Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution

A brief lesson for people like Lynda Mari**, a Facebook commenter (who I saw commenting back and forth with some other person about Michael Brown at a Ravens player’s page) who displays ignorance and is representative of the liberal morons in this nation. Lesson: There are three branches of government and each has certain responsibilities. The Constitution spells out what each branch is allowed to do (what powers We the People have given them) and if they are not given a responsibility then they just can’t do what they want.

The three branches are supposed to provide a checks and balances system to our form of government.

B. Hussein Obama has been saying for several years that he could not change immigration laws through Executive Order. He told people at least two dozen times that he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so.

After the last election Obama changed direction and decided that he did indeed have the power to change laws. He claimed that he was not really changing anything and that he was only using his discretion in order to prioritize. What he means is he is ignoring some laws to help out people who are here illegally.

A funny thing happened while he was out drumming up support for his illegal action. He actually told the truth. Obama told people that he changed a law. He was campaigning in Chicago and had this to say to a person who was giving him a hard time:

“Now, you’re absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations. That’s true. But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.” [emphasis added] The Daily Caller

While Republicans were protesting (not like the riots in Ferguson) Obama was claiming that he did not change the law. But when he went off script he specifically stated that he violated the Constitution. He claimed that it was a FACT that the person was not paying attention to.

I have already spelled out what I would like to see done. To recap the Republicans should draw up articles of Impeachment and include all illegal acts from the time Obama was coronated. Then proceed and ensure the Senate has a thorough trial. Won’t get a conviction but it will air all the dirty laundry and show how lawless he is (while taking down a few Democrats who were involved).

They should also fund all parts of the government except the parts that will carry out his illegal acts. Then refuse to confirm any of his nominees.

Obama is a lawless politician who sees himself as Emperor. He is a tyrant and he should be removed from office as quickly as possible.

People like Lynda Mari will say that this is racist because that is the only trick people like her have.

Though given it is Bathhouse Barry Obama I guess she might scream homophobe.

In any event, people like her are why we have black folks on the liberal plantation as slaves to government and why there are NO liberal run cities that are succeeding.

The gimmiedats are too busy with their hands out instead of working.

Maybe if Michael Brown was punching a time clock instead of a cop he would still be alive today…

**I don’t know why but when I happened upon her comments they struck me the wrong way. It was obvious she is a person who has little knowledge…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution”

  1. Blake says:

    Personally, I have always thought that Barry has been a Clear and Present Danger to the U.S. And I would , after he has been convicted of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, put him against a wall and fill him full of holes.