NYT Lies, Say It Isn’t So

The White House is seeking a retraction from the New York Times. The times printed a story and the story says that President Bush was on vacation in Texas on 30 August 2005. This tid bit was evidently added by the editor who failed to notice that the President was in California talking to troops and meeting with families of fallen heroes. This fact was filed by one of their own reporters.

This is par for the course for the NYT. They wait a while and rewrite history in an attempt to influence the minds of people. Who can forget the weapons cache they discussed right before the last election as if it were a new story. The problem is it was 18 months old. Now the Times is trying to portray the President on vacation when he was not. In case anyone has forgotten this is the time frame of Katrina. The Times wants people to believe that Bush was on vacation while people in several southern states were being beaten up by a storm.

This is abuse of the press and indicates why newspaper circulation is falling rapidly. They tell lies and try to mold things in a way to support their beliefs and to push their agenda. This is not new but with the Internet it is far easier to check facts, just ask Dan Rather. This editor added a sentence to push his political agenda. The Times needs to print a front page retraction and the Republicans need to keep hammering at this to further damage the credibility of the paper. Then, people will be reluctant to believe what they read at that rag.

Source: Drudge

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