Obama Calls For Civility, Liberals Ignore

Big Dog

Barack Obama was in Tuscon Wednesday to deliver a speech at a memorial for the people wounded and killed by a deranged lunatic. Though the atmosphere was more like a pep rally or campaign stop, Obama did a good job with his speech and I think he tried to heal the wounds. There were a few parts that worried me but all in all I think he did pretty well. In the speech he called for civility.

Obama had his target audience of college aged kids who were obviously overjoyed at receiving free Obama slogan T shirts and they allowed their exuberance to guide them in launching chants and cheers as the names of those murdered were read. One would have thought Obama was delivering a campaign speech in a battleground state rather than a speech at a memorial.

The left must have been bombed because they evidently did not hear the call for civil discourse. Shoot, it might just be they can’t take a man who calls for bringing a gun and getting in people’s faces seriously. The assault on Sarah Palin continued as gorilla forces in San Francisco put up posters attacking her. The clandestine operation allowed those assault forces to display a red dawn to those in the city of fruits, nuts and flakes.

I thought the poster was funny so much so that I almost died laughing but it is unlikely that Palin will be affected. Though she continues to get death threats as people call for her to be shot, Palin seems to be saying she will submit ‘over my dead body.’ The speech by Obama calling for civility only seems to have caused liberals to launch into more contentious attacks. Yes, Obama’s words seem to have painted a bullseye on Palin’s back.

It does seem though, as if Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik has stopped his counteroffensive operation. Perhaps he is aware that he is in the bore sights of an American public that is increasingly aware that he and his department failed to take the deranged killer off the street even though they had multiple occasions upon which to do so. Dupnik rocketed to public awareness like a ballistic missile right after the shooting by shooting his mouth off but now it appears as if he has realized he shot himself in the foot and has taken cover. Perhaps he will face an opponent who will roll over him like a tank in the next election.

While Paul Krugman spearheaded the attack on conservatives Barack Obama called for civility.

Unfortunately, the liberal’s war chest is full of accusations and lies and they don’t seem to be in any mood for civility. No truce from them, no white flag, no cease fire.

No, they have their marching orders so it is damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

Obama called for civility but it looks like we are in for a long campaign of trench warfare.

Eventually though, they will realize this tactic bombed and they will be forced to retreat.

And that is when we will have them in our sights…

I wonder how long it will take for this post to be classified as angry rhetoric that incites violence…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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6 Responses to “Obama Calls For Civility, Liberals Ignore”

  1. Ogre says:

    Of course they ignored it. They all knew that this was just Obama saying stuff for the media. Now the media can report on how wonderful Obama is and how the left isn’t doing anything wrong.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!

    • Blake says:

      As you say, Mr. O- watch the OTHER

      • Blake says:

        -hand; this is Obamma’s modus operandi- distraction, obfuscation, and outright, bald-faced lies.
        And I am being civil when I say he LIES.
        All of them have been duly recorded and ignored by the lamestream media.

  2. Eoj Trahneir says:

    this post is angry rhetoric that incites violence…

    There, now that’s out of the way, and we can talk real violence!

    I have been to S.F. and there are actually some good people there. They are entirely surrounded by (I deleted this word, because Adam is so sensitive) and other mental midgets. I noticed in S.F. that people are very polite. And I suspect that is why those godless people frock there. Or, defrock there ass their case may be.
    I feel real sorry for people that are so far gone in their hate that they think normalcy, religion and thoughtful contemplation of the best course of any action are evils to be posted on the wall.

    I feel so sorry, I will reload and fire-up their base!
    And Adam! Darrel! You-Hoo! Yeah, you. The reason you don’t like my posts is because you can’t respond to the profound truth. You latch onto the way I say things, but never to you dispute what I say. And that is lovely! Call me names, attack my person! You think that hurts? Dozo! Every time you me rather than what I say, it is VICTORY for me. Sweet victory.

  3. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Sometimes my bad English embarrasses even me, and that’s not easy.

  4. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Here is the voted-out Rep. Kanjorski (D, PA) last fall:

    “Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him [Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for Florida governor] and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him. He stole billions of dollars from the United States government and he’s running for governor of Florida. He’s a millionaire and a billionaire. He’s no hero. He’s a damn crook. It’s just we don’t prosecute big crooks.”

    Here he is today:

    Why Politicians Need to Stay Out in the Open


    Nevertheless, even in this post-9/11 world, the shooting of Ms. Giffords was especially shocking, because it was so personal. She was hunted down far from the symbolic halls of power while performing the most fundamental responsibility of her job, listening to her constituents.

    As far as we know, her attacker had no grand political point; I doubt we will ever really understand his motives. What the shooting does tell us, however, is that it is impossible to eliminate the risks faced by elected officials when they interact with their constituents.

    We all lose an element of freedom when security considerations distance public officials from the people. Therefore, it is incumbent on all Americans to create an atmosphere of civility and respect in which political discourse can flow freely, without fear of violent confrontation.

    …Someone should put Kanjorski against a wall and… read him his public statements.

    This was copy-pasted from “JustOneMinute”