Obama; Between Barack And A Hard Place

There were statements by those in Iraq that Barack Obama had spoken with them about delaying decisions of troop withdraws until after the election. Obama denied this and, of course, the media and the sycophants who hang on his every word took no notice.

Today, the Iraqi government stated that it was certain Barack Obama would not withdraw US troops too quickly and further stated that Obama told them as much.

Obama has “reassured us that he would not take any drastic or dramatic decisions,” Zebari told BBC television.

“He will consult with the Iraqi government and the U.S. military in the field, but believes strongly that a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq will put more responsibility on the shoulders of the Iraqi government. al Reuters

This puts Obama in a tough position and could help to pour cold water on any honeymoon he expects to receive. During the primaries, Obama stated that he would withdraw the troops immediately. He did not parse words and he did not leave wiggle room. He said that he would bring them home today. As the only person running who opposed the war (but who has no official record on it but would have voted present) he received a lot of support from moonbats who want our troops home immediately.

Obama drew heat for the irrational statement and gently moved to the center in the general and claimed that he would begin a responsible draw down of troops. This made some of the moonbats unhappy but they, and the media, overlooked it because they knew that comrade Barry had to be in the center in order to win.

Now Obama has won. He will be forced to take some tough decisions. He will have to decide to honor his immediate withdraw pledge or his pledge to Iraq not to go too quickly. If he chooses Iraq there will be many unhappy Democrats who will feel he went back on his word and he will be doing nothing differently than George Bush which will really tick off a lot of moonbats. If he takes them out quickly he will have broken a promise to Iraq. Obama will have to decide which master he wants to serve because he promised two different things to two different groups.

The Democrats who supported Obama (as well as all the others) voted on this theme of change and they will expect that change quickly. They will not want to wait because they have a lot of pent up emotion. They are at the peak and ready to orgasm and they need him to hurry and take them over the top. The longer he waits or if he takes decisions that run contrary to what they expect then he will be on the bad end of some very mad and rabid people.

The beauty is that he cannot blame George Bush. Up until now Barry has had Bush as a crutch. Someone broke wind, blame George Bush. Wall Street and housing trouble, ignore your party and blame George Bush. Global Warming, you got it-George Bush. Barack Obama ran a successful campaign against Bush but he will no longer have Mr. Bush to beat around.

He might try it for the first few months by claiming that Bush left him a mess but that will wear off quickly and people will begin to see the emperor in all his nakedness.

Couple this with all the other promises that Barry made and cannot possibly keep and it will be pandemonium on the left. Obama is not accustomed to the media and his loyal subjects rejecting him and he has a hyperinflated ego so it will hit him hard.

Toss in a bad decision or two in any crisis (one Joe Biden says is coming within 6 months) and this country will be in deep brown stuff and the left will be even more bonkers.

It will be fun to watch. As the loyal opposition I will be there to help the chaos along.

As an aside, one of my commenters has a great suggestion for small business owners. You are going to be creamed by Obama and his tax plans. You will likely have to fire a few employees. The recommendation is to find out which of your workers voted for Obama and when you have to let someone go, fire them. You know which ones voted for him…

This is a great idea for everyone. If your church supported Obama stop giving to them. If you deal with charities on a regular basis and they supported Obama, stop giving to them. Make sure they suffer the consequences of their actions.

I now limit my contributions to the military organizations who help our troops. That is what little money I make from my ads goes to and I will continue that. As for the rest, well I can’t afford them and Obama’s moochers.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Obama; Between Barack And A Hard Place”

  1. WhitDawg says:

    ‘Fire the Obama voters’ … lmao ! My sides have split !

  2. Dog: You “will be there to help the chaos along.” And I thought you were one of those Americans who loved his country. Tsk. Tsk.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I love my country. That is why it is my duty to ensure we are not taken over by socialists.

    Yes, I will help with the chaos. Not by civil disobedience or violence but with political opposition.

    After what the left did to Bush, screw them if they think Barry deserves better.