November Jackass Of The Month Poll

I have received nominations for the November Jackass of the Month poll and I have decided to pair up contestants for the first ever partners poll. Our contestants are:

  • Sheehan/Chavez
  • Err Amerika/Its Creditors
  • The Wilsons/Their Daughter
  • Clinton/Carter
  • Mark Foley

I put Sheehan and Chavez as the pair totally enraged by Bush Derangement Syndrome, Err Amerika and its creditors as the failed moonbat business venture, The Wilsons for being bad parents and letting their daughter run a My Space account without supervision resulting in a visit from the Secret Service when the younger made threats on the life of the President, Clinton and Carter as two former presidents who did the most to help North Korea get nukes and the most to blame Bush, and Mark Foley.

I know Mark Foley is not paired with anyone. Since he led a secret life I consider him to be two entities. Be sure to cast your vote and encourage your friends to do the same.

UPDATE: The poll is in the sidebar under this month’s Jackass, Rosie. It was not showing for a while but is OK now.

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2 Responses to “November Jackass Of The Month Poll”

  1. Michael says:

    Mark Foley needs to be supervised in any pair he might get….