Now Liberals Are Worried About Sexism

Sarah Palin met with the newly elected President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, who commented that Palin is “gorgeous” and then he commented “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.”

I am sure that was meant to be a compliment but it could be taken as “you have nothing more to you than beauty.” Given how different cultures view things I am sure he meant it as a compliment and intended nothing sexist by it.

Liberals, on the other hand, are commenting at CNN (where the story is posted) and they are up in arms. How sexist of this guy, they exclaim. This is the same group of people who ignored the sexism of Barry Obama and his campaign with regard to Hillary Clinton and who are helping with sexist remarks directed at Palin.

According to the kind of people who are shocked at Zardari’s remark, Palin should be home taking care of her kids, is a bad mother for giving birth to a child with Trisomy 21, and wasn’t a good mother which is why her teen aged daughter is pregnant.

Liberals will go to any length to win and the attacks on Palin will get much worse prior to the election. It is just beyond comprehension to these folks that a conservative woman is living the kind of life that the feminists have told women they can live. The problem is, a woman is not a true woman, to the feminists, unless she has murdered a child in utero and protested for abortion rights.

To the liberals, and particularly the feminists, a woman can be an independent, strong, motivated, capable human but only if she lives her life in accordance with their definition of feminism. Sarah Palin is everything they said a woman can be and she accomplished it without following the rules set forth in the Gloria Steinem manifesto.

Where were all the liberals and their concerns when the harpies on The View told Obama that they all thought he was sexy? Do they have a double standard? Say it isn’t so…

As an aside, Campbell Brown of CNN went on a rant stating that the sexist treatment of Palin must end. She was referring to the sexist treatment by the McCain campaign. Brown bases her assertion on the refusal of the campaign to allow reporters in to cover the meetings Palin had with world leaders. The media and its liberal toadies believe McCain is trying to hide her to keep her from being seen as having no experience. I fail to see how meetings that are filled with pleasantries could show any inexperience but then again, the Obama media can make anything up.

My question is, where was Campbell Brown (and the rest of the whiny media for that matter) when Barack Obama went on his world tour and met with leaders behind closed doors? Obama did not allow the press in when he was in meetings with the leaders of the nations he visited. His media wing made no complaints about that. I don’t recall Brown railing about Obama not getting the respect he deserves.

Perhaps that is because the reporters following him around like wide eyed school girls were too busy getting tingles down their legs. What say you Campbell? Why no rant about that?

Maybe the liberals are worried that Palin will be well received by leaders of the world…

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One Response to “Now Liberals Are Worried About Sexism”

  1. David Kirk says:

    I lost all respect for Campbell Brown during the Republican Convention. She has become one of the worst journalists in trying to make the news instead of report it.