Obama Becomes a MySpace Bully

A young (former) Barack Obama supporter ran a MySpace Website that supported the candidate. Obama’s people helped make sure that the site myspace.com/barackobama, which belonged to Joe Anthony. The Obama folks had access so they could make changes and add content. Now that Obama is a star he has decided that he does not want someone to have control over the content of a site with his name so Obama decided to take the website. He offered to pay for the site which had tens of thousands of contacts on it and was very popular.

The MySpace folks decided that Obama was entitled to have the site. How they decided that I do not know because Anthony had the site and he was listed as the owner. I guess the MySpace people felt that an elitist like Obama trumped an everyday guy who supports the elitist. I guess what happened is that the King decided he wanted the subject’s property and he took it.

Obama is a typical Democrat in that he takes what does not belong to him use by others. Democrats believe in taking your money (and lots of it) so that others will have the use of it. In this case Obama decided that he would take Anthony’s property so that he [Obama] could use it. Seems rather ignorant but not unexpected.

Anthony says that Obama lost his vote and I recommend he open another MySpace and call it Obama Sucks and then write all the time about how he was robbed. He should also go to all the free blog sites like WordPress.com and blogger and open similar sites and use all his contacts to make Obama look like the Liberal thug bully that he is.


Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Obama Becomes a MySpace Bully”

  1. Obama takes MySpace page from backer

    Is MySpace always mine or can it belong to someone else? At the cost of losing 160,000 friends, Demo…

  2. MySpace are in an impossible position – the law over domain URLs (of which this is one) would be against them and defending it in court would not happen as they have zero financial interest and it would open the flood gates for countless other copycat issues.
    Unfortuantely the moral here is – don’t do the work for someone else!