Obama, Another Do As I Say Democrat

We now the all too familiar story by now. Democratic politicians tell us how we should run our lives and how we should do things and then they themselves do exactly what they say we should not be doing. We saw this recently with Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming, who does not practice what he preaches with regard to “being green.”

Illinois Senator Barack Obama was at a Town Hall meeting and he was discussing gas guzzlers. Obama told the crow they should opt for more fuel efficient vehicles:

He says part of the blame for the world’s higher temperatures rests on gas guzzling vehicles. Obama says consumers can make the difference by switching to higher mileage hybrids.

Today the Senator said, “It would save more energy, do more for the environment and create better world security than all the drilling we could do in Alaska.”

This is very noble and sounds real good, all touchy-feely. However, after the meeting Obama got in an SUV and drove off. His spokesperson said the vehicle was a Flexible Fuel Vehicle that used E85 (85% ethanol) and therefore, the Senator was practicing what he preached. Right, and I have a bridge for sale. Drudge has a link up and it appears that the GMC Envoy is not a FFV as claimed.

What would it matter? Obama did not tell people to drive SUVs with E85 capability. He told them to use more fuel efficient vehicles and hybrids. Vehicles that use E85 are not more fuel efficient (some studies show they get fewer miles per gallon) but they are using less gas because it is blended with ethanol. It costs a lot of money to make ethanol but it is renewable. In any event, Obama is no different than the group of Democrats that went to gas stations to hold press conferences on the high cost of gas (when prices first went up). They spoke while their fuel inefficient cars ran on the side so that they would remain cool inside. In addition, none of those folks car pooled to save fuel.

Obama is no different than any other Democrat and it is time the public recognized the hypocrisy involved. Though that might be tough. One commenter to my Gore piece indicated he would rather have an informed hypocrite than uniformed people who refuse to see the truth of Global Warming. In my opinion, the end result is the same so what does it matter? If the “informed” are not doing anything about the perceived problem then they are no better than we ignorant folks.

John Kerry discusses saving fuel when campaigning and then gets in his SUVs, the Democrats hold press conferences about high gas prices and leave their gas guzzlers running, and Obama talks about the virtues of saving fuel just before driving off in a gas guzzler.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

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2 Responses to “Obama, Another Do As I Say Democrat”

  1. Biloxi says:

    Hey Big Dog!

    Around here in the People’s Republic of Illinois we refer to him as Saint Obama or the one who walks on water. I’ve never seen a man (or hypocrite) receive more accolades for doing less. Just wait until he actually does something.

    The pattern is obvious as you point out, just keep letting the libs know we’re on to them and the Emperor has no clothes.