Obama and Insults to Muslim Americans

Barack Obama has stated that the cover of the New Yorker in which he is shown in Muslim garb, is insulting to American Muslims. Apparently, the scorn he took for crying about the cover has caused him to acknowledge the First Amendment and to indicate that he has seen worse. Now I guess his position is that the entire incident was insulting to Muslims:

These fallacious e-mails and The New Yorker cartoon are “actually an insult against Muslim Americans,” he said. There are “wonderful Muslim Americans” across the country, Obama said, and “for this to be used as sort of an insult, or to raise suspicions about me, I think is unfortunate.”

“It’s not what America’s all about,” he said. NY Daily News

Why would it raise suspicions if the Muslims are wonderful? I am sure there are many wonderful Muslim Americans. I have met many who are good people but I can’t figure out how being compared to a Muslim raises a suspicion (as if it is a bad thing) when they are good.

The real insult to the Muslim community is from Obama himself. Barack Obama has held 13 events in the state of Michigan and has never visited a Mosque or met with Muslims leaders, according to a piece at Bloomberg.com. Couple this with the recent incident where his staff made several Muslim women (dressed in traditional Muslim garb) move out of a photo with him and it appears as if Obama is avoiding the Muslim community.

I am sure he is doing this in order to keep further rumors from flying but avoiding difficult situations or ones that are politically dangerous is not very presidential. The idea is that the Muslim community is going to support him anyway so why pander to them and take the chance of fanning the flames in the rumor mill.

Obama claims to be a new kind of politician and he says he wants to bring us all together but his treatment of the Muslim community shows him to be a typical calculating politician who avoids controversy in the name of political expedience. His avoidance of a potentially difficult scenario reminds me of his “present” votes.

Obama might want us to believe he is taking the moral high round but his treatment of the Muslim community is the real insult in all of this.

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Obama and Insults to Muslim Americans”

  1. Scott says:

    Don’t worry he’ll soothe all the hurt feelings with a visit from his holiness…


  2. Carl says:

    In regards to Obama being offended and Muslims being offended because Obama was offended or whatever:


    If Obama thinks that cover was offensive, he ain’t see nothin’ yet if he’s elected President (unless the PC police convinces all political cartoonists and private citizens to never create a parody of Obama of any sort). I forget which blog, but someone posted a collection of truly tasteless and offensive cartoons, etc. against President Bush. And if Obama is indeed elected President, I wonder how long before the racism card will be played against anyone producing even a remotely insulting political cartoon that offends the thin-skin Obama.

  3. Bosun says:

    Obama is an insult to Americn Muslims. He follows his buddies …………..

    Bosuns last blog post..School for Islamist Scoundrels

  4. You said “Why would it raise suspicions if the Muslims are wonderful?”

    My answer: Because all of you people make snap judgments about him you moron! Based on a middle name no less!

    “OMG!!!!111..his middle name is HUSSEIN!! He mus’ be one o’ them TURRISTS!11 He’s got one o’ them that nookyuhler weapons!!”

    And you wonder why he’s so paranoid about getting too close to Muslims?? BECAUSE EVERY TIME HE DOES YOU FUCKING RETARDS JUMP ALL OVER IT!!!

    He’s not Muslim, nor does he follow the tenets of Islam. His middle name is that..a name, no more, no less.. Get off of his middle name and just fucking let it go for God’s sake.

    Of course Little Mutt and the rest of you crazy assholes won’t do that, will you? (sucks to have your name turned around and used against you, huh Big Dog?)

  5. Big Dog says:

    Yes Nichole, I am mortally wounded because you called me a name. I don’t know if I can continue with life. Perhaps I can play victim and get gubmint money.

    Obama WAS a Muslim. He was registered as a Muslim in school and by lying about that he gives the impression he is trying to hide something.

    Do you kiss your mommy with that mouth?