In that case people are happy because they got something they wanted, and the manufacturers are happy, because they sold something. Everyone is better off.

In Obama’s dream economy, he, personally, will decide what people want, and he will use taxpayer money to bribe manufacturers to make the item, then he will tell people that they have to buy that item (even though they’ve already paid for it through their taxes). In that case, everyone is worse off because people get things they don’t want for high prices, and manufacturers are slaves to the government and have to make what they’re told, getting the profit government directs.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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One Response to “Obama: Capitalism? Not here.”

  1. Blake says:

    Where does Obama think the energy for electric cars come from, anyway?
    Coal-fired plants, that’s where- there is no such thing as zero-sum energy- you WILL give off pollutants, no matter what you use.
    The pigtail light bulbs? They have mercury in them, and you can’t just throw them in the trash, although I bet that is what a majority of citizens do-
    Drilling fopr more oil and natural gas HERE is the solution, but it makes too much common sense, so Obama won’t do this.
    Just one more reason I call him “Carteresque”.