Obama Cancels Reporters’ Reservations

Barack Obama is supposed to bring us change we can believe in. He is the transformational figure who can bring opposing sides together and who can end the partisanship in Washington DC. He can supposedly feed the masses with loaves and fishes but the problem is, the campaign fails the sniff test.

Within the last two weeks, at least one (and maybe two), television stations have been told they will no longer have access to The Sainted One or anyone connected to his campaign because reporters from those stations asked Joe Biden some tough questions and he did not take kindly to it. Barack Obama prefers to go places where he is adored and worshiped like The View. When he appeared there the three liberal women told him how sexy he is and doted over him. Mrs. Obama received great treatment as well. John McCain and his wife Cindy appeared on The View and the liberal women acted like starving lions on a disable gnu. The point is, sometimes treatment is a bit rough.

Now The Sainted One has thrown reporters from three newspapers off his campaign plane, Airfarce, The One. Reports are that room needed to be made for either reporters from the major networks (are they not already there) or for a documentary crew to film the final days before this historic election. From Greek Columns (hail Obama, all hail) to a documentary crew to a presidential seal, is there nothing this guy won’t do to stroke his ego? If three reporters overcrowd his 757 how does his ego fit on board?

Reporters from The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have until Sunday to get off the plane. Coincidentally, those three newspapers have endorsed John McCain.

Is this what Obama means by bringing people together? Is this what people mean when they say he is a transformational figure? Is this what we can expect in an Obama Administration should this country be so foolish as to elect him?

Imagine if George Bush threw reporters off the White House press corps because their papers )or networks) endorsed another candidate or because the reporters did not like him. Besides the fact that there would be no White House press corps, the left would go nuts. Obama himself would use that kind of incident to show how divisive Bush and the Republicans are. That troglodyte Helen Thomas has been a nuisance since Bush took office but he has yet to boot her. He might not call on her but he lets her hang around (she might just be dead and they haven’t moved her).

Banning television stations from interviews, encouraging supporters to flood talk shows when opposition speakers are on and throwing reporters whose paper endorses the other guy off the plane are all examples of a man who, rather than bringing people together, will divide us even more. These are the traits of a dictator which makes Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama no better than Dear Leader Kim Jong Il.

And these are the kinds of jackbooted things that take place in countries where they spread the wealth.


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One Response to “Obama Cancels Reporters’ Reservations”

  1. David Kirk says:

    I guess he is paring down his Washington press corps list in case he is elected. He still won’t have to answer any difficult questions.