Now Who is Using Fear?

Bill Clinton warned of looming disasters in the area of health care (is this to help his wife with universal coverage) and said the next president will have to address these things. Wasn’t Hillary Rodham, Clinton’s wife, the one who said the Republicans use fear to push their agenda? I guess it is fear mongering if you warn about terrorists and not fear mongering if you warn of a health care crisis. Bill Clinton also said a very interesting thing:

He said the next president should solve the “biggest, baddest problems”; take small action when the whole problem cannot be addressed; never appoint incompetent political allies to positions of disaster response; never let political ideology blur scientific evidence; and cooperate nationally and internationally. Yahoo News

I imagine this was a shot at Bush and his appointees but it would not take too much digging to see the great number of appointments that Clinton made who fit the bill of incompetent whether it was in regard to disaster response or any other area. Never let political ideology blur scientific evidence unless you are discussing global warming, then you may blur all you want. How about not appointing incompetent people period?

This is an anti Bush stump speech for Rodham’s candidacy veiled as a speech of concern about health care.

Soon they will be parading Chelsea around. When they do, you will know they are in trouble.

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Now Who is Using Fear?”

  1. Patsy says:

    Don’t appoint incompetent political allies to positions of disaster response??? How about not running incompetent candidates for positions of national responsibility? Hell, Bill Clinton wasn’t qualified to hold office, he may have gotten elected, that doesn’t mean he had what it took to do the job. Hillary qualified? Puh — leeeeeze! And what person did Clinton ever appoint to any post that was qualified to even be (pardon me Big Dog) dogcatcher? Madeleine Albright, Les Aspin, Warren Christopher, Janet Reno, etc, etc. etc…

  2. Big Dog says:

    Hee hee,
    Although I have all my shots and my (now you pardon me) Dog Tags, I would hope they appointed an incompetent dog catcher.

    Just makes life easier.

    Good points that you made here. Actually, how many politicians can we name that were qualified for the job? At least after they held it for one term. They show greater incompetence the longer they are in office. Clinton was in office in Arkansas and the people down there told me they voted for him for president to rid the state of him and his wife…..

  3. Patsy says:

    Yeah, but those dog tags of yours are like Medals of Honor, as far as I’m concerned, Big Dog. I am so grateful to all of you military men who protect & provide for our way of life. I live in a home with 2 such men myself, my hubby in Vietnam, my father-in-law in WWII. Clinton dodged it all, even protested the war on foreign soil during his Rhodes scholarship stint, I believe. He was definitely not qualified. He was impeached, too. And NOW his WIFE wants to succeed him into the Oval Office. I can’t quite believe the hubris the Clinton possess. Anyone else would retire to obscurity and be contrite for their crimes and sins for the rest of their born days. Not these heathens, they actually think they were the aggrieved party. How dare the American laws apply to them?

    We’re in for some rough times if this country sends Hillary to the White House. But if that happens, then this country probably needs to learn whatever tough lessons we’re going to suffer through as a result. Let’s face it, we are a free country and whatever is happening in this country, we have it within our power to change if enough of us go to the polls and vote. If we don’t do that, then shame on us. We’ll have to suffer and learn the hard way until enough of our citizenry gets wise to the right way to run this country.

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