Obama Assumes He Has The Power

All tyrants do…

It is not hard to figure Barack Obama out. He was a drug using spoiled brat kid raised by Marxists and Communists who has grown into an adult who thinks he knows everything and that what he wants done is best for all. He also thinks that the Constitution and the laws do not apply to him and that he can ignore them as he sees fit.

This is evident in the actions he has taken. I will not list them for you. Suffice it to say any time he has used his pen and his phone or issued some executive action he was usurping his authority.

It is important to note that Executive Orders do not have any weight of law for, and do not apply to, the citizens at large. They are orders for the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the government and are designed to instruct that branch on what it must do. So when Obama tries to issue an EO telling us we must do this or that keep in mind his orders have no authority over you.

Obama met with Attorney General Lynch today and he then told reporters he has some actions he will take in the coming days. You know that they will infringe on our rights and be illegal by the way he described it.

He said the actions he is taking are completely within his legal authority. Anytime Obama says that he is trying to convince the dunderheads who support him that what he is doing is legal. IT IS NOT. He said that about a few things and the courts have told him otherwise. Remember, Obama told us he had the legal authority with regard to his immigration plans but a court told him otherwise. Of course that did not stop Obama the Tyrant as he ignored the courts.

He also said that a majority of people agree with him.

This is a lie. Congress took this issue up several times and the members of Congress decided against this based on what constituents were saying. People do not agree with Obama on this mess. People do not agree at all.

But, if that is the standard we now use then why is Obamacare the law? A huge majority of people were opposed to it when Obama and the Democrats were debating it and when they passed it. If Barack Obama actually cared about what the people wanted he would have scrapped Obamacare.

He did not because that is what he wanted. This is the same for his gun control measures. He wants this so he really does not care what the people want. He will tell the world that the majority agrees with him but that is a lie.

Obama lies to get his way and he ignores the Supreme Law of the Land. He bypasses Congress and he does things the way he wants and he really does not care if anyone likes it or if it is legal. It is what his magnificence wants so that is what he will do.

Well Barry, you ignore the law and that is fine with you and your idiot followers. Even Martin O’Malley thinks you did the right thing on this issue and you can’t get more of an idiot following you than O’Malley so let me be clear.

I will not obey any order you impose. I will NOT follow anything you say I have to do. I do not care if you like it because you work for me and I am not obligated to follow unconstitutional laws and since you have no authority to even make law I am certainly not going to follow what your pea brain comes up with.

So go fornicate yourself because we will not comply.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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