Now for the Bombed from Massachusetts

I certainly pray that there is nothing to this bomb threat in Boston. While the bomb squad is out perhaps they can sweep up Ted Kennedy (maybe they need a bombed squad) and put him in the home. Ted is now senile and can not function very well. Today he released a statement calling for the delay in the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as the Attorney General of the U.S. Uncle Teddy cited the fact that Gonzales had not answered the questions and had evaded some of them. Kennedy says that Gonzales has not been forthcoming with information requested by his highness Teddy the boozer.

I guess we should be listening to uncle Ted seeing how he was so forthcoming about how he drowned a young lady many years ago. Perhaps Ted answered all those questions. I think not. Probably went something like this:

Law: Mr. Kennedy were you driving the car?
TK: The term driving has many connotations and I am not sure that you have the correct one with respect to my stature as a member of an American clan established by a bootlegger .
Law: Mr. Kennedy, did you run that car into the water and leave that woman to drown?
TK: (crickets chirping)
Law: Sir?
TK: What was the question again?

The police figured out Kennedy was driving 90 mph when he hit that bridge. They figure he had to be going that fast to knock that girl’s underwear off and have it land in the glovebox like that. When presented with the evidence Kenndy stated “I’ll drink to that.”

And so it goes. Kennedy has no more reason to hold up this nomination than Kerry had to vote against Rice today. The only reason they are doing it is to obstruct the President. They were sore losers and their team lost. Remember, it was Teddy that Kerry woke from a drunken stupor on election night. Now they are conspiring to cause the President some problems. I’ll bet kennedy delayed it because the vote would take him into happy hour at the Red Eye saloon. The people of Massachusetts need to wake up and vote both of these clowns out of office.

Kerry is a loser who is now trying to establish a voting record in the Senate. Kennedy is still trying to run the country as if his dead brothers were still in charge. I’ll buy the bottle if someone up there will wave it infront of Teddy and lead him to a bridge. Then just throw the bottle over and watch him go. I guess you could just pour it on his head and his tongue will beat his brains out trying to get it.

Enough is enough. We need these jackasses out on the street where they belong.
You can read Kennedy’s statement here.

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