Obama and Hindsight

The Senate voted today on the supplemental bill to provide funding for the troops. That bill also includes millions of dollars of pork and a timetable for withdrawal of our troops effectively surrendering to the enemy. Barack Obama issued a press release stating that we are one signature away from ending the war. Of course he is referring to President Bush who has already stated that he will not sign it and will instead use the dusty veto pen to send it off into oblivion. Here is part of what Hussein Obama had to say:

“We are one signature away from ending the Iraq War. President Bush must listen to the will of the American people and sign this bill so that our troops can come home.”

“I opposed this war from the start. I said then that it would distract us from pursuing those who attacked us and would entangle us in an occupation of undetermined length, cost and consequences. This war has no military solution, and the Iraqi people need to take responsibility for their own future.” Hussein Obama

Let us get a few things straight so that this inexperienced twit can see the light. It IS NOT the will of the American people to lose a war. It is the will of the Democratic Party to lose the war because they are a bunch of spineless cowards who refuse to fight for our interests (only for their own). The will of the American people is to win the war and bring our troops home. If we cut and run now we will invite tragedy in Iraq and we will invite the enemy to come here because they will know we have no spine. I only hope that if we surrender the first attack on America takes out every jackass who voted for this bill preferably while they are all gathered with their families. Then and maybe then the message will hit home that we are at war and making nice will not appease the enemy or make them leave us alone. No citizen of this country should die as a result of an attack instigated by the cowards in Congress and if someone does then all members of Congress who voted for this should be lined up out back and summarily executed. Want to play hardball Congress? Think you have the will of the American people in mind. Make a pledge that if we surrender and are attacked you will allow us to line you up and shoot you. If you are convinced you are right you should be able to make such a pledge.

Let us look at another little thing that Obama said. He was against the war from the start. He has no say in the matter. He was not in the Congress when the vote was taken but I imagine if he had been new to the Senate he might have gone along with nearly everyone in his party and voted to use force. I can not say for sure but neither can he. He is using the fact that he was not in office to make a claim as if he were. That is a bunch of crap and is designed to make people think something that might or might not be true. Obama is a lunkhead who panders. He is only as far along and a “bright star” because he is black. If he were a white guy he would be on the bottom of the pile. People are obsessed with his color and not his lack of experience or ability.

Every Democrat in the Senate and two Republicans voted to surrender. Make no mistake about it, this bill is designed to end the war in defeat. Obama and the rest of the jackasses in the Senate will do anything including undermine the security of this country in order to make George Bush look bad and to win seats in the next election.

If these people allow us to surrender and we are attacked again and people die I would urge all armed citizens to fight our enemy here and once we have killed the invading enemy we should go after the enemy that is within. That enemy is in the Congress and if they bring the war to America they should be treated as the enemy. I am tired of a bunch of idiots in the Congress making rules that screw up the country and then paying no price for their ineptitude.

If we cut and run and are attacked we will hold you all accountable.

As an aside, the Democrats know this is a bad plan. That is why all their timetables call for complete withdrawals later into next year. They know that all our troops will not be out by then and they know that all hell will not break loose until after they win the election by claiming to end the war. They are traitors and should be executed. I prefer a firing squad but we can hang them as well.

Big Dog

As a matter of clarity, I do not condone harm to any member of Congress of any other elected official. These are my feelings about their performance and the punishment for treason.

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2 Responses to “Obama and Hindsight”

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  2. If we cut and run and are attacked

    IMO, cut ‘n run guarantees that we are again going to be attacked. Just how the hell are the Dems going to spin that?