Obama and Parenting

Barack Obama, the man who wants to be the president, has some advice on parenting and that advice is for parents to take responsibility for their children. In a recent speech Obama stated:

“Parents if you don’t parent, we can’t improve our schools,” he said. “You’ve got to parent. You’ve got to turn off the television set in your house once in a while, you’ve got to put the video game away once in a while.” My Way News

It is interesting that Obama would tell parents that they have to actually be parents to their children and that they have to turn off the TV or the video game because that would indicate that he thinks parents should be involved in the lives of their children. But this is the same Barack Obama who believes that parents should not be involved in the lives of their young daughters who become pregnant. At that point parents are supposed to stay out of the way. Obama is happy with las that do not require parental notification for girls who seek abortions.

Obama is a Democrat so we already know that he does not advocate personal responsibility. He believes that the only way people can survive is to have big government paying their way and bailing them out of their mistakes. Make a bad loan, no problem Obama and the Democrats will have other taxpayers foot the bill. Don’t work, no problem they will give you welfare. Don’t worry about being responsible for your health as Obama and the Democrats will give you health care paid for by the rest of us.

The fact is, Barack Obama does not believe in personal responsibility and his voting record as well as his political beliefs show. This is the same man who stated that if his daughters got pregnant he would want them to be able to abort the child so they would not be “punished” with a baby.

Actions have consequences and Democrats generally fail to see that as their whole belief system is based on the assumption that people are too stupid to live their own lives and need the government to run every aspect of their existence.

Yes, there is too much TV and too much video game playing but that is a smaller part of the overall problem. There is too much government intrusion into our lives and with Obama we are guaranteed to get much more of that.

Parents, if you want your children to get an education and be raised properly demand that the government get out of education. Stop subjecting your children to the liberal prattle that they are bombarded with each and every day.

Personal responsibility? That is a novel idea for the Democrats. Republicans have believed in that for a long time. Perhaps parents can start educating their children by just saying no to liberals…

BTW, is this the same Obama who was raised by his grandparents? Where were his parents when it was time to raise a child?

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Obama and Parenting”

  1. Mustang says:


    This is an excellent observation, and well written as usual. I believe it is all about power. You will notice that a self-sufficient, intelligent man refuses to allow anyone to dominate him. You will never see an independent minded person become dependent upon the government. But here is what you do find: thousands of voting democrats stuck in the middle of a hurricane destroyed New Orleans waiting for the government to do something, and equally stupid people reelecting crooked the mayor who let them down. It is therefore easy to conclude the only people who are democrats are easily led nitwits and those who seek to keep them enslaved to the government’s good graces.


    Mustang’s last blog post..The Career Flush?

  2. Rosemary says:

    He keeps making me sicker and sicker.

    OT: I’ve got you on reserves as a taggee. It’s a fun little thing. Can you define yourself in six words or less? I’m going to tb it you so you can check it out. Remember, you are not tagged yet. Hey! If you wrote a small post now and then got hit by someone who was stuck, you’d be ready to go! ;) Have a great weekend!

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  3. I’ve been tagged!…

    My dear friend, David, has tagged me, and I usually turn these away with a little amusement. After all, whatever did I do to indicate I would be a willing participant? What did I do to deserve this? ;) ……

  4. Patsy says:

    Maybe Hillary and Obama should open daycare facilities together. They sure don’t belong in the White House. They belong raising kids, though, either.

  5. HannahJ says:

    Infuriating, as usual. I have a friend who’s voting for Obama – the sole issue, it seems, is what he would do with the war.

    Re: Rosemary – I’ve been watching that meme go around for about two weeks and wonder about my ill fortune. Only one tag…(sniffles)

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