Obama Bullied By A Girl, Cries


Barack Hussein Obama wants to be the President of the United States. He has made it clear that he will negotiate with our enemies without precondition but has indicated that the military option is always on the table. Obama can talk tough when he has to and he has been known to be a political thug but beneath it all he is a pussy.

We know that Obama is a pussy because he is crying that a woman is beating him up. I remember when I was a boy one of the things we boys never wanted to happen was for us to get beat up by a girl. You could get your butt whipped everyday from a guy and it was over that day but if a girl kicked your tail you never lived it down. Obama is crying about being bullied by a girl and he does not like it. He might never live it down.

You see, during the Democratic Primaries Obama had the media on his side and Hillary was beaten from all angles. There were a lot of dynamics involved and though Obama was sexist, he was not beaten by the woman because he was able to gang up on her, Chicago style. With Saracuda it will make no difference how many friends he brings to the fight, she will not back down. The Media have been against Republicans for such a long time we already know that the odds are stacked against us so it will not come as a surprise to us as it did Hillary. A fight is good but how will Obama’s crying about being picked on play with voters? Will they realize he lacks what it takes to be tough?

Obama is saying that he will not be smeared, lied about or bullied and that he does not like to come in second. It is funny, because all Obama has done is attack and smear Palin since she was announced. Oh sure, he might not have been the one to say the words, but he is the one who has directed the attacks. Much like he did in the primary, he is allowing his surrogates to attack while he looks clean and above the fray. He is also letting women do his fighting:

Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and creating a rapid-response team to deploy female surrogates to battleground states, Obama advisers said on Thursday. Herald Tribune

So the way I see it, Barry Obama is crying because his record (not him personally) was attacked by a woman in response to his dismissal of her record and selection to be VP. Make no mistake, the initial response was dismissal and negative. It was changed when reaction from many was swift and also negative. I also see that Barry is pimping out his women to do his fighting for him. He is getting beat up by a girl and he is sending girls to fight his battle. He is not man enough to fight on his own.

We know that Barry cannot match up with McCain as a matter of toughness and there is no shame in that. But Obama has no problem attacking McCain and engaging in a fight with him. Obama is not willing to take on Palin which makes me wonder how tough he could possibly be with the bad people of this world.

I guess what is at the root of all this is that Barry thought that Palin would crumble under the weight of the attacks launched against her by his friends in the media. I guess he figured that she would be beaten into submission and would be too timid to fight back. Instead, after Barry’s friends in the media ran one false story after another or dredged up decades old items to try to discredit her and even after they questioned her ability as a mother because of the decision she made to fly after her water broke (which is no one’s concern but hers and her doctors) Palin, instead of crumbling, struck back.

As an aside, would someone tell me why, when a woman wants to murder a child through abortion, it is a matter between her and her doctor but when Palin decided to fly home to deliver her child it is everyone’s business. People have been attacking her judgment because of a decision she and her doctor made. I thought the left believed in a woman’s choice. They never concern themselves with children who are aborted and Obama is not concerned with the ones who are born alive after an attempted abortion. Why question Palin’s judgment on life when they oppose questiong judgment in a culture of death? And for the uninformed, Trisomy 21 is genetic so flying after her water broke did not cause the defect.

Back to business. I know that Obama needs to be careful because he risks being called out for picking on the girl. He (or his surrogates) has attacked her family, her personal decisions and they have made up vile lies about her baby and who had it and fathered it. It is all a bunch of personal attacks and Obama is responsible for them (it is HIS campaign and he thinks running it makes him more qualified than Palin). I wonder when the media will look into Obama’s associations and shady past. Funny how he sounds like Hillary when he says he has been vetted for 19 months while Palin has been at it for 4 days.

They know that they cannot attack her qualifications because she has more of them than Obama so they are going after her personal life. Funny thing, she took what they had and then shot back and when she did it was a gut punch that had Barry on his knees whining that a woman had bullied him and asking his girls to go out and attack her for him.

We have a name for men who put women on the streets doing dirty work for them. We call them pimps.

