Obama Can’t Secure His Donation Website So…

What Makes You Think He Can Secure This Nation Or Its Assets?

Tonight there will be a debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the topic will be foreign policy. It remains to be seen if the moderator will be an impartial director or an Obama surrogate like Candy Crowley but in any event, Romney has a great opportunity to clean Obama’s clock.


Because Barack Obama has failed in the foreign policy arena and he has failed to provide security for this country. He runs around claiming he killed Osama bin Laden and that act has al-Qaeda on the run and in disarray. Then the attack in Libya happened and obliterated the al-Qaeda claim because it was that terror group that murdered our citizens. The subsequent cover-up has been a disaster and has demonstrated why Obama and his regime MUST go away.

Let’s look at reality. Obama was dragged off a golf course to watch our military get Bin Laden using polices from the Bush administration that Obama opposed. Obama claimed we don’t spike the football and then has mentioned the Bin Laden killing dozens of times during his reelection bid. After Libya the Obama regime claimed that some obscure movie caused the attack when, if we are to accept this spontaneous riot meme, the constant droning about Bin Laden probably caused the murders. In any event, the movie maker remains behind bars, his freedom taken because Obama is more interested in protecting his own job than protecting the First Amendment right of the movie maker.

It is obvious that Obama has failed in the security arena. The security of our nation and its assets is a BIG job and Obama is not up to the task. Let us look at a microcosm of Obama security; the security of his donation website.

The Obama donation website is not secure. It is set up so that anyone from any place using fraudulent information can donate. Foreigners have deliberately donated to his campaign using obviously phony information in order to show that anyone can donate. It is a violation of our law for campaigns to knowingly solicit or accept donations from foreign sources and yet, Obama routinely does this. In 2008 Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs ran a number of detailed posts exposing illegal donations to Obama when he first ran for office. This was ignored by the MSM and those in charge of enforcing our laws.

As an aside, the same people who made illegal donations to Obama tried doing so to Mitt Romney and their donations were rejected because they failed to pass industry standard security measures that Romney uses and Obama does not.

Barack Obama does not require credit card users to supply the security code from the card. His site does not check the address registered to the card to the one provided and therefore his lax security allows him to receive illegal donations.

If Barack Obama cannot secure something as simple as his donation website how can anyone expect him to provide adequate security for the nation and its assets?

But Big Dog, it benefits Obama to have lax security on his website. Yes, and it was to his advantage to have lax security at our Libyan Embassy because he needed to show that his support for the change in government there resulted in a safer place.

He failed in that demonstration and four Americans were murdered. If Barack Obama takes credit for the death of Bin Laden then he MUST accept responsibility for the murder of four Americans.

Obama’s foreign policy incompetence resulted in the murder of four Americans in Libya. This was not the first foreign policy that resulted in the murder of Americans. Obama’s Fast and Furious resulted in the murder of Americans as well.

Obama is involved in a cover up of the failure of his regime to secure our people and our assets. He has engaged in lying and deception and has been aided by a compliant media (ala Candy Crowley) that is more interested in helping him get reelected than it is in reporting on the failures that led to the murders of our citizens and the subsequent cover up.

Let’s recap. Barack Obama ignored a number of requests of for added security in Libya. He ignored the requests even though every other nation closed shop in Libya. He ignored those requests even though the Red Cross packed up and left. He ignored those requests even though our Embassy had been attacked several times in the past year. He ignored the requests even though the anniversary of 9/11/01 was on the horizon.

He ignored those requests and people died.

In the last debate Obama said he was offended that people would call him and his regime into question regarding this issue. Really?

Let me say this Mr. Obama. Given that your incompetence led to the murder of four Americans and given that you have been involved in a cover up of what happened I hope you will understand that I don’t give a damn what offends you.

We cannot trust Obama to do something as simple as secure his donation website so why would we expect him to be able to handle the complex security required of our nation and its assets?

Remember in November.

Obama MUST go…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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