Now She Wants To Be Friends Of Israel

Hillary Clinton is planning a trip to Israel to discuss security. She should be able to tell them a thing or two considering how closely she held on to the “lost” records that people were trying to locate. She was able to keep that box of records under her tight security until just after the statute of limitations was up and then she miraculously “found” them. Clinton is going to Israel for one thing. She is pandering for the Jewish vote in New York. She is trying to show the Jews that she is their friend after years of entertaining the terrorist who wanted them all dead.

I can’t stand this woman but I will admit she is one smart cookie. She knows how to spin things better than Charlotte the spider and she is a master of telling people the exact opposite of what happened and having them believe her. She knows that since she has been in the spotlight a lot of information about her hatred of Israel and her courtship with Arafat has been exposed. She is now trying to mend fences by going to Israel to show her support.

I want to know who is sponsoring this and why is it needed. Why is she spending taxpayer dollars for this trip and what purpose does it serve? Of course, maybe she can see a few of the Palestinian fanatics that she supported while she is over there.

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