Now You Know Who Is To Blame For The Levees

When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast there was a lot of talk about the levees and how they were not taken care of by the federal government. We heard Louis “Mother ship” Farrakhan tell us how the government blew up the levees to flood black people and save the whites. This is from Federalist Patriot:

From the states, former president of the New Orleans City Council and member of the Orleans Levee Board Peggy Wilson pointed to corruption “down to the bone” as the cause for loss of life and property due to Hurricane Katrina. Instead of using levee money for levee maintenance, the board focused on improving riverboat casinos. “I raised my hand [in one meeting] and [asked]… ‘When are we going to talk about levees?’ and they told me that that was not on the agenda,” Wilson said. “It pretty much never was on the agenda.” Neither should giving billions in federal aid to this bunch be on any agenda

Now you know who is to blame for the condition of the levees and why they did not withstand the hurricane. As for Farrakhan, where was he when the Massachusetts dam got a hole in it from bad weather? I guess dams can get holes in them from storms when the dam is in a predominantly white area but in a largely black area the government is blowing up the water barrier.

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