Palin will do well to avoid attacking the surrogates. Their goal is to take focus off Obambi. She should address anything they say by refocusing it on Obama. She could say; “Surrogate X was on the attack for Senator Obama and she carried his message of…” And then she could attack him and his message and ignore the surrogate. If I were she I would connect Obambi’s use of women to attack with his sexist attitude toward them as displayed in the primary. That will resonate. I think that Obama and his people found out that a woman who hunts her own food is not going to wilt when a slick talking, former drug using*, Chicago thug attacks her. I bet that not only can she take him in a verbal battle, she could actually stomp his metrosexual butt into a mud puddle and then walk it dry.

Perhaps Palin’s executive experience as a governor and running a military has given her the experience to fight while Obama is unable to do anything but send his nags out to fight for him. Real demonstration about Commander in Chief credentials by a person who will not be the president to someone who is running to be. We already know McCain has the creds for the job and it is good to see Palin holds her creds a heartbeat away.

I actually look forward to Obama’s girls (not his children though they might be tougher than daddy) attacking Palin. The left has a bunch of old nasty looking feminazis who will look like a bunch of harpies when they go up against a telegenic, intelligent woman who can mop the floor with them. Remember, Palin has already scared Oprah Winfrey.

Democrats can say they are not scared but I can smell the fear.

Who would you rather have standing next to you in a tough spot; Obama and Biden or McCain and Palin?

Don Surber | Ace of Spades

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18 Responses to “Obama Bullied By A Girl, Cries”

  1. Victoria says:

    The left has a bunch of old nasty looking feminazis who will look like a bunch of harpies when they go up against a telegenic, intelligent woman who can mop the floor with them. Remember, Palin has already scared Oprah Winfrey.

    Good one, Big Dog.

  2. Debbie says:

    One of your best articles.

    You are correct about Palin mentioning surrogate X or Y, and then attacking the one who sent them out. I especially love the line:

    “We have a name for men who put women on the streets doing dirty work for them. We call them pimps.”


  3. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Debbie,
    I am wondering how Hillary will handle this. She cannot do to Palin what she accused Obama of doing to her.

  4. Adam says:

    Obama didn’t send out the girls today. He just ripped her himself this time when it came to Palin’s taste for earmarks before she was Gov. You’re right to some extent though. The surrogate strategy is an oldie but goody.

  5. Big Dog says:

    He gave the marching orders for them to go out. They might not be leaving until next week but he has already sent them.

    Taste for earmarks? Now she might have had a bit of a taste for them BEFORE she was governor but she was in no position to do anything except ask her Congressmen to procure them (and since she was not governor she could not do that). Who is Obama to criticize earmarks when he has a zillion dollars worth that he has requested?

    He did not attack her, he cried because she refuted the attacks on her service as a mayor (when he ignored the fact she was a governor). Face it, by any objective measure, she has more executive experience than he does and more experience that is related to being Commander in Chief.

    If you could refute that I would be interested in hearing about the mystical experience he is hiding.

  6. Adam says:

    Has Obama made earmarks an issue? I’m not 100% but I don’t think he has. I think he can attack her all he wants on that point and look strong.

    Yeah, you’re right on executive experience for sure. Of course President Bush had more executive experience than all of them together and he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever, right? *chirp* *chrip* Crickets?

  7. Roy Lofquist says:

    Send out women who look like hockey players to attack a hockey mom? Don’t they recognize Wayne Gretzky in drag?

  8. Adam says:

    I kid though…but seriously. At what point does executive experience not mean something when it’s so little? Isn’t she the only one with any executive experience of the four? I suppose you count McCain’s military leadership and that certainly matters but really we’re talking about not much across the board so I’m not sure why people hound this executive experience thing.

    President Carter and President Clinton both had more executive experience than these folks and you can’t stand them.

    Granted I’m with you on executive experience being important, I just don’t see the point now when all 4 folks have so little to talk about.

  9. Jo says:

    SGM(r) got a kick out this. Thumbs up from girl :)

  10. Bunny Colvin says:


    Your “article” as Debbie (of Dallas) calls it is a laugh inducing read. The kid gloves are on for Palin, buddy, not the Messiah. Get your facts straight. Sarah Palin is running for Pres of the U-Nited States and she isn’t even available for interviews. Meanwhile, Obama must repute the claim that he is Muslim and Mao and the gang want some an’sers to them gax sex questions.

    Barack a pu$$y…you’re out of your mind, dude. Methinks you’re not getting enough sleep due to those early AM Harrisburg radio call ins. Get some rest, doggie. You’re making less and less sense as this race intensifies.


  11. Bunny Colvin says:

    rather Vice Pres of the U-nited States


  12. Big Dog says:

    There are no kid gloves just as there were none for Hillary. Obama will send surrogates out to attack her relentlessly and then claim innocence.

    The Obama campaign attacked her immediately after she was announced and the press went after her and her family. Imagine the uproar if the press had gone after Obama’s kids for something?

    Yes, Obama is a Pussy (that word is short for pussycat and means a cowardly man or boy. Obama is cowardly.

    Who cares what you think? You are less educated and less informed than most and the only method you know to use when debating is to attack people and call names. I suppose that is from all the drugs. Either that or you were abused as a child.

    Don’t worry Twinkie, you will understand someday.

  13. Patsy says:

    Thank you for this excellent post, Big Dog! Not only was it all true, it was hilarious. I read it aloud to the hubby and we both had tears running down our cheeks as we laughed uncontrollably. I do believe this is one the best articles you’ve ever written!

  14. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Patsy! I am glad you enjoyed it. Don’t pay much attention to the real haters here. They support Obama because he is into defeat and because of his skin color.

  15. Big Dog says:

    Executive experience is leadership experience. McCain certainly has leadership experience from his service in the military. Palin has it from being mayor and governor. Biden and Obama have none. Community organizer is not a leadership position.

    I am not the one who brought it up. Obama did. He and his people attacked her as unqualified, no experience, no foreign policy experience and no experience to be commander in chief. The reality is, she has more of that than they do.

    Will it make a difference? Who knows? Some people with it have done well and some have not. Perhaps Bush is lucky Carter was a president so that he won’t ever be the worst (though history might look at it differently). Look at how history has glossed over Clinton’s debacles.

    The experience issue is brought up because Obama and his people made it an issue. I think it was a bad move on their part because she has more than they do. I would like someone to show me how Obama has more experience than she does…

    Obama is running against McCain but he seems to fear the VP pick. I think the selection highlighted how he blew it by not picking Hillary. Instead he picked Biden, another drunkard.

  16. Nice picture.

    I don’t feel comfortable voting for either of them as they represent the extremes of their perspective parties.

  17. Sandy says:

    You people are no talking about anything that matters. I have not heard Sarah Palin or MCain give any concrete facts on what they will do, except “we are ging to shake things up in Washington”. My question is how? During campaign time it’s all talk and criticizing Obama, but we have not heard them say anything about the economy, health care, etc.

    We need to elect a president on the facts and not this high school mess. Get a clue and do your research. I want to hear Sarah Palin in an interview express some of her ideas and opinions on things that matter and on providing jobs and health care. McCain sure hasn’t said anything about it! You know, I have listened to people who support her talka bout God and religion but they are some of the most judgemental people ever. That is why we can’ win souls for Christ becasue we are pushing them and away and daming them to hell. We are playing judge and jury ourselve.

    I pray for America, because we have a long way to go and we need a leader who will help the people and not be a puppet for the Bush administration.

  18. Big Dog says:

    Sandy, can you please enumerate the policies of Barack Obama and what he will do. He says he will fix health care but not how, he says he will create jobs but not how and he says he will get us off oil in 10 years but not how. Don’t tell me to go to his website and read his plans because your definition of the issues is the candidate telling them to you.

    What has Barack Obama said that he will do and then what did he say about how he will do it?

    It is one thing to say you are going to do something but it is entirely different to actually have a plan and do it. Remember, Pelosi said the Democrats would lower gas prices and that they had a plan though they never said what the plan was. Gas has cost more since they took control than it did before.

    Like I said, it is easy to say something. Actually doing it is quite another issue but please, pray tell how Obama will do these things and show me where he has SAID that.