Now It Is Our Turn To Speak

For the past two years we have listened to the politicians who have refused to listen to us. They ignored the will of the people and conducted a one way conversation by telling us what they were going to do, when they were going to do it, and how much we would like it. They also spelled out how great it would all be.

For the past half year or so we have been barraged with political ads and non stop campaigning as they once again spoke to us and told us why they deserved to be sent back to DC. Many of them ran from their records and many shunned new candidates as out of touch morons who did not understand how the process works. The establishment politicians from both sides have tried to disparage those who decided to, as Obama might say, get some skin in the game.

We have been forced to listen to them and they have refused to listen to us. In fact, they ignored us and now it is time for us, We the People, to have our say.

Today is election day across this nation and after months and months of listening, we get to speak. It is our turn and we will be heard.

Get out and vote. Vote your conscience and vote for candidates who espouse your points of view. Remember those politicians who refused to listen to you because today is the day they must listen to you.

Finally, you will be heard, loud and clear.

For those of you in Maryland, now is your chance to get rid of Martin O’Malley. He is a slick talking snake oil salesman who harps about his opponent raising taxes and fees while ignoring that he raised our sales tax 20%. Martin O’Malley is responsible for the largest tax increase in our history. If Robert Ehrlich’s increased fees are tantamount to rasing taxes (a position with which I, in part, agree) and mean he should not be governor then O’Malley’s largest tax increase in history disqualifies him as well.

O’Malley promised to fix the electric rate increase and it went up 75%. That was all on him. He raised taxes in many areas and he has taken a budget surplus and turned it into a deficit.

Barbara Mikulski has got to go. This Senator claims, in her ads, that they (you know, those other people in DC) like to spend your money bailing out the big guys and she thinks it should go to you. She is one of the “they” that votes to send your money to the big guys. She has voted for all the measures that spent your tax dollars on others, contrary to her claims. In one Mikulski ad she claims to be known as a cheapskate. Perhaps that is so but only when it involves her own money. When it is our money, she is quite generous with it.

Mikulski claims that “they” wanted to take away mammograms and other screenings for women but she changed the law. Insurance companies cover those things. It was the negotiations for Obamacare that removed many items and Barb claims she changed the law. No, she wrote the women’s care amendment for Obamacare so she did not change any law. She changed part of a bill. She also wrote portions dealing with birth control in vague terms to avoid objection and cloudy the issue.

Barbara Mikulski is a DC politician and she is a big tax and spend liberal. No matter how she tries to portray herself, that is what she is. The only time we ever see her is around election time. Like all other politicians, she does not listen to us but she expects us to listen to her.

The last race is in the 1st Congressional District. Frank Kratovil has not served the people of his district and he needs to be replaced by someone who holds the same values as the people living here. Andy Harris is a decent, honest conservative who will listen to the people of the District and govern with conservative values. He is a physician and a veteran and he will be a true representative of his constituents. I know Andy and he is a decent man who deserves and needs your vote.

There are plenty of local offices that have been held by Democrats for decades and they need to go as well. They have run this state into the ground. It is time to throw them out and start with a fresh group.

You folks have a chance to do right by the state and you can do so by voting the entrenched Democrats out. While we are at it, we have a chance to get rid of Steny Hoyer. Charles Lollar is a great conservative with lots of business and military experience. If you are in his district, give him a chance.

America, and particularly the people in my state of Maryland, today is the day you get to speak. Let them know that you do not appreciate them not listening to you. Let them know that you are their bosses and that they did not listen to you so you have no intention to listening to their pleas for reelection.

America, it is time to be heard.

Get out and vote.

UPDATE: Be sure to comment and tell us who you want to see elected, who you want to see defeated and why…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “Now It Is Our Turn To Speak”

  1. Blake says:

    Well, I made it- now to watch the results- I, and almost everyone else I have talked to say yhat NOW is the time for true change- so I hope I see it.
    All I want for Christmas is a true Constitutional government, where the aim is NOT to see how much you can get away with, but how well you can serve the people.

  2. Mr. Ogre says:

    Sorry, Blake, not going to happen this year. There’s simply not enough Constitutional candidates on the ballot. Maybe next time.

  3. GM Roper says:

    Loud and clear is right, the only hang up, if it is to BE a hangup is “Will They Listen.” If not, then in two years we do this again, beginning tomorrow. I’ll be attending a Tea Party Rally next week. This is no time to get squishy. :)

  4. Adam says:

    It was a good strong finish for the GOP and might I add another good year for the science of polling that backed up those results. We could see this coming a long way so I don’t think any liberals were surprised.

    I feel more comfortable knowing that not every kook candidate running GOP won last night, though some certainly did. Also Democrats were not totally hosed coast to coast like they could have been given the circumstances. They actually pulled out a couple of close races like with Reid and this will give the right plenty to complain about despite the surge in the House and in Governors.

    The one thing that kept me excited even knowing the Democrats were heading to defeat in mass was the idea that today we’d have all this exit polling data to see so that we can measure more realistic opinions of why folks voted the way they did instead of all the reasons pundits and bloggers imagined they would vote the way they did. That won’t stop the pundits and bloggers from spinning the results but some of us will be here with factual rebuttals of that spin.

    I saw a liberal last night saying expect the GOP Congress to launch a ton of investigations and pass no legislation. I’ll take a wait and see approach to that one and hope for the best. Both parties at this point should understand the public can give it one time and take it right away the next election and that gridlock is not what people want at all right now.

    • Big Dog says:

      We know what exit polls said. People were not happy with the policies and how they were enacted.

      Spin, have you seen the morons at MSNBC? Did you listen to your messiah today?

      I might have a post up about something he said that is very telling.

      He is a schmuck.

      • Adam says:

        I wasn’t aware that Jesus said anything today. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

      • Adam says:

        “Did you listen to your messiah today?”

        I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find Jesus saying anything. Why do you lie?

        “We know what exit polls said. People were not happy with the policies and how they were enacted.”

        That’s not based on any exit polls. That’s just what you believed before the election and what you still believe now just because your side won.

        The exit polls tell a different story of a bunch of voters completely split on the issues that face the country.

        For instance, what do voters think the priority of the next congress should be? Just 39% want to reduce the deficit while 37% want to spend to create jobs.

        On health care as many people want to leave the bill alone or expand it as want to repeal it (47% to 48%).

        On the stimulus 32% believe it made it better, 33% made it worse, and 32% believe it made no difference.

        On the tax cuts 39% want them continued for all families, and 37% want them continued just for those under $250,000.

        What about the so-called enthusiasm gap? The number of Democrats voting was 36%. The number of Republicans was 36%.

        Are you noticing a pattern yet? Do you still think it was policies and how they were enacted?

        The truth is one of the only things a majority of voters truly agreed on yesterday was that the economy stinks and it needs to get a lot better before our families do well again.

        I said going in that I felt much more like it was an anti-incumbent wave drive by the state of the economy and not a revolt against Democratic policies. That view is much more supported by exit polls than yours is.