Obama And Selective Law Enforcement

Barack Obama is hell bent on bringing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States. Republicans are not keen on the idea and Republican governors have stated they will not accept the refugees. Obama, in turn, claimed that these Republicans were afraid of women and children. He further stated that states do not have the legal authority to refuse refugees and those that do refuse will be subject to enforcement action.

I have seen the lines of refugees and most are NOT women and children. Most of them appear to be young men in good shape. They appear to be in good enough shape to stay home and fight the battle. In any event, as Obama told us about fearing women and children a woman suicide bomber blew herself up and the internet displayed pictures of children holding up severed heads. Then again, this is the same Obama who said ISIS was contained a few hours before it terrorized Paris.

Obama means (at least this is what I gather) enforcement action with regard to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). It seems that this office provides money to states that take in refugees. That should be no surprise since the federal government confiscates our money and then uses it to coerce states to do what big government wants it to do. Unfortunately too many states are eager to get the money so they play along.

Obama also made it clear that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race and national origin with regard to federal financial assistance (according to the linked article).

A few things here. Muslim and Islam are not races so that is a nonstarter. As far as national origin that might apply but these folks are not citizens and are not entitled to most federal programs. The ORR evidently has program money for these things and this is the money I think they are threatening to withhold.

I like the way ORR discusses the money as if it is theirs to give. It came from THE PEOPLE and it belongs to the people. Regardless, states are free to reject anyone they do not want and if that means the federal government cuts off money then so be it. The people already on those programs will suffer. Let’s face it, the everyday Joe citizen is not getting that money. The people getting it will stop getting it. Good. Perhaps it is time they earned money on their own and stopped getting it from the rest of us. Perhaps it is time for those states to refuse to collect money and send it to the feds. Just collect it and put it in escrow until the feds change the way things are done or better yet, spend it on the programs themselves and cut the feds out altogether.

Here is an idea. Every person who thinks the Syrian refugees should come here MUST take a family in and support them. They must provide all their support including health care, food, and education, all of it. If it is such a worthy cause they should step up and help. After all, that is what they want all of us to do with our tax dollars. So make them do it.

This is a little more sinister than it appears. Notice how Obama is telling these Governors that they have no legal right to refuse refugees. He is citing the law (or his interpretation of it) and he is putting his foot down. All well and good because we want an Executive that follows the law.

But, when was the last time you heard Obama call out Governors (or other leaders like mayors) who allow sanctuary cities? It is against the law to have them. Their existence is a violation of our immigration laws and those involved are aiding criminals who are here illegally. Did anyone ever hear Obama tell these politicians they could not have sanctuary cities and if they did they would lose federal funding?


The reason is that law is one Obama likes. He selectively follows the laws. The ones he ;likes he enforces and the ones he does not like he does not enforce. Remember, this guy has a pen and a phone and he will bypass Congress to get things his way. He exceeds his authority to get what he wants (and Congress does not have the testicular fortitude to stop him).

It is bad that our petulant leader disobeys laws and selectively enforces them. It is equally as bad that he cares not about our safety and is trying to force states to take in potentially dangerous people.

If these people come here it will only be a matter of time before they plan and conduct a coordinated attack.

They are not all bad Big Dog. Estimates say only 10% of them are radicalized. OK, how about I put 10 M&Ms in a bowl. Nine of them are regular candy and one is a poison that will kill you instantly. Will you select one to eat? Only 10% is dangerous…

If it happens after Obama leaves office his successor will get the blame. Unless of course his successor is a Democrat in which case the left will blame George W. Bush.

When (not if, but when) the attacks occur Obama should be held accountable as should anyone who worked to bring the terror here.

When that happens all hell will break loose and all the money the ORR has will not stop the administration of justice…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Obama And Selective Law Enforcement”

  1. michael jennings says:

    Thank you for revealing what your blocked commentator had stated. I think he is right. Hatred begets hatred. You should preach peace and compassion for all living beings. Give it a moment of thought. If you perceive a world like this you would truly believe in a bright future. The world needs your help. Playing in to fear is what militants want. They want to draw you in. Stop living in fear. Stop the cycle. Jihadist vs Crusaders, don’t play into that. They have you right where they want you.

    • Big Dog says:

      You can have all the love in the world and these Muslim radicals will still kill you. Preach love all you want but the reality is they have no love for you if you are not like them. How many people have they attacked simply because they were NOT Muslims? I believe in treating others like they treat me. I do not bother people who do not bother me. I do however believe in peace through superior firepower